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2,901 d3vilsNight d3vilsNightMissing in Action 163
2,902 Dr Latour Dr LatourWere all sinking but we refuse to bail out of our console boats 162
2,903 Rey Xboxer Rey Xboxer 162
2,904 DC Abaddon DC Abaddon 162
2,905 supadryz supadryzI am giving away a 12 Month EA Access Digital Code #XboxOne #giveaway #win ENTER HERE: 162
2,906 Skin Coat Skin Coatdont be scared homie 162
2,907 flames42 flames42So many games, too much life to play them all. 162
2,908 Cobalt 1983 Cobalt 1983dfahvbuilviova uh vuijafv uhji!!! 162
2,909 Royal SnowWolf Royal SnowWolfNever Give Up !! 162
2,910 LeviAJones LeviAJonesDay One! 162
2,911 kid vicious kid viciousO_o 162
2,912 RaajTM RaajTM 162
2,913 Vascoa VascoaJust cleared up a ton of space by taking my games out of their cases and putting them in a media album. 162
2,914 o Melfice o MelficeOne month later, my console is turned on... 162
2,915 devil in cain devil in cainJust got my xbox one, now waiting for everything to download so I can start playing some games! 162
2,916 Samurai Takeno Samurai Takeno 162
2,917 tm1985 tm1985 162
2,918 BetaSigX20 BetaSigX20Every night, the same choice -- sleep or Xbox? Usually, Xbox wins, but sleep is making a comeback. 162
2,919 Dark Cell NZ Dark Cell NZ 162
2,920 SteveBuscemi129 SteveBuscemi129sold all my 360 shit except a lot of games at college for an xbox one 162
2,921 Cheddahz CheddahzI've had my Xbox One for two months now (I think) and I'm still digging it, so that's a good thing 162
2,922 sider inc sider inc1123 360 games 162
2,923 VeryMetalChewie VeryMetalChewieWondering if I can actually get Kingpin sometime THIS year... 162
2,925 Smash41 Smash41 162
2,926 LG 360 bayb LG 360 bayb 162
2,927 Christian Doe Christian Doe 162
2,928 Fariko Lymp Fariko LympPro-Gamer for Fariko Gaming 162
2,929 Scarey Turtle Scarey Turtle 162
2,930 X Power Surge X Power SurgeJumping up and down while clapping my hands singing - If Your Happy And You Know It - 162
2,931 A Silent Circus A Silent CircusCleaning up my TA friends list soon. 161
2,932 Mister Dak Mister Dak 161
2,933 Sambaweb SambawebThx for not Auto Save Farming Simulator. Thx Microsoft for updating ...... 161
2,934 GoBlueFiddler13 GoBlueFiddler13Someone want to do For Honor on Realistic in coop? 161
2,935 Zenkoto ZenkotoI am glad that I can finally use custom gamerpics. This feature has been long overdue. 161
2,936 I am the batdan I am the batdanHoney Badger don't care. 161
2,937 Lord Khazmir Lord KhazmirWTF was the octodad developers thinking? Worst game ive ever played!!!! 161
2,938 Burning Karma Burning Karma 161
2,939 RADtech2448 RADtech2448 161
2,940 iVilux iViluxGot a new PC. Windows 10 titles, here I come! 161
2,941 Kysol KysolChanging focus for the year. Going to go back to cleaning up random games. Diablo 3:RoS here I come! 161
2,942 L1E L1E 161
2,943 Crimson Rick117 Crimson Rick117Crimson Knight 161
2,944 xMARCx xMARCxLooking for CATAN boosters, it's dead here and on XBL. Can anyone help me out? 161
2,945 psxfreak101 psxfreak101I have an Xbone now (y) 161
2,946 GAMERx420x4LIFE GAMERx420x4LIFEJust found out that The Binding of Isacc is coming to consoles! Soon is all i know... Summer of Arcade release? 161
2,947 Cerebralwheels CerebralwheelsBack to Call of Duty! Playing Call of Duty 2! 161
2,948 UnInfamousGhost UnInfamousGhostCompleting one game after another. 161
2,950 x BumbleBeee x BumbleBeeeFocusing on completing the Gears of War and Halo titles, but if you see any games you would like to boost give me a shout :) 161
2,951 SharkOon 7 SharkOon 7 161
2,952 Claudio 10 Juve Claudio 10 Juve#1 Gamerscore in the World with only PAL and Region FREE Games. No USA or JPN Games 160
2,953 Marketman316 Marketman316GwG is waaaay better than PS Plus this month. first time in yonks 160
2,954 AtlantisRhythm AtlantisRhythm 160
2,955 SlightlyErotic SlightlyEroticis anyone good at TMNT 1989? I hear VitaminG311 is, but can not find them on the site....just a leaderboard... 160
2,956 KillieExile KillieExileGot to wait another 2 days for dark souls 2 as messed my order up, never using them again. 160
2,957 Moomin74 Moomin74 160
2,958 Obb Shank Obb ShankIf I pop another achievement without actually earning it I'm gonna quit. 160
2,959 Memoriesofwe Memoriesofwe1700 more TA to 350k. And I need about 6 more completions to hit 50 for the year. Tough last week. 160
2,960 Diesskay Diesskay 160
2,961 Zleek ZleekAll I do is play madden now. I'm never going to hit 200k lol 160
2,962 BOZA BEAST BOZA BEASTAnyone want to run through dead island? 160
2,963 DrSaw DrSawJohn 3:3. "Truly, truly I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God". Jesus Christ of Nazareth lives. 160
2,964 Scud1888 Scud1888 160
2,965 MontyTP MontyTPFucked my streak lol 160
2,966 SashaQ SashaQGrad School is REALLY cutting into game time :'( 160
2,967 Nova Apricity Nova ApricityGAMERS!!! Hit me up, lets talk games. 160
2,968 AlphaFist AlphaFistA happy and productive new year to all! Looking forward to playing The Division and a new Mass Effect! 160
2,969 KKMP KKMP 160
2,970 Major Trix Zero Major Trix ZeroEpic Ownage. Will help with most,if not all achievements. Would love help in return ;D 160
2,971 NannerLoaf NannerLoafAll Work and No Play Make Loaf a Sad Panda. 160
2,972 Lucifer CFH Lucifer CFHCowboy From Hell 160
2,973 TheRickMoranis TheRickMoranis 160
2,974 dreamweaver1984 dreamweaver1984who wants to play marvel ultimate alliance xbox one O.o 159
2,975 SSCP SSCP 159
2,976 XxChiCubs32xX XxChiCubs32xXDead Island. Yay!!! Just for you Simon. 159
2,977 Emivader EmivaderMade some progress I think haha 159
2,978 Gearman3 Gearman3Gears of war judgment is the worst gears to date 159
2,979 shadowninja25 shadowninja25 159
2,980 el tuaya arg el tuaya argTrue Master Ninja 159
2,981 R0KnR0llANDR3W R0KnR0llANDR3WGot a new Xbox One and enjoying Halo 5 and some new games 159
2,982 Carlillo92 Carlillo92Seriously thinking in completing the Gears series... 159
2,983 FAREP Bunitin FAREP BunitinSeriously 1.0 Loading...... 31,02%!!! Yeah! 159
2,984 PickAxPete PickAxPete 159
2,985 ShadowX1990 ShadowX1990 159
2,986 Lordji LordjiOK sailing and pirating is purely awesome... bullshit. 159
2,987 ResidentSlug ResidentSlug:-) 159
2,988 State Azure State AzureManaging my depression through Mindfulness meditation practise. 159
2,989 II cioflix II II cioflix IIYawn 159
2,990 TVippy TVippyPlaying on and off. Don't know if will be playing tomorrow or in 5 years. 159
2,991 MotorCityFats13 MotorCityFats13What is online play? Do I pay extra for that? 159
2,992 A7X Unleashed A7X UnleashedFirst ever 24 hour stream. Come check it out 158
2,993 Park Diesel Park Diesel 158
2,994 nacd nacd 158
2,995 Kinky Mong Kinky Mong 158
2,996 T0per Harley T0per HarleyDeus Ex Mankind Divided done ! 158
2,997 FallOut Phoenix FallOut PhoenixFinally got an external hard drive! 158
2,998 Nekrose Nekrose 158
2,999 TrueKilla360 TrueKilla360 158
3,000 extreme472000 extreme472000SSX!!!! Yesssssssssssss! 158