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2,501 UplandParasite8 UplandParasite8 230
2,502 ComanderDrizzle ComanderDrizzleJust another day in the life of Drizzle... 230
2,503 Mikasz MikaszPS Europe is a joke. They delisted Driveclub two days before deadline and don't respond to any messages. Xbox support is way in front of them. 230
2,504 Peaches 518 Peaches 518Does anybody have Operation Flashpoint: Red River and want to go for "Get To The Chopper!" at some point? 230
2,505 Unilol UnilolThe Surge is, by far, one of the best games that came out last year. 230
2,506 Marvelous Jared Marvelous JaredAm I a masochist for being addicted to Dark Souls? 230
2,507 Zoku Gojira Zoku Gojira"I rejected those answers. I chose the impossible. I chose... RAPTURE!" 230
2,508 RoboShatner RoboShatnerDragon Age 2... ugh. 230
2,509 i am 4orty2wo i am 4orty2wo 230
2,510 JakThaRiPP3R84 JakThaRiPP3R84RESIDENT EVIL 2, IS AWESOME! until they yet again, ruined it with shit dlc. 230
2,511 CyberSpectre CyberSpectre 230
2,512 Canezza Canezza 230
2,513 Pisboy Sparxx Pisboy SparxxBack in the game. 229
2,514 WolfVelocity WolfVelocityHow to buy a car and avoid car buying scams: 229
2,516 Gintama ZURA Gintama ZURAI really need Power Stone 1 & 2 to get ported to the Xbox. Two of the best games ever created. 229
2,517 The Ol n De The Ol n DeForza STREETS !!!! I want to be rid of that game soooo much, but I will NOT pay a penny for micros 229
2,518 MightyMango MightyMangoAchievement Hunting 101 Podcast Level 10 : 228
2,519 Flava1975 Flava1975Looking for someone to do Forza Horizon 2 online achievements for the 360 version. Anyone interested, please let me know ASAP!! Thanks!! 228
2,520 The lMlan The lMlan 228
2,521 Dizyne DizyneStuck in Classic WoW 228
2,522 Ultima22 Ultima22That feeling when you get every collectible in Burnout Paradise without using a map... 228
2,523 MathNotEvenOnce MathNotEvenOnceWelp missed my opportunity to 100% Forza Horizon 4 in the top five. Too many glitches made it nigh impossible. Ah well. Good job all! 228
2,524 SkinnyBoi1985 SkinnyBoi1985Bean Dive recovery is 176/2509 achievements, Random To Do List 8/612 228
2,525 Deadly Moves Deadly MovesGod's perfect idiot. 228
2,526 M00SE M00SEHalo Wars 2!!!!! Yay!!! 228
2,527 RAVENxSPEEDSTER RAVENxSPEEDSTERStill want to join sessions but not sure which to join right now and still make as I don't want seriously piss off anyone like before 228
2,528 Chaos Suikoden Chaos Suikodenlol not only is xbox live core services down, now so is purchase and content usage 228
2,529 xLAx JesteR xLAx JesteRMay Random too do list is on. Get involved and cheer on team jesterado 228
2,530 One id Wi11y One id Wi11yBacon. 228
2,531 GJChester GJChesterNo more buying games till I finish more of the ones I already have 228
2,532 Red Coooley Red CoooleyGamertag: Red Cooley 228
2,533 Protocol Droid Protocol DroidHave you played Atari today? 227
2,534 F TANK F TANK 227
2,535 Brasshande BrasshandeM Khan is still bent 227
2,536 ME3TSPINNER ME3TSPINNERThis year's E3 makes me want to stop gaming... 227
2,537 dale smeegle dale smeegleNow only 163 achievements to recover from last July bean dive!! 227
2,538 Paul Wesley 91 Paul Wesley 91My top wish for backwards compatibility? Rock Band Blitz. 227
2,539 Dombine DombineIt's Game Over, man! Game Over! 227
2,540 Draxler Knight7 Draxler Knight7I will miss you "Xavi 7 Ortiz" 227
2,541 Evc EvcWorking on some backlog on both Xbox, Playstation, and Steam thanks to the summer sale 226
2,542 Melman V2 Melman V2 226
2,543 SICK niZZle TiP SICK niZZle TiP 226
2,544 Deadsh0tGG Deadsh0tGGWhat's wrong with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood? Achievements are not unlocking when they should... 226
2,545 R06U3 R06U3working on completing 360 titles 226
2,546 JaceTheAce81 JaceTheAce81I play my controller like it owes me money 226
2,547 Grootbuster Grootbuster 226
2,548 DeesDonuts DeesDonutsThe owls are not what they seem. 226
2,549 Rossco7530 Rossco7530 225
2,550 Analyse Master Analyse MasterYou can get crackdown and crackdown 2 and too human for free with add-ons. If you dont own them get it!!! 225
2,551 The Real Daemon The Real Daemon 225
2,553 Kid Vranic Kid VranicLearning how twitch works...I might get it 225
2,554 David Do0M David Do0MJust a big, hairy, American winning machine.. 225
2,555 LesserHuman LesserHumanEA fucking over more servers. RIP FIFA 13. 225
2,556 mph spartan mph spartanGOW4 Speedruns :) 225
2,557 A 1998 Mustang A 1998 MustangI'm not getting messages when someone comments on something anymore...what the? 225
2,558 Halidoc HalidocForza Motorsport 6 supposedly getting delisted on September 15, 2019. All DLC in one pack ($100) is currently £3.99/$4.99 until 18AUG. 224
2,559 KenslerDK KenslerDK 224
2,560 Immortal x Dead Immortal x DeadGears 4. LETS GET IT DONE 224
2,561 Zacca ZaccaGreat Xbox E3 Show, first one I've been able to watch live. Certainly hyped for OG Xbox Back Compat. 224
2,562 Zor El Zor El 224
2,563 DarkRider334 DarkRider334 224
2,564 Hatred Prophet Hatred ProphetWhat's up? It's been a few (rough) years since I've been on, anyone still kickin' around? 224
2,565 Floss1987 Floss1987 224
2,566 AzzyMahmood AzzyMahmoodJust scanned in and was told I had 1.5 BILLION GS...take that Stallion83!!!! 224
2,567 SemanticV0id SemanticV0id 224
2,568 AirborneDav1d AirborneDav1dRage 2 is decent! :) 224
2,569 HALLOWUSER HALLOWUSERCan't believe it's been about a year and I still can't finish these stupid cod games I have left. Damnit I hate this series with some of it's bs! 224
2,570 RE2LeonS RE2LeonSIf only I had coworkers like every session booster that left the session to 'go to work'... 224
2,571 Claudio 10 Juve Claudio 10 Juve#1 Gamerscore in the World with only PAL and Region FREE Games. No USA or JPN Games 223
2,572 AussieBigfoot AussieBigfoot 223
2,573 Crazie Irish Crazie IrishF.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - 256,160/1,000,000 XP 223
2,574 BGnasty BGnasty 223
2,575 Hanshiro Hanshiro 223
2,576 L J EDM L J EDM 223
2,577 Bobblehead Joe Bobblehead JoeLooking to work on Destiny achievements. 223
2,578 Ogambler Ogambler 223
2,579 Pete 924 Pete 924Anyone else had problems playing Just Cause on X1BC? 222
2,580 Holiday9357 Holiday9357Anyone interested in playing coop/boosting multiplayer for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (DE)? 222
2,581 Vitality Gauge Vitality Gauge 222
2,582 tpb fan tpb fanI would have never expected metro exdous to have such amazing Graphics 222
2,583 GiXXXer23 GiXXXer23Forza 6: No tunes needed, just designs when they let us upload them again. 222
2,584 RebornPasture RebornPasture 222
2,585 Bellsten Bellsten 222
2,586 ERNDAWWG ERNDAWWG19871 hands till i finally got a royal flush!! 222
2,587 Erathia96 Erathia96 221
2,588 Raptures Lost Raptures LostDoes anyone know what date the sale on 6 months of Game Pass ends? Can't find it anywhere! 221
2,589 Jinksie EPR Jinksie EPR 221
2,590 Bsmittel Bsmittel 221
2,591 Wylaf Beulbe Wylaf Beulbe 221
2,592 YAT0 YAT0 221
2,593 Joel78 Joel78 221
2,594 P4PA SMURF X P4PA SMURF XDisappointing that we won't be able to craft midnight omen or flaming skins for gears 4 till January 2020!!! 221
2,595 FranconianX FranconianX 221
2,596 UrbanAdvantage UrbanAdvantage[XBOX ONE X] 221
2,597 Dan vasNormandy Dan vasNormandyIdentical Gamertags my Eggs %$#@&!!! 221
2,598 SweetSteve Nash SweetSteve Nashtrying to get grand theft auto doom heist done hit me up 221
2,599 Drachen77 Drachen77Real life Achievement: College complete, Bachelor's Degree Earned! 221
2,600 Reevys ReevysNintendo Network ID: Reevys, PSN ID: Reevys-91. 221