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2,201 Malazan MalazanPraise the Sun! 217
2,202 xWalkingDisease xWalkingDiseaseNot had an ethernet cable for about 2 weeks now, new one due next week. 217
2,203 Knuckles Maloy Knuckles MaloyBeaty Swollocks 217
2,204 xROELOFx xROELOFx 217
2,205 D1SCO D1SCOWeird. I bought a game on WP using the balance in my account but don't think I was charged for it. I can use it but it's not in my purchase history. 217
2,206 ZZRsy ZZRsy5056 kills in gears 1 217
2,207 Raiderhorn Raiderhorn5th across TA and TT to complete Injustice 2 217
2,208 Mac Chickgun Mac ChickgunThis is my second gamertag - Main Tag = Mac Chickqun 217
2,209 Jinksie EPR Jinksie EPR 216
2,210 Doc Buddha Doc BuddhaCheckmate fool! 216
2,211 K1NG StyleZ K1NG StyleZAchievement Unlocked 216
2,212 Twobby TwobbyWatching my completion percentage go down is like watching a turd swirling down the toilet. I hope it doesn't get stuck there 216
2,213 xMac73 xMac73 216
2,215 talkstogod talkstogodJust finished my first year as a HS Math teacher! 216
2,216 wwe is aw3some wwe is aw3someneed for speed plated gold progress 5/41 216
2,217 Ki11erLawnGnome Ki11erLawnGnome 216
2,218 Nirumano Nirumano 216
2,219 Nan NanCan anyone confirm if Movies & TV has unobtainables now? Please tell me my 100% got ruined by a fucking app 216
2,220 Lil Silent One Lil Silent OneLaying my sword down Cuz Master Ninja is done and 758th to do so! Wooooo Halo 5 216
2,221 HitHardTactics HitHardTacticsI will sell or trade Assassin's Creed Unity or Black Flag for almost any Xbox One game. Message me asap. 216
2,222 Martin237 Martin237Currently boosting: Gears of war 3 (20 Onyx, 10 Gold, 13 Silver, 14 Bronze: Working On Old Schooler), Crysis 2 (34/50) 216
2,223 GWARRRRR GWARRRRRhave been gone for so long..... need to whore it up!!! 216
2,224 End Fuhz End FuhzAdd my new account on TA! 216
2,225 I KICKER I I KICKER I:( 215
2,226 KILLSHOT666 KILLSHOT666 215
2,227 oCorpseGRINDERx oCorpseGRINDERxFinally back online! Moving house has destroyed my gaming time! 215
2,228 Whiskey7 Whiskey7 215
2,229 DongleKing DongleKing6000. 215
2,230 Dan vasNormandy Dan vasNormandyDo you really wish to complete Lost Planet 2 on Extreme? Yes? Let´s do this! 215
2,231 Nyxil NyxilPARTY PARTY PARTY 215
2,232 Falcon12727 Falcon12727RIP Chester Bennington - LP 215
2,233 ERNDAWWG ERNDAWWG19871 hands till i finally got a royal flush!! 215
2,234 SilentJay76 SilentJay76 215
2,235 Tveilor Tveilor 215
2,236 ultimag17 ultimag17Having fun playing MW2! 215
2,237 Mosher666 Mosher6664492/10000 Seriously kills 214
2,238 F3AR Avenger F3AR AvengerSucks been ill , my mind wants to play something but my body wont let me and i feel so exhausted -_- hope i dont feel like this all week! 214
2,239 MrCoolness3 MrCoolness3 214
2,240 OldSchoolBlood OldSchoolBloodKonami, if you are done making Contra & Castlevania games forever please please please sell the rights so these amazing staples of gaming don't die! 214
2,241 SquareHeadKillr SquareHeadKillrForza Motorsports 6 : Now im done with the career ! Now on to the showcases ! Another 150 hours and im done ! 214
2,243 Pisboy Sparxx Pisboy SparxxBack in the game. 214
2,244 Current Future Current FutureWho's going to be #7? 214
2,245 Wessmonster WessmonsterEating all your LSD 214
2,246 L J EDM L J EDM 214
2,247 Daky1001 Daky1001 214
2,248 scooter1227 scooter1227 Incase you wanna see my horrid DiRT 3 driving. Thanks again if you guys watch. 214
2,249 GYS GHOST GYS GHOST600/600 Halo TMCC. finally !!!¦tx: fear epidemic,feros x destiny, tide44, sweetchary91 and wow dylan!:) 214
2,250 Phorty Ounce Phorty OunceThe gaming industry needs more of the BioShock series right now. Amazing. 214
2,251 LegendStormcrow LegendStormcrowRunning away from da horde... Which is missing... 214
2,252 Shiiro Ken Shiiro Ken 214
2,253 Dr HErB Gudaria Dr HErB Gudaria 213
2,254 MANIAN 3D MANIAN 3D 213
2,255 Kloxicon KloxiconCheck the avatar 213
2,256 Shand Alk3 Shand Alk3If i could rename any achievement then i would rename the "Collect 1,000,000 lums" achievement to: "Mil-lum-aire" 213
2,257 Pete 924 Pete 924Achievement 10,000 = Porsche Pro in Forza Horizon 2 which makes me happy 213
2,258 dale smeegle dale smeegleNow only 163 achievements to recover from last July bean dive!! 213
2,259 spyrobo spyrobo 213
2,260 JORDANQUAKE4 JORDANQUAKE4I want to finish Destiny so bad all i need is to beat Wrath of the machine raid on heroic 213
2,261 Sovereign in 3D Sovereign in 3DReal ping pong is not played for trophies. It is played in the shadows, in dark alleys and back rooms for hard cash and cheap, ugly women. 213
2,262 Diesel Foley Diesel Foleyhi ..for all those that was wondering what happened to me, i just had a career change which kinda changed my life style 213
2,263 Eskimoletdinov Eskimoletdinov 213
2,264 TheOneTrueGlenn TheOneTrueGlennAnybody on here use a pair of Turtle Beach Recon 50x for Xbox One? 213
2,265 thoseAREmySHOES thoseAREmySHOES 213
2,266 Filthy Raider Filthy RaiderI'm Too Old For This................ 213
2,267 BARTEK 0077 BARTEK 0077 213
2,268 BiG PaPa ChIlL BiG PaPa ChIlLfinally a 1.5 ratio, now just a few achieves away from 70% completion 213
2,269 A Gamer X360 A Gamer X360So many [broken?] games... So little time [or patience]! 212
2,270 Nuckinn NuckinnLizard Squad taken down by another hacker group. 212
2,271 craig killed ya craig killed yaLego Worlds 'Billionaire' achievement done, something I never thought I would say 212
2,272 Level 75 Noob Level 75 Noob 212
2,273 Guile132 Guile132Black Ops 3's realistic difficulty is finally completed. 212
2,274 King Crepes King CrepesAccount got hacked. Email and pw changed. Not sure If I'll get my Account back. 212
2,275 JeffMomm JeffMomm115k point - The Way of the Voice - Skyrim: Special Edition 212
2,276 AcidSTARHUNTER AcidSTARHUNTERi think i am gonna play everything to hell with the complete stats lol 212
2,277 Joonas Joonas 212
2,278 HybridPK HybridPKTOO MANY GAMES 212
2,279 Angary Gary Angary Gary 212
2,281 TastyCoffee88 TastyCoffee88I'm done with gaming because of the two unobtainables on Forza Horizon. Goodbye. 212
2,282 Necromancer2k8 Necromancer2k8Newegg has 10% off MS gift cards that are emailed to you until tomorow night. Code : EMCWHWA86 211
2,283 yeahwhatever84 yeahwhatever84Enjoyed Dishonored 2's demo. Def encouraged a future purchase. 211
2,284 Frizbog FrizbogChainsaw to the jewels haha... Frizbog playing Gears of War 4 211
2,285 SnD ACiD RAiN SnD ACiD RAiN 211
2,286 Keger1O1 Keger1O1I'm back! 211
2,287 Its just Dave Its just DaveI wish Netflix and Youtube had achievements... 211
2,288 xXHe4vyHitt3rXx xXHe4vyHitt3rXxStorytelling in TellTale games is simply a step above 211
2,289 Oh Jay Arr Oh Jay ArrA cold beer, or a large glass of wine...? Decisions, decisions...! #1stWorldProblems 211
2,290 FruitLoops87 FruitLoops87 211
2,291 SadisticLoser SadisticLoser Add me if you're a PC gamer 211
2,292 MiniECHO MiniECHO 211
2,293 Davoon66 Davoon66loving the black theme 211
2,294 AHGreg AHGreg#LGM 210
2,295 Holiday9357 Holiday9357Literally this Blood Dragon Series 210
2,296 DoinYallRealBad DoinYallRealBadwhat to play 210
2,297 Ginuwine AI3 Ginuwine AI3Anyone need to knock out this new Trade chievo in Rocket League? 210
2,298 Avaritia Aurous Avaritia Aurous 210
2,299 JasonXmurder JasonXmurderI love completing the Lego games, but getting 100% on Lego Complete Saga is really a task that kills it for me. 210
2,300 Carmine Blade Carmine Blade 210