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101 Aerodynamo AerodynamoNothing is permitted, everything is true. 3,996
102 kbgray27 kbgray27 3,925
103 kintaris kintaris 3,874
104 Ergo Me Smart Ergo Me Smart#blacklivesmatter 3,868
105 Mickey Burns Mickey BurnsThe Last Remnant: Fuck this fucking shit. BR = BS. 3,859
106 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyWould anyone be interested in buying an R2D2 edition Xbox 360? Still factory sealed new. 3,837
107 Exalted Entity Exalted Entity 3,805
108 DamnSilly DamnSilly 3,787
109 Dang3R Gaming Dang3R Gaming 3,763
110 albajos albajosHaPpY hAlLOwEeN 3,741
111 Rhyolitic RhyoliticKaraoke minigames suck. 3,741
112 The Monk BAD IT The Monk BAD IT[FH5] Here is a nice livery for an Mercedes 📌 Share code: 570 851 867 😍 3,666
113 Negative ZZ Negative ZZMy fists only playthrough of Skyrim got me to 50k! 3,665
114 Crimson Drifter Crimson DrifterIts been a while, but an achievement glitched on me. Heart in JackQuest FML 3,660
115 MattiasAnderson MattiasAndersonAnd done with Shank! 5 more games left to do before I will update the blog for another round. 114 started games left to do in total. 3,639
116 The SCHWARTZ 00 The SCHWARTZ 00 Fenix Collection rumors are heating up! 3,636
117 MH The Rockstar MH The Rockstar 3,625
118 MortyDice MortyDiceI'd love my subscription to work across systems! 3,609
119 XI AlphaMale IX XI AlphaMale IX1 year sober! Again! 3,605
120 Badly Worn Toy Badly Worn ToySpawn of BWT is alive! 3,589
121 Large Coffee Large Coffee 3,559
122 Van Uden Van UdenDare to ask: does anyone have access to Uxie raids in Pokemon Go? Me and a few friends are still looking for a few 3,520
123 jacky rooster jacky roosterI'm back baby 3,504
124 Lavindathar LavindatharSeems Sdrew doesn’t learn. New tag already, smashing out the same stuff in the same way. Wow. 3,501
125 Iceberg082006 Iceberg082006love gaming 3,482
126 DakotaThrice DakotaThrice 3,472
127 Chris1984uk Chris1984ukMarvel Avengers now in GamePass :D 3,443
128 OfficerBarbrady OfficerBarbradyLooking to get a group of at least 6 people so I can record footage of the online boosting of Quantu 3,386
129 speedygamers90 speedygamers90is it possible to download delisted apps you've installed before on a different windows phone 8.1? 3,344
130 Marc Pilkington Marc Pilkington 3,323
131 RadiantViper RadiantViper It arrived already!! Ordered yesterday 10am, here today 12pm! 3,321
132 Dimitri DimitriFINALLY (almost) back to normal! 3,305
133 Confused Shelf Confused ShelfI can't believe it. My Hitman: Absolution save just corrupted. 2/3 game completed on Purist with eve 3,291
134 Furious Gunman Furious Gunman<1k away from 50k! 3,289
136 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3iO's long-standing unobtainable achievements could be fixed with help from TA member Vudix 3,251
137 Smurfquake SmurfquakeI'm selling all 150 of my Xbox 360 games, two consoles, a Kinect, a boxed headset. DM me for info, haven't been on this account in forever. 3,250
138 EveryBase EveryBaseGaming In-between Parenting 3,249
139 Baxterstopman BaxterstopmanI miss this place 3,238
140 Jakeythedude JakeythedudeNeed partner for xbox one Gat out of Hell co OP! 3,191
141 AKXOne AKXOne 3,152
142 New Paralyzer New ParalyzerI'm just gonna say this now.... Goldeneye ain't that good, and Perfect Dark which improved Goldeneyes MP is already on Xbox and nobody cared. 3,145
143 I8ITackyticsI8I I8ITackyticsI8IGot a PS5 today so you may find me between the two systems for a while.. 3,122
144 LockAndLuke LockAndLuke 3,051
145 BulgyDragonZord BulgyDragonZordHalo: SA, FEAR 2 JP, GTA 4, Nappy Wars X1, Some Self Boosting & More 3,039
146 Mr Granstaff Mr GranstaffSend me a PM if you would like to stay in touch. Moving onto something else. :-) 3,002
147 Kanchanaburi KanchanaburiPlandemic. Opps, did I mean Pandemic? Delete me - I don't care about this site which has been infected by extreme Liberalism. Good bye TA gamers. GL. 2,996
148 vSully vSullyLausDomini's blog post - The Value of Gamerscore in 2022 2,978
149 thirtysmooth thirtysmooth 2,970
150 Our Afflictions Our AfflictionsThe site hasn’t updated my recent screenshots in over a year…. 2,938
151 Najay Najay 2,937
152 Nexus Grunt Nexus GruntWhen you plan out your gaming year ... only to break your wrist two days later and can't use a contr 2,928
153 Phoenix C64 Phoenix C64 2,926
154 Leo Ascendent Leo AscendentWow the writing for ME1 is cringe lmao, I forgot about that. 2,900
155 HawkeyeBarry20 HawkeyeBarry20The Guacamelee franchise might be the most underrated of all time. 2,891
156 TheMaize TheMaize 2,889
157 NeverUnlucky NeverUnlucky 2,887
159 Cause CauseWould anyone have interest in doing Driver: San Francisco with me? 2,872
160 Strategy One Strategy One 2,865
161 lightsup55 lightsup55My Xbox 20th Museum: 2,860
162 iMaginaryy iMaginaryy 2,837
163 C64 Mat C64 MatHad some news yesterday that left me absolutely reeling. Awful. Disbelief. Don't worry if I'm not chatty, just need to introvert for a bit. 2,836
164 Oriole2682 Oriole2682 2,814
165 Geoffistopheles GeoffistophelesDoing my best to stream the 12 Days of Christmas this year! 2,802
166 DOOM The Return DOOM The ReturnHold up. Not only do I have to deal with pop up video ads BUT I can't pinch zoom on my phone to read the text? Down the drain the turd goes. 2,771
167 Skanker irl Skanker irlLatest backpacking video! (I'm in the blue shirt in the beginning). We go to very remote Washington and California lakes. 2,768
168 MrZombieChicken MrZombieChickenGot my 120 MHz new TV today. I am kinda disappointed, Gems of War doesn't look much different. 2,765
169 Remco1986 Remco1986 2,762
170 SaltyTON SaltyTONMon the Scotland! 2,749
171 Shadow 00 Fox Shadow 00 Fox.... 2,675
172 Chakaal Starr Chakaal and 2,667
173 zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz…Once More Into The Fray… 2,661
174 Bitz BitzThe appearance of gaming has become more important than gaming. 2,657
175 JumboWario JumboWarioCan’t believe the possibility of another Call of Duty on the Windows Store after Infinite Warfare has just presented itself 2,643
176 SweetArkhane SweetArkhane 2,627
177 Barad 007 Barad 007 2,597
178 The Fury I84I The Fury I84I 2,566
179 ThreeHaddock62 ThreeHaddock62Moved in and gaming again. 2,556
180 King Nothing King Nothing 2,542
181 zoidberg1339 zoidberg1339 2,536
182 Zacry072 Zacry072Well TA, it's been an excellent 3 years. Time to remove myself from here though. I hope everyone und 2,530
183 CrimsonGaidin CrimsonGaidinCrazy how much TA has changed since last time I was on here. Looks good. 2,510
184 Dresden N7 Dresden N7 2,489
185 BLYAST BLYASTTA/Ratio better but Gamerscore is dead to me. RIP. Console commands, and indies galore w some having 2000GS. Will play what I want. Life's too short 2,478
186 Maxumilli0n Maxumilli0nRainbow Six Exhausting 2,464
187 Mike Marcelais Mike Marcelais 2,443
188 Mike United 007 Mike United 007Need to get some saves off my Xbox 360 HD and copy them to the cloud. So I can play games on my series X / Xbox one. Easy done I assume? 2,409
189 True XenoBlade True XenoBladeHaven't made a status update on over two years, glad to see some TA people still around and gaming on the feed! 2,397
190 Skeptical Mario Skeptical MarioSpelunky 2 is finally coming to Xbox!!! 2,370
191 x D00G x x D00G x 2,365
192 Pizzerz Pizzerz 2,362
193 AL1 AL1A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. 2,360
194 zeldafanjtl zeldafanjtl 2,347
195 Mobius Evalon Mobius EvalonPreordering consoles is a pretty sad state of affairs. 2,344
196 SgtDigglesworth SgtDigglesworthShaq-Fu a Legend Reborn....back and better than '94! 2,297
197 Shinerbock88 Shinerbock88I forget the dates of the Star Ocean games, but SO4 predates all of them in the SO universe, right? 2,286
198 Sensei Neo Sensei Neo 2,278
199 iTz Canada Ehh iTz Canada Ehh 2,276
200 FightingMegaFoo FightingMegaFooLooks like I'm done with FH4 since I can't drift. 2,264