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601 PhxSuns1Fan PhxSuns1FanJust waiting for Halo 5 to come out! 782
602 togethawiistand togethawiistandFable 2, 11 years old... Not sure how I feel about "The needs of the many" anymore. 779
603 troyoy troyoyI really like the new gems of war guild I joined, thank you Gunstar Red :) 778
604 xCHRONIC KAOSx xCHRONIC KAOSxI wish I could pay someone to finish some Random Achievements lol..Ive a Year of XBL I need to get B 778
605 OkayEA OkayEA 777
606 Smallville2106 Smallville2106 774
607 ukinspro ukinsproReceive message, respond - It's really not a complicated concept to grasp 773
608 SolidTooth3160 SolidTooth3160 773
609 Chino Skeleton Chino SkeletonBoosting : Super Street Fighter IV 773
610 gobey17 gobey17 771
611 Mike Pitch Mike PitchNow the proud owner of two Xbox consoles that make the Taco Bell “BONG!” when they turn on! I need to be sponsored by the Bell lol 771
612 Avata AvataWould anyone with either the Toy Box Takeover or Speedway play sets be willing to help me with my la 771
613 Twist7 Twist7 771
614 Grimace221 Grimace221Really enjoying Remnant! 770
615 Arron114 Arron114 766
616 xLegend of Jay xLegend of Jay"This is Spartan 117! Can anyone read me? Over". 765
617 Zalexzy ZalexzyNote to myself: Remember to do daily crap, Asphalt 8, Overkill 3, Fallout Shelter, Forza Horizon 4 764
618 Michel Michel 763
619 The Noto The NotoThe Darkness - The Don - 86% 762
620 triplewitching triplewitchingTime to go back to Borderlands and Dead Island 760
621 Robhill Robhill 759
622 Potato Handle Potato HandleWell, my 360 died, it was bought in April '07, so it just hit the 5-year mark; can anyone top that? 759
623 Stevanno StevannoNice to have all achievements in the Forza Horizon series again! 758
624 ROBBERT DHT ROBBERT DHTThe first day of the Christmas event makes me start a new game already to run idle. My poor recovered completion% this year :( 756
625 count023 count023Full circle, 10 years ago Halo Reach was my first Xbox game. Now here I am, playing it again. 756
626 El Zombie El Zombie 754
627 Team Bisset Team Bissetnew format is garbage more space for ads just to get people to buy pro 752
628 Death and Glory Death and GloryOk, I really like the notification feature on the new site. I know for sure that's a new feature. laugh 749
629 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantomHalo TMCC, Halo reach achievements are live y’all 747
630 bye bye xboxone bye bye xboxone 745
631 sirbradenwalker sirbradenwalkerStill grinding but can't remember the last time I actually completed anything. 744
632 The Onyx Kid The Onyx Kid 744
633 Handydarkness HandydarknessThought provoking for those that say, "We got this, we'll plow right through it. Go team go." https: 743
634 Kupari KupariNew Xbox 360 incoming.. after a few years of abscence. 742
635 Evil Toast Evil ToastThen close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, 'There's no place like TA'. 740
636 Stealth David Stealth DavidTwitch winner 1st December winner is Twitch User name youamusemeidiot please DM to claim the code since I'm not sure on your Xbox Handle? 739
637 HiradC HiradCkids got destiny 2 for christmas, do I dare 739
638 Falensarano FalensaranoOnline Achievement clearance progress - 31 games to go (15 started) 735
639 Torhu Hybrid Torhu HybridRemember when I used to use this site? 735
640 Anxsighety 734
641 Sly Strategist Sly Strategist 733
642 Tuschi TuschiHoo boy! Guilty Gear Strive looks HOT! I'm so into it and I can't play the game properly for the life of me. 731
643 Piratonio PiratonioPuto el que lo lea... 730
644 Triple Triad777 Triple Triad777Anyone want to lend some tips on how to get controller support on bioshock 2 RU on the pc? My Russian is a little nonexistent. 729
645 FEAR EPIDEMIC FEAR EPIDEMICI keep you guessing. 729
646 Izzy of Albion Izzy of AlbionQuarter Million Club! 728
647 Camello Delgado Camello DelgadoBacklog has officially hit 300 728
648 GsO Light GsO LightThis TA update is horrible.. why do they always fix something that isn't broken? 728
649 Healtti HealttiThe Messenger (Win 10), best game on GamePass PC. Any Win10 rig should run it - take the dive! Headphones & pad essential 727
650 UnknownAvatar UnknownAvatar 727
651 SilentHunter382 SilentHunter382Just playing games I haven't completed the main story. 727
652 Philmnator Philmnator150k yay :) 725
653 GuruThaGreat GuruThaGreatThat's enough Minecraft for today. Will have to go back and clean up the achievements that wouldn't unlock, but glad to get a bunch done. 724
654 SuperTigerWoods SuperTigerWoodsNew CoD is pretty sweet so far. Graphics are dope af 724
655 DownInFlames85 DownInFlames85JOKER was near perfection - easily one of my favorite films. 722
656 HaloMonkey3009 HaloMonkey3009 718
657 AKfoy0face AKfoy0faceGears 5 Campaign is pretty awesome now that I've gotten around to playing it. 717
658 adamrulz adamrulzNow, for the tougher trials achievements... 716
659 Musikfreak007 Musikfreak007Taking a months-long hiatus from console games while I'm away. Have fun playing all! 716
660 MurmuringJASON MurmuringJASONThat's what she said. 715
661 spletchie spletchie 715
662 Zendelai ZendelaiNothing is true, everything is permitted. 715
663 Steve Redman Steve RedmanFinishing up Joy Ride Turbo and Dragon's Dawn of New Riders as well as some a bunch of my backlog 714
664 Ultras500 Ultras500An hour into to Outer Worlds and its amazing. Play it!!! 712
665 IGutlessIWonder IGutlessIWonderSome dude with a faux hawk let me in 712
666 Yin Yin 711
667 Zymotic ZymoticSteam = Newbsicle 711
668 Zer0e 711
669 AceMcCloud AceMcCloud 711
670 MissFuchsiaFire MissFuchsiaFireZ3RO 37 is now MissFuchsiaFire. Happy gaming everyone! 711
671 coinfrenzy coinfrenzywww.Twitch.TV/coinfrenzy YouTube:coinfrenzy Instagram:coinfrenzygames Twitter:coinfrenzygames 710
672 KillCrazyCarl KillCrazyCarlUp to 95% game completion!! Only got about 8 games with a low achievement count in them left to get through. What to play though? 709
673 IXI FalcoN IXI FalcoN 706
674 Loch Doun Loch Doun 706
675 KitsuneChaos KitsuneChaosDo not own an Xbox anymore. 706
676 XwolfanX XwolfanXWolfs stand alone 705
677 Evil Kenivl Evil KenivlI dont know what to write in here... 705
678 Arkzein Arkzein 705
679 Pure Vapour 420 Pure Vapour 420Still chasing that irrelevant Gamerscore? SUCKA`S!!! 704
680 Spazpol SpazpolHey, I reviewed something: 702
681 TheAaronLad TheAaronLad3,064/10k - Red Faction Guerilla Remastered, who's down to do it? buying it for the SP anyway but want to do the MP for it tho. 702
682 Alwindb AlwindbRIP Dragon ball Super :( 701
683 BaneDain BaneDain 701
684 mcnichoj mcnichojPossibly last chance to buy Korra and Transformers digitally 697
685 yURCH yURCHHappy New Year! 697
686 SwelterinBeaver SwelterinBeaverI'm finally free from the SoT curse. I am currently writing Prey's DLC WT in the hope it reignites my joy of gaming 696
687 Billargh Billargh 696
688 Otouto72 Otouto7212 Days of Christmas challenge is back....oh hell no, I'm steering well away from it this year. 694
689 CHRI5T0PH5R CHRI5T0PH5RBroadband down, hotspot used. Need to continue achvmnt streak! Need ideas by end of tomorrow 694
690 Marx0r Marx0rGrand Theft Auto series - 8750/8750 692
691 I Ebon Hawk I I Ebon Hawk I 691
692 Ham Man 89 Ham Man 89Achievement Tracking broken for multiple games... XBL PLEASE! 691
693 Sneaky Tr00per Sneaky Tr00perDon Matterick - Giving into peer pressure :D 691
694 Petrified Petrified 687
695 PuckJunkie PuckJunkie 687
696 RedHoodedMenace RedHoodedMenace 686
697 ResinousHashish ResinousHashish 686
698 Prattalmighty PrattalmightyIt's Pratt-Almighty 684
699 Skelix Skelix 678
700 Shh I am Batman Shh I am BatmanHalf million down, half million to go. 678