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1,001 Mo the Surfer Mo the SurferGNOMES RULE!!!!! 538
1,002 Lumberjay85 Lumberjay85Thanks, Minecraft, for forcing me to use my Xbox for the first time in over a year! Now that that's over, guess I'll se y'all next year. 538
1,003 AlmightySparrow AlmightySparrow 537
1,004 Codsternation CodsternationIt's a strange world. Let's keep it that way. 537
1,005 The Biodreamer The BiodreamerNintendo Week: Playing Mario Rabbids Kingdoms battle and enjoying it. 537
1,006 Kedrix KedrixVisit for all of your BC needs. 537
1,007 Humpyrton Humpyrton2018: 1,987 Achievements in 141 games, for a total of 111,331 TrueAchievement points (70,649 Gamerscore) 536
1,008 Mad Hectic Mad HecticGOW is life again! All hail 536
1,009 wolfzero01 wolfzero01 536
1,010 Hillenmeyer1 Hillenmeyer1i hope the creator of flappy goat spills ketchup and mustard all over their shirt today and it can't 536
1,011 Nv Defines Nv DefinesJoin me on Doom Eternal Slayers Club! 535
1,012 ReAl ImPuLsE ReAl ImPuLsE 534
1,013 Freamwhole FreamwholeI love seeing my contest ideas come to fruition. The TA Dev Staff is awesome at converting these into fun community events. 534
1,014 sanityends sanityendsHellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is one messed up game wow 534
1,015 TriG3rHaWkz x1x TriG3rHaWkz x1x 534
1,016 vegansound vegansoundWin Animal Rights 532
1,017 BushidoBrown305 BushidoBrown305 532
1,018 Alessandro VIII Alessandro VIII 532
1,019 Lost Legends Lost LegendsAnyone interested in double boxing Saints Row 1 or 2? 531
1,020 Flopsy86 Flopsy86 531
1,021 Serious X Devil Serious X DevilNext 4 games i will focus on will be Hunted: Demons Forge, Terminator: Resistance, Saints Row: The Third Remastered and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. 530
1,022 ChaosAlert ChaosAlertI seldom give commendations, but if you have XBGP, I highly implore you to give Hollow Knight a chance. It's a diamond in the rough of platformers. 530
1,023 AngryManGamer AngryManGamerBecause an achievement didnt unlock whilst being offline will it not pop and its glitched? 530
1,024 xxx AL xxx ALCoffee Talk requires that you give them permission to spy on you. Otherwise you can t play. Saved myself from starting another crap game. 529
1,025 techie76 techie76Wow !!! The new achievement for gems of war seems fun...not... let the grind begin... 529
1,026 Jedi Pirate Oni Jedi Pirate OniCan anyone help me with MS Mahjong July 12th daily? I can't do the golden tiles, it's the only one o 528
1,027 lankyjustin lankyjustin2020 completion #25 - Wandersong Achievements 528
1,028 Rakkman Forever Rakkman ForeverManchester <3 528
1,029 DaKenster DaKenster 527
1,030 Negan Beta Negan Beta 526
1,031 JoeInsidious JoeInsidiousIt's been a while. How is everyone? 526
1,032 OhhJustBQ OhhJustBQAny info on when the next GTASC will start? 525
1,033 Kerman7 Kerman7Story mode in Injustice 2 is pretty good, but Superman and Wonder Woman are treated like dirt in this alternate story 524
1,034 SantaUndercover SantaUndercoverRIP Mixer... and lets stay away from FB Gaming... 524
1,035 z RagnaroK z z RagnaroK zFinally got that pesky Jumping Cloaker Achievement in Payday2. Huge shout out to IXI Geko IXI for helping. 1 achievement left!! 524
1,036 B8TINGU B8TINGUNo longer chasing games played and finally decided the physical collection has to go. 523
1,037 Whos Jent Whos Jent 523
1,038 ARMaximus ARMaximusWell done Portugal, Euro 2016 winners!!! 522
1,039 BODZ61 BODZ61 522
1,040 Nod Nolan Nod NolanExternal HDD has gone Kaput. Back down to the internal drive. Looks like curation and plays going to be more focused for the moment :( 521
1,041 drownedLTspeirs drownedLTspeirsI really need to game more 521
1,042 Dacius Decium Dacius DeciumHELP!! Sybarite in Gears of War: Judgment 521
1,043 aintezbeinweezy aintezbeinweezy 521
1,044 Stoiss StoissSo i killed my streak at 221 days. Sucks cause i really wanted to make it a year, but i forgot :( 518
1,045 Sean Reinhardl Sean Reinhardl 517
1,046 Smoky Brenneth Smoky BrennethAnyone else having problems with their 360 connecting to LIVE? (Not Rethorical) 517
1,047 Richard Bastion Richard BastionHow are people still finding my Xbox Live Labs review? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the endless ego b 517
1,048 segagamer segagamerHalo Wars boosting! 516
1,049 AboveHunter AboveHunterWould anyone please help me with need for speed most wanted achievement uncanny i'd be really appreciating it and return the favor! 516
1,050 DevinJMcIntyre DevinJMcIntyre 516
1,051 x jjaldana 2 x x jjaldana 2 xIf you're like me and trying to install gfwl on your pc in 2020 515
1,052 JuIIIian JuIIIianFinally Got My Hands On a (360) Kinect lol 515
1,053 Two Names06 Two Names06[Rank 34]Olympus Reborn is Recruiting high-level (1100+) daily players 515
1,054 oOo Gandalf oOo oOo Gandalf oOoMis primeros 100.000 Gs en la ONE - 15/11/2018 515
1,055 shelbygt5252 shelbygt5252 514
1,056 mijn kont mijn kontijdubdosodhw skve kssnksjd l dje isve noejeb 513
1,057 Dakthore Dakthore 512
1,058 MVPVincent MVPVincent 512
1,059 CasperTC CasperTCOh World of Tanks....Top Shelf in World of Tanks: Valor 512
1,060 Aj6627 Aj6627 512
1,061 Kitty Skies Kitty SkiesOops... I didnt finish Life is Strange 2 in time. 511
1,062 JOKER REJECT JOKER REJECTAnyone have Dante Inferno st Lucia trials? We are looking for someone who will let us download it? And boost it if they need too. 511
1,063 Racxie Racxie 511
1,064 Jamal2807 Jamal2807OLOLOLOLOLOL 510
1,065 StK I StK IGTASC 2019 final position 48, eliminated in period 36 510
1,066 kabobles kaboblesWould anyone like to boost out Watch_Dogs quick? 509
1,067 TXsportsGamer83 TXsportsGamer83Backlog, backlog, backlog 509
1,068 NinjaDave04 NinjaDave04Playing The Division? Hit me up! GT:NinjaDave04 509
1,069 Big MeatyBigBig Big MeatyBigBigI laugh at my self some times! 509
1,070 darkmikasonfire darkmikasonfireI'm nothing and no one, I'm invisible on the site, you can't see me. I am the darkwing duck of TA. 509
1,071 ICE Faux Pirate ICE Faux PirateTA has stopped tracking the amount of time I've played a game online. Anyone else have this issue? 508
1,072 Monkey540 Monkey540 508
1,073 VixyNyan VixyNyan 507
1,074 EmDeeGee EmDeeGeeFavorable Total Conquest glitch, anyone else? Glitched game in my favor 507
1,075 BRAN IS HERE BRAN IS HERECool news I'm at the new team17 studios!bad news I'm at work lmao 507
1,076 F1R3 PH03N1X6 F1R3 PH03N1X6Looking at PUBG on the Xbox app unlocked 3 achievements. Now I HAVE to complete it ?? 507
1,077 fireiz fireizHappy 4th of July 506
1,078 JeffMomm JeffMommFigured out my hangman - now to find achievements to solve it in time! 506
1,079 CrysisWarXX3 CrysisWarXX3Anyone has an Xap file for Microsoft Solitaire Collection (WP) ? 505
1,080 a rabid fuzzle a rabid fuzzleAmazing Spider-Man 2 for sale lol 505
1,081 Arran R W Arran R W 504
1,082 Darklord1899 Darklord1899Heart of our time. 504
1,083 KillrNut KillrNut 504
1,084 Spades Spades 504
1,085 LAZY SHIKAMARUX LAZY SHIKAMARUXUgh, I need something good to play so I'm not just milking VNs all month for the streak... 503
1,086 ArrKiid ArrKiidLiverpool Carling Cup Winners 2012! 503
1,087 Bolch Bolch2016 - Bolch won 85 Achievements in 10 games, for a total of 2,772 TrueAchievement points (1,720 Gam 502
1,088 RandomlyEvasive RandomlyEvasiveCan't be too much to ask for Win 10 stacks of all the Fallout games on Game Pass; I'll do it all again! 501
1,089 Davis 888 Davis 888The start of something great! 501
1,090 beets101 beets101First day back at work since March 23rd and only worked 17 days since December. 501
1,091 VisciousSquare VisciousSquareI should probably find some time for this gaming stuff. 501
1,092 RC RC 501
1,093 MalibuStacey85 MalibuStacey85Well, we're doing it again! 500
1,094 TuftyAlx312 TuftyAlx312 500
1,095 WarXEagle2015 WarXEagle2015I will never boost with someone who I boost 39000 kills for then he cries like a two yr old because life happens!Some people are so selfish ! 500
1,096 Fadi kun Fadi kun 500
1,097 Jamiereloaded23 Jamiereloaded23Haven't had anything screwy happen with achievements for a while, however yesterday I had one unlock which has now re-locked itself somehow! 498
1,098 SabenRothschild SabenRothschildGmng... 498
1,099 GodLike499 GodLike499Fight My Brute: 498
1,100 Deadpool 1194 Deadpool 1194Annoys me that Lords of the Fallen shows as 80% complete because of a dlc that isnt even out yet. 498