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501 Lanceride LancerideAchievement break: Finally playing through Breath of the Wild. 1,124
502 Lord Midas Lord MidasWould you kindly... 1,124
503 eayragt eayragt 1,120
504 ALI900 ALI900Red Dead Redemption 2 is honestly the best game this year :) 1,117
505 Reabo ReaboI really am enjoying Red Dead 2 but the collectables and challenges really suck the fun out of the game... 1,114
506 Crackdown Crackdown 1,114
507 Unpredictable D Unpredictable D 1,113
508 thunderkiss92 thunderkiss92Groovy. 1,113
509 Cenosis Cenosis 1,113
510 Calex dEUS Calex dEUS 1,111
511 paddycfc22 paddycfc22Need more time to game 1,103
512 Catatonic Nali Catatonic Nali100 overall points in Warboats and position 400/1933 on the leaderboard. I'll take that! 1,101
513 VisibleRaptor5 VisibleRaptor5They are looking to emulate WP titles on Android? And they are connecting to XBOX Live too? I support the project. Will the hidden gate be found? 1,101
514 Falensarano FalensaranoJust 6 more completions to go and I can say that I’ve got less than 300 games in the backlog 🙈 1,099
515 CONKER1182 CONKER1182 1,099
516 Iceman2pnt0 Iceman2pnt0Doin' it 1,096
517 Maesenko MaesenkoIt's been 4 years since I moved to Japan. Life has changed a lot. There's definitely never enough time for everything now. 1,094
518 NicoleRenee00 NicoleRenee00 1,092
519 reforc3 reforc3Game Pass Ruler | Hall of Fame 2020 | Mexico 1,091
520 The Machine MRG The Machine MRG1513 in favour and 3 against. Couldn't be any clearer, Argentina. Now stop whinging 1,091
521 Mr Rodster Mr RodsterSick of all this Xit... 1,090
522 Kexol Kexol 1,090
523 Camello Delgado Camello DelgadoBacklog has officially reached 1000. WOW!! 1,089
524 Darkness727420 Darkness727420If any of you have a PSN ID and or on TrueTrophies add me. Lunesta666 1,088
525 Petrolium Bear Petrolium BearWhat seems to be the Officer Problem? 1,083
526 BROOKER 513 BROOKER 513 Not reported on TA yet 1,082
527 wes coasn wes coasn 1,082
528 EYEHUNTER 42 EYEHUNTER 42Russia Killed 113,750 people in one city in Ukraine. That's more than one Atomic Bomb we dropped on Japan. It's unthinkable. Please Support Ukraine! 1,081
529 Jaggexedge Jaggexedge 1,081
530 burnthelamb burnthelamb 1,080
531 ALollz ALollz 1,078
532 onnovdw onnovdwthey told me the classics never go out of style, but they do, they do 1,078
533 LilGurgi LilGurgi"I am not a bounty hunter." 1,077
534 SprinkyDink SprinkyDinkMopping up games today has been fun! 1,076
535 SkarviT SkarviTCurrently playing on Steam... 1,075
536 Xystra XystraIf you love shooters (Cod, Battlefield, Destiny, Fortnite, etc.) you should consider joining the NRA (or your country's equivalent). And vote freedom! 1,074
537 mcnichoj mcnichoj"I watched the first two-thirds of "MC Hammer: Behind the Music" and if there's one thing I learned about money it's that it never runs out!" 1,073
538 SPOOKYVILLE SPOOKYVILLEMerry Christmas Everyone, have a great holiday! 1,071
539 FireDrake007 FireDrake007Gamepass Rocks. 1,067
540 iBar13 iBar13 1,066
541 THEpaynexkiller THEpaynexkillerGamerscore's dead. Long live Gamerscore. 1,066
542 ThaHawka ThaHawka 1,066
543 HabitualNewt HabitualNewtMinion quick/ easy to play....and free?? 1,066
544 粉丝游戏 粉丝游戏我的影片频道 1,065
545 FierceMonkeyMan FierceMonkeyManWhat happened to the leaderboards message boards? 1,063
546 Sighris SighrisIt’s almost TemTem time 1,061
547 Runner eGirl Runner eGirlLost 100 gs on XBL since yesterday... hmph 1,057
548 South Park TFBW South Park TFBWCold War is so much better than black ops 4 1,057
549 buttmudBrooks buttmudBrooks 1,056
550 ChknFingrs ChknFingrsArgh! Why won’t remote play work away from home!? 🤬🤬😭😭 #xboxremoteplay 1,055
551 Armstrong x360a Armstrong x360a 1,053
552 WhyattThrash WhyattThrash 1,053
553 CrysisWarXX3 CrysisWarXX3Accusing by merely words is the main thing here now imagine if real life is like that! My tracking story is in my blog check it and educate yourself. 1,053
554 notoriousJMZ notoriousJMZ 1,051
555 Gleaming Cube Gleaming CubeThere is a potential Donkey Kong kill screen coming up if anyone is interested? 1,047
556 NutriWhip NutriWhip#1 in PA 1,046
557 Scottish Husky Scottish HuskyNow to never unlock another achievement /s 1,045
558 Grimslinger19 Grimslinger19 1,040
559 DCM7734 DCM7734Mostly on XBOX. If I'm playing something that you need help grindng, send me a message. 1,033
560 Christoph 5782 Christoph 5782Let's Go! 1,030
561 HuGh1212 HuGh1212Hey you guise :) 1,030
562 The Manic Moose The Manic MooseBack 4 Blood nightmare done, sea of thieves done. 1,028
563 VoltFieber VoltFieber"Xbox, Go Home!" (I spy with my little Kinect-Eye^^) 1,026
564 CriticalRespawn CriticalRespawn 1,026
565 xWEEDMAN 89x xWEEDMAN 89x 1,024
566 Lord Von Chimp Lord Von ChimpWas a bit down I didn't have much gaming time these days to play Elden Ring, then I got Covid...I take it back! 1,022
567 SoiledDoughnut SoiledDoughnut 1,019
568 Watty8883 Watty8883 1,018
569 K1ck K1ck 1,018
570 SinSTeRS DEVIL SinSTeRS DEVILWorld war z finally finished gr8 game but such a grind! Now just want cyber punk 2077 to hurry up! 1,014
571 blueracer442 blueracer442Installing some games now then when i wake up its time to dive. Im only doing about 60 this year due to lack of space on the Hard Drive. 1,007
572 Tozi Tiberius Tozi Tiberius 1,006
573 ll HYS7ERIA ll ll HYS7ERIA llMaking progress on old 360 games. 1,004
574 Chromium Stars Chromium StarsMy new laptop for school actually plays gamepass games! On low but I don’t even care. Now I can get achievements again :) 1,004
575 John Acey John AceySomething wrong about your session..? You can guarantee me to bicker about it. 1,003
576 KamhiX96 KamhiX96Sleeping Dogs might just be the first retail game I've completed in almost 4 years 1,002
577 Anxsighety Anxsighety1mil gamerscore on 2.22.22. 222nd in US. On to better things. 1,000
578 Brenin Watson Brenin Watson 996
579 TwistMck TwistMckFound an infinite item glitch in B4B, don't know how long until they patch it... still need a squad if anyone's interested. 995
580 Moldy Tacos5000 Moldy Tacos5000With my Pro membership expired it's crazy to see just how many ads this site has. 992
581 Desi Shinobi Desi Shinobi 991
582 Brock M Rambo Brock M RamboAuto completing DLC is like cheating on a test, I got a 100 percent and didn't have to do anything t 991
583 boldfoxrd boldfoxrdENGLAND!!!!! 990
584 o EcLiipzE o EcLiipzE 989
585 AgentZachMorgan AgentZachMorgan 989
586 Quickdontdie QuickdontdiePlease add me on discord: The Aryadragon#1193 988
587 superniceguy superniceguy 988
588 Facial La Fleur Facial La FleurFriend me over there if you're over there. 987
589 Guirec730 Guirec730Aliens. 986
590 PointySpred PointySpredWatchdogs is avaiable for free, a day or so early for anyone that cares. 986
591 Drummin003 Drummin003What the hell happened in Halo: Reach to make it jump 150 TA points overnight? 984
592 CognitiveCaveat CognitiveCaveatFinished The Artful Escape. 12/12 ach (1 didn't sync) 1000/1000 GS. Interesting and easy game, but somewhat nonsensical. I liked the music elements 6/ 983
593 T1TANMONKEY T1TANMONKEYNew PC arriving tomorrow! First non-console gaming device I've bought in decades. 983
594 ShadyShall ShadyShallBack to the achievement grind... 983
595 o S0LIDUS o o S0LIDUS o 979
596 eLiTeMC251 eLiTeMC251 975
597 ljp0390 ljp0390 969
598 x iEvaNGeLioN x iEvaNGeLioNsnow dayyyyyy. i'm bored as. 360 wasn't last weekend cuz i got lazy. getting it soon doeeeeeee 969
599 Healtti HealttiHappy Next Gen, everyone! I hope all who pre-ordered got theirs. You spend $ on a game, but good tech is an investment. That's how I look at it. 967
600 snake42069 snake420691,495k TA, 950k GS, 25,400 Achievements, 691 Completed Games, 373 Completed DLC, 90.1% Achievements Complete! 967