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201 liiami liiami 1,541
202 CASS190684 CASS190684Merry Christmas :D 1,520
203 GtechApocalypse GtechApocalypseCan anyone please help me out with the raid! I haven't had much time to play much and would like help if anyone could help out!!! 1,518
204 Segendary Ty Segendary TyWho's gonna go for Burnout Paradise? Leave a comment so we can make a group / sessions 1,511
205 HolyMoses81 HolyMoses81Today this console generation REALLY begins! 1,509
206 CrankyBauer24 CrankyBauer24Just bought an Xbox one slim 1 w/ Madden 17 and got a new controller and fallout 4 I'm very excited :) 1,504
207 S T F U DOUG S T F U DOUGwe have 19/24 people for Forza 6's Thru the Pack achievement if interested JOIN UP PLEASE! 1,503
208 Ojotango Ojotango 1,501
209 LGS I Hitman LGS I Hitman 1,498
210 imaidiot19 imaidiot19I think I'm going to stop playing these crap shooters and instead focus on RPGs, the best and least boring genre! /sarcasm 1,477
211 WarmedxMints WarmedxMints 1,475
212 dancrozier dancrozierreckon battlefield 4 will be my next completion 1,464
213 Ackter AckterSnoopy's Grand Adventure does so, so many things right - except for show passion. This could have been a classic like Aladdin or Loony Toons. 1,460
214 MarcC29 MarcC29Was planning on starting over in Fallout 4 with a new character and mods, unail I found out they disable achievements. 1,460
215 a Fi1thy Casual a Fi1thy CasualSubway tokens in Spider-Man 3...angry... 1,456
216 knight0fkh0nshu knight0fkh0nshuWTF, it's not scanning my gamertag? 1,452
217 ScuzzyBunny ScuzzyBunnyTwo achvs in one day...three days in a row! 1,450
218 ROGUE 1992 ROGUE 1992Good luck all finalists. 1,446
219 ShinUkyo ShinUkyoMy last status was posted almost a year ago; saying I need to play more games on my Xbox again. I have done poorly in this. I need to do less poorly. 1,446
220 jaganshihieiyyh jaganshihieiyyh 1,433
221 ChilinOnAToilet ChilinOnAToiletCan't wait for Payday 2! Going to put in my pre - order soon! 1,429
222 QuickMythril QuickMythrillooking for someone in the SW PA area to help me complete Fantasia Music Evolved. 1,421
223 GameTagwastaken GameTagwastakenAny Horizon 3 friends want to swap Playground wins tonight? 1,420
224 AlbinoKidELITE AlbinoKidELITEGTASC Final! Another week of craziness awaits! 1,418
225 HUstlinonradio HUstlinonradioMy xbox really wanted to download Titanfall 2 so bad 1,412
226 pezza888 pezza888Just bought a 3ds! I think I'm now partially qualified to say that I'm platform impartial :P 1,412
227 HyruleBalverine HyruleBalverineIf you only do what you can do you'll never be more than you are now. 1,411
228 Vorpal Smilodon Vorpal Smilodon 1,409
229 KZOIDBERG89 KZOIDBERG89Im gunna try to break 100k this summer and keep up in forums lol 1,409
230 Nitoriism NitoriismThe man, the myth, the legend: The return of Nitoriism 1,407
231 Tanelorn82 Tanelorn82Looking for people for Social Butterfly in Worms Revolution 1,405
233 DeathBomMB007 DeathBomMB007Be The Best!!! 1,391
234 moogless mooglessff14 is much better than ff11 :) although i think the moogle stealing some guys booze and drinking it helped my opnion 1,389
235 Oriole2682 Oriole2682 1,388
236 RadiantViper RadiantViperNever realized the awesomeness of Win10 streaming for cheevo hunting ... 1,384
237 Golgo28 Golgo28Damn you 343,drawing me back in with Halo 5. 1,378
238 Fire Hawk D Fire Hawk DVenetica's achievements are now showing rarity. I swear, if it goes backwards compatible... 1,366
239 Teh Paralyzer Teh ParalyzerThanks for the encouragement guys but this gametag is banned.... goodbye forever.... 1,365
240 Loonielee LoonieleeNever ending backlog... 1,360
241 Smeds SmedsHaving to wait to DL and install games is ridiculous; I fully regret paying full price for an Xbox One. Good console hurt by one terrible idea. 1,360
242 CabbageWithPie CabbageWithPie 1,358
243 ScrotoBaggins22 ScrotoBaggins22 1,345
244 seema419 seema419"Dogmentations... copyright." 1,343
245 MC PHILABUSTA MC PHILABUSTAWhere's Cuphead at? 1,335
246 I8ITackyticsI8I I8ITackyticsI8IWill try not to buy any more games during December or January. Backlog getting ridiculous after Week Ending 27th Nov. 1,331
247 DarthGoose13 DarthGoose13Seriously considering deleting my account from this site and moving on from gaming. 1,326
248 xMidget Furyx xMidget FuryxWWE 2k16 is frustrating me 1,326
249 Im LoganXP Im LoganXP 1,325
250 The Chuck Chuck The Chuck ChuckWow I barely come on here anymore... Work and kids and real life sure kill the gaming... 1,315
251 Dread Reaver Dread ReaverAlright, finished the story for Mankind Divided - can give Titanfall 2 my full attention :-D 1,312
252 Dwaggienite DwaggieniteStruggling really bad with anxiety at the moment. Please keep me in your thoughts. 1,310
253 MegsonGrove MegsonGroveGiving up on the hotspot achievements on Yesterday Origins for now, think I must just be blind :') 1,308
254 B unit 117 B unit 117Ladies and Gentlemen... presenting the Xbox 180! 1,295
255 alanp9 alanp9This year's games I'm looking forward to: Dead Rising, Skyrim, Bioshock, Modern Warfare 4, and Darksiders. ...What year is it? 1,290
256 Papa El Loro Papa El LoroHey flappy goat! Screw you! 1,277
257 Failure Online Failure OnlineFalling behind on this DLC lately.. 1,275
258 RedemtionOWNAGE RedemtionOWNAGEWhere I have been the last month. 500 sub video. 1,275
259 AKXOne AKXOne 1,270
260 CalculatdRisque CalculatdRisque 1,264
261 kintaris kintarisThe hardest part of the Furi Review was adjusting from playing really easy games all my life... 1,256
262 S P 4 C E Y S P 4 C E YAND IT'S DONE!! 1,253
263 Kungfupanda17 Kungfupanda17 1,251
264 theshadow theshadowLooks like I'm moving to Canada come January 20th because I'm sure my job will be eliminated. 1,244
265 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehBatman Telltale game is more of the same. Music cutting out, laggy gameplay. What a shame 1,240
266 Elite1111111111 Elite1111111111People need to learn to read the session details when they apply. 1,236
267 Herr Karamell Herr KaramellAlways Looking For Some Sexy Boosting 1,233
268 NickHawkeye NickHawkeye 1,219
269 Darklights 1,216
270 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 1,214
271 CausticZabi CausticZabiirrelevent status 1,213
272 SaidaiKanpeki SaidaiKanpeki 1,204
273 MotoX Champ88 MotoX Champ88 1,203
274 OtisFamily OtisFamilyHey there. 1,203
275 FinderKeeper FinderKeeperTo my friends who are on TrueTrophies, please send me a friend invite! 1,191
276 Foerl Foerl 1,190
277 Perpalicious PerpaliciousTo get astropop or to not get it ... Should I subject myself to so much torture? 1,183
278 scotwolf2 scotwolf227th May 2017 Glasgow....KISS....guess who's going? meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 1,180
279 Dreakon1313 Dreakon1313You're worth it. 1,179
280 GriZzly GRiP GriZzly GRiP 1,177
281 DA CYBER TIGER DA CYBER TIGERAll of the mass effect 2 & 3 DLC on sale? It'd be rude not to. 1,166
282 Quantum Binman Quantum BinmanNo longer have this acc, started a new GT. Anyone want to play some GOW4? 1,164
283 izret102 izret102Halo Wars 2 SP is free 1,155
284 Delith DelithStarted back on Dead Rising after almost 3 years of it collecting dust on my shelf. 1,153
285 Throni360 Throni360Will wer Carmageddon boosten? 1,149
286 FishyOutOfWater FishyOutOfWaterAnyone had an issue with Titanfall Campaign achievements not unlocking? 1,146
287 Xtowers XtowersCant seem to get 3 achievements for Tiny Troopers 2 (WP) to sync. 1,145
288 Se4nzZ WoRLd Se4nzZ WoRLdApplication to graduate sent. Now we wait. 1,141
289 Vr English Vr EnglishThanks to the community for help as always, Warframe is made a whole lot better for me thanks to the people on this site! 1,140
290 Solario32 Solario32 1,140
292 CDonns CDonnsI'm back everyone 1,134
293 Blue n Gold Eel Blue n Gold EelThankfully TA put Horse Racing 2016 into the Equestrian sports catagory, dodged a bullet in that one lol 1,133
294 Anavryn AnavrynOfficially joining the next gen - Xbox One S ordered and in transit. :D 1,133
295 Curtieson Curtiesonfinally broke Top 200 in Achievement Streaks. Moving up is tough because nearly all are active streaks. 1,129
296 itz waz me itz waz meIs it safe to assume that is never going to go on sale and become BC? 1,124
297 Ultra Seven Ultra Seven007 373 5963 1,116
298 Hurball Hurball 1,112
299 grex9101 grex9101Yaay! Microtransactions! Said no-one, ever. Apart from morons, obviously. 1,112
300 Sonic Grunge Sonic GrungeThink I might start back MP boosting again soon. It's been a while. 1,109