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1 punkyliar punkyliar 33,553
2 WebChimp UK WebChimp UKπŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ… 28,918
3 Beanpotter BeanpotterProbably got as much as I'm gonna get in Dead Cells but happy to keep playing as it's a good challenge. 23,194
4 TrueAchievement TrueAchievementWowzers, what a day 22,371
5 dropK1CK ninJA dropK1CK ninJARabble-rouser. 21,156
6 drabik drabikRest In Peace 'Da Mitch Man 90'. Gone too soon. You will be sorely missed by so many. 18,055
7 Epsilon Theta Epsilon ThetaBubble, here I come... 176 jumps to go! 17,911
8 Dat Boi Treezy Dat Boi TreezyI'm going to try and step my overall gains up this year. 2019 just wasn't the year for gaming sadly with record low totals across the board :( 14,740
9 ChewieOnIce ChewieOnIceOoooo a new Not Backwards Compatible filter has appeared. Helpful for bashing out the 360 backlog. 13,874
10 Ahayzo Ahayzo 13,254
11 Allgorhythm Allgorhythmβ€œWaiting is a skill like anything else.” Jack Reacher― Lee Child, Killing Floor 13,154
13 xPut Name Herex xPut Name HerexUnexpectedly great moment on my friend feed: 12,152
14 Clever Jake Clever JakeMerry Christmas! 12,064
15 matdan matdan.... 11,891
16 Matrarch MatrarchWow... so this is what life is like with Discord being down. I miss you, fake friends! 11,648
17 Twinkling82 Twinkling82HELL YES! New profile pic! Feast your eyes, boys and girls. 11,541
18 Eurydace Eurydace 11,216
19 Reborn Insanity Reborn InsanityShould I let my streak die at 666 or keep it going? 10,741
20 planting42 planting42Workin' to work some more. 10,512
21 Chad and Jessie Chad and JessieHappy PI Day!!! 10,019
22 zigs00 zigs00 9,097
23 Musquito MusquitoReading books instead of playing on Xbox One. 9,055
24 DaveKinetic DaveKinetic 9,001
25 Will072 Will072 8,701
26 LV 1 Blue Slime LV 1 Blue SlimeI see they've bundled the two Assass Creed RPGs together, is it wurf? Assassin's Creed Antiquity Pack 8,453
27 osubluejacket osubluejacketQuick Question - Given the announcements from Bethesda last night - Is Fallout 76 worth my $17 on Amazon? 8,323
28 Sashamorning SashamorningRememoried is $4.49 for that 73-second completion, but pick up Storm Boy for $1.97. You'll remember it for longer. 8,265
29 Legohead 1977 Legohead 1977Happy New Year everyone! (It's relevant again) 8,063
30 Hoffman HoffmanThe Batman series is legit some of the best storytelling I've ever played. 7,930
31 SebastianSB SebastianSB 7,798
32 AndyLSimmons AndyLSimmons 7,658
33 Mystic Typh00n Mystic Typh00nMindjack for Game of the Decade 7,613
34 Tasty Pastry Tasty PastryHey all! I need some help from some fellow gamers! I'm trying to finish up my dissertation and need 7,588
35 dudecrazy108 dudecrazy108Bloons TD5 is the best Tower Defense game made for Xbox One. 7,448
36 Yazite Yazite 7,350
37 W1LLYMAN W1LLYMANCollectables have ruined me forever. I went through Far Cry 3 and grabbed every tower (18) and relic (120) expecting an achievement. There isn't any. 7,339
38 Aeris Gainzbrah Aeris GainzbrahAlmost a year since I last earned an achievement and my completion just passed 90% on my PSN ID. Who am I?! 7,336
39 KBop a doo KBop a doo 7,198
40 System of a Dom System of a DomMerry Christmas ya filthy animals!! 7,172
41 Claptrap NL Claptrap NLIs the premium pass worth it on Battlefield 4? 7,053
42 Elyoh Elyoh 6,966
43 Wyyvern Wyyvern... 6,795
44 BulletLukey BulletLukey 6,644
45 zzUrbanSpaceman zzUrbanSpaceman 6,642
46 Kennyannydenny KennyannydennyI feel like the recent votes are going to be nowhere near representative, especially with the newest genre voting. A real shame. 6,499
47 TrapMuzik99 TrapMuzik99 6,450
48 Senior Chupon Senior ChuponAnyone able to help with online achievements for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (Win 10) (2018) Achievements ? 6,443
49 WeisGuy9 WeisGuy9It's really annoying that Geralt can go toe to toe with mythical monsters, but a fall of 3 1/2 feet is fatal. 6,424
50 JamP0und32 JamP0und32 6,390
51 Beachem BeachemAnyone on my friend's list still need to do the exhibition matches and online supreme victories in Killer Instinct? 6,356
52 HolyHalfDead HolyHalfDead 6,333
53 Sanada Sanada6v6 Doomfist Elimination on Overwatch. Fighter confirmed? 6,263
54 Elite1111111111 Elite1111111111Afterbirth finally coming to Xbox! 6,241
55 misfit119 misfit119Soul owned by LordKevin75 6,096
56 LitaOsiris LitaOsirisI finally caved and now have 2.5 years of Ultimate πŸŽ‰ 5,983
57 DrSchlepenstein DrSchlepenstein 5,881
58 Shadow Kisuragi Shadow KisuragiIf someone still has the Despicable Me maps on their Windows Phone with supported achievements, or knows someone who does, please PM me. 5,856
59 blkalleykat blkalleykat 5,624
60 Graymouse 1 Graymouse 1I am waiting for Xbox to give me a reason to clean the spider webs off my consoles.... 5,596
61 Ashen Seraph Ashen SeraphI am seriously at a loss as to why SquEnix found it necessary to port Romancing SaGa 2 & 3 but won't port the Chrono games or FF 1-6 to Xbox. 5,564
62 Living Legends Living LegendsI contemplated quitting for 2020 but I found my Dedication 5,564
63 Shinnizle Shinnizle 5,512
64 StarshadeFPS StarshadeFPSResident Evil 3 officially announced! 5,507
65 Lozzy Denton Lozzy DentonMissing in action 5,490
66 Nomstuff Nomstuffdive 5,425
67 Nighthawk205 Nighthawk205You guys know omgeezus ? Meanest streamer on Mixer 5,398
68 CounterInsurgnt CounterInsurgntGive me your support, if you want ;) Achievement Discussion 5,330
69 Dimmock DimmockFirst achievements since Febuary, whoops. 5,327
70 litepink litepinkBack in the 90s, I was in a very famous TV show 5,281
71 ChinDocta ChinDoctaItching to get home from Sydney, 12 Days of Christmas is calling me. 5,276
72 The Globalizer The GlobalizerLOL my decade best leaderboards are in "Simulation" which is apparently now a clusterfuck of random shit. laugh 5,156
73 LAFTA LAFTARound 72 on Der Eisensrache! 5,043
74 ClownTastic ClownTasticTA front page is so bloody boring now. Just the same routine articles all the time. Should have kept people like NPB and Eury around for their Op-Eds 5,024
75 XBL Prophet XBL ProphetNew GT is SchizoPsycho74 5,000
76 Patsreds Patsreds 4,890
77 Zonrith1 Zonrith1Finally got Battlefront II. It feels like the "evil" side loses more. Maybe I am just bad... 4,686
78 Mikhail Krauser Mikhail KrauserLive now! All day stream! 4,597
79 JMJimmy JMJimmyAnyone able to help me with #IDARB at some point? Just need to jump up and down on your head a couple dozen times 4,571
81 Dog of Thunder Dog of ThunderPhoenix Point is the buggiest, most poorly optimized game I have touched on PC Game Pass. Wait a few patches as the underlying game is great. 4,500
82 DavieMarshall DavieMarshallFar Cry 3 is a bore. Discuss. Reasoning - Gorgeous environment. Generic gameplay mechanics. 4,484
83 Das Kuhnen Das KuhnenThink I'm addicted to Sea of Thieves... 4,458
84 MugenKairo MugenKairoHollow Knight: Silksong is coming! Now officially my most anticipated indie game! 4,328
85 MC0REBE MC0REBESearching for a working Nokia Lumia 800 WP. Anyone has this for sale? 4,312
86 acedawg4 acedawg4Merry Christmas TA Family 4,074
87 MichalKV MichalKVBig Game Cleanup of 2019 4,037
88 Aerodynamo AerodynamoNothing is permitted, everything is true. 3,996
89 kbgray27 kbgray27 3,925
90 Ergo Me Smart Ergo Me SmartThe latest version of Grow in the Hole is now available for free on Windows 10 & Xbox One! 3,868
91 Mickey Burns Mickey BurnsThe Last Remnant: Fuck this fucking shit. BR = BS. 3,859
92 Koding KodingLEGO Completion #66 :: LEGO Jurassic World (PS4) 3,814
93 omgeezus omgeezusAhh, a mere 476 achievements per 1% increase laugh 3,811
94 Exalted Entity Exalted Entity 3,806
95 DamnSilly DamnSilly 3,787
96 Vermin360 Vermin360Value of decade's games played = $31,352. Yeah, not posting that to Twitter where my wife can see it. 3,729
97 albajos albajosIt's not a bug, it's a feature. 3,677
98 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyWelp new job and change in daily routine has left much less time for gaming even on days off. I foresee a very low 2020 and a LONG time to 1mil. 3,667
99 Negative ZZ Negative ZZMy fists only playthrough of Skyrim got me to 50k! 3,666
100 The Monk BAD IT The Monk BAD IT 3,666