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4,701 Ben Reynolds Ben ReynoldsSo many games, so little time... 99
4,702 Sundance Six Sundance SixSwitched to PS4, my ID is ripxdoc, see you there, thanks. 99
4,703 P4R4N0ID P4ND4 P4R4N0ID P4ND4next on the list Titanfall Thief and Watch_dogs 99
4,704 Whats a Chundy Whats a ChundySend me a message if you need help with MW3 spec ops missions 99
4,705 TTLD TOBAL TTLD TOBALContemplating the Human Element in a Virtual Environment 99
4,706 Vaded Vaded 99
4,707 The Hammer Hart The Hammer HartRapidly approaching completion of HITMAN and MKX, time to knock off Bulletstorm Full Clip soon! 99
4,708 Cheezy Lasagna Cheezy LasagnaHalo 3, ODST, and Reach finally done, Now just CEA and Halo 4 99
4,709 SticklySnipe SticklySnipeHaven't been on here for a while... 99
4,710 Sredit SreditMorrowind ftw. 99
4,711 Moostard MoostardStill waters run deep 99
4,712 KEVALlO KEVALlOGrabbed the Tales from the Borderlands in recent sales and really enjoying it so far, epsoide 4&5 left! 99
4,713 the psychopa7h the psychopa7hfuck chevo 99
4,714 RPGDavey RPGDaveyAnybody have a spare Windows 8 phone they want to sell?...piece of shit cell phones. 98
4,715 wayne gareth wayne garethFML more dlc for minecraft who wants to help do it on both systems join party 98
4,716 illdizzog illdizzogThese f*cking Neo Geo games and their glitchty bullshit. How can i have a 100k score achievement and not the 70k one? 98
4,718 Dawnchaysr Dawnchaysr"So this is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause..." 98
4,719 Therion713 Therion713Does anybody know how to get the achievement app in full screen on the new dashboard? I can only seem to get it snapped.. which I hate 98
4,720 The GTA Guy 69 The GTA Guy 69 98
4,721 xPhoenixRisesx xPhoenixRisesxTrying to hit 3k by end of the year wish me luck! 98
4,722 Raistlin 156 Raistlin 1562017 Completions: 6 Xbox Games (5 DLC). 8 Windows Games (9 DLC). 1 App. 98
4,724 greenxb greenxbBoosting bf4 dlc 98
4,725 EstocoImo EstocoImoMy philosophy is to play as many quality games as possible and try to max out all achievements in them. But no DLC achievements! 98
4,726 zombit74 zombit74Mission Complete Whats Next ? 98
4,727 o KeyserSoeze o o KeyserSoeze oTrueSteamAchievements? Is that a joke? 98
4,728 Rockanoid Rockanoid 98
4,729 DefiantZero DefiantZeroWhen xbox achievements are not enough. 98
4,730 Bane49 Bane49Working on game completion... 98
4,731 The Mottinator The Mottinator 98
4,732 Salvatore 2 Salvatore 2 98
4,733 Kazooie959 Kazooie959 98
4,734 Emotional REX Emotional REXBaby steps... 98
4,735 mkollphoenixfan mkollphoenixfani hit 75% - 77% next challenge accepted 98
4,736 DucKy BaBy DucKy BaByTimesplitters consciousness @Crytek 98
4,737 Lockerdown3 Lockerdown3Lies of Astaroth: Hard to save the money for those cheevos when cards need upgraded. 98
4,738 Savior of cows Savior of cowsquestion for 7 days to die: can you get the achievements that require you to kill people in local play? 98
4,739 Aquatic Neon Aquatic NeonLooking for Gears: UE boosting buddies! 98
4,740 Jonas512 Jonas512 98
4,741 daevv daevv 98
4,742 Haarberger Haarberger 98
4,743 RetainedZero RetainedZeroTrying to 100% Destiny 98
4,744 Phl0am Phl0amAh brainz. 98
4,745 Slim Panatella Slim Panatella 97
4,746 JPG30 JPG30finally completed gears 4 campaign solo on insane, hardest gears campaign ever imo, even with having the ghost gun with me. 97
4,747 RunelordPCLab RunelordPCLab 97
4,748 ssssssssssssss1 ssssssssssssss1Back from Asia, unlocked my first achievement in almost 6 weeks today! 97
4,749 Tripl299 x3h Tripl299 x3hHTMCC: 326/500 achievements, 2685/5000 97
4,750 Mr Zill Mr ZillPlaying Brink in coop with my mate "Itzz Sh0wt1m3" and Halo wars in coop with "Razzer070" are the best multiplayer experiences I had on the xbox360 97
4,751 xTMx Voytek xTMx Voytek 97
4,752 Skuller 1O1 Skuller 1O1 97
4,753 EnigmaB2S6elite EnigmaB2S6elite 97
4,754 Mr Corda Mr Corda 97
4,755 ASAnaparada ASAnaparadaDificil conseguir chegar onde pretendo com Servidores fechados e jogos sendo retirados da Live 97
4,756 Chojin22000 Chojin22000...To DS2/3 or not to DS2/3? I want to go back to being a filthy casual for a bit but I wanna play them so bad as well. Conflicted! 97
4,757 StellateSafe94 StellateSafe94 97
4,758 Garbar05 Garbar05 97
4,759 WAR Psyco WAR PsycoAnyone have Dead Rising 4 and want to boost multiplayer? 97
4,760 IceFrogger1313 IceFrogger1313 97
4,761 Spanish Assault Spanish 97
4,762 l4mp00n3n l4mp00n3n HELP 97
4,763 SpudimusPrime89 SpudimusPrime89I'm gonna wreck it! 97
4,764 Bizarro13 Bizarro13 97
4,765 LLH20 LLH20All your base are belong to us 97
4,766 x Daniel Nash 7 x Daniel Nash 7Halo MCC 100% complete! All Xbox One games 100% complete! 97
4,767 Fuzzy Gray Wolf Fuzzy Gray Wolf3 days to go on Microsoft Solitaire Collection for the perfection achievement :D 97
4,768 catran catran 97
4,769 Saturn8 Saturn8SORRY need privacy setting on 97
4,770 Silviomaus SilviomausFrohe Weihnachten! 97
4,771 Kurt Cobain Kurt CobainThank god for easy 1,000 GS games! 97
4,772 MCSS Aerocoupe MCSS AerocoupeAt what point in Gears 2's development did Epic make a copy and start on Gears 3? This is horrible! 97
4,773 ImTheCrew ImTheCrew 97
4,775 burning vodka burning vodka 97
4,776 RubioDan RubioDanRight, I'm starting the Destiny grind :) Shout if you fancy Fireteaming it! 97
4,777 nightstorm56 nightstorm5608/30/2014 - 77,777 GS 97
4,778 Impaled Germ Impaled Germ 97
4,779 Seblirium Seblirium 97
4,780 The REAL LegacY The REAL LegacYNeed to get Orange Box and Halo 3 finished! 97
4,781 Mr Ramses Mr Ramsesman i need some more xbox buddies 97
4,782 Viva La Barker Viva La BarkerStruggling to find a good game to play 97
4,783 LimeGreenLegend 97
4,784 the sconnie the sconnie 97
4,785 xBTCx Corrupted xBTCx CorruptedLeisure Suit Larry is the MOST FRUSTRATING Game I've ever played... But I'm NOT going to let it beat me... I HOPE! 97
4,786 HeyNiceStoryBro HeyNiceStoryBroLooking for new friends that play Plants vs Zombies. My gt is TerrifiedCash61. 97
4,787 Jack Bandit 24 Jack Bandit 24Going Live in 10 min. Come check me out if you can 96
4,788 Paul Laserbeam Paul Laserbeamim buried in collectables 96
4,789 PrePaidGh0st PrePaidGh0stwhat to do, what to do 96
4,790 PeteOzzy PeteOzzy 96
4,791 Feend Returns Feend ReturnsJust realised all but one of the Far Cry's are not backwards compatible... collection on the horizon? 96
4,792 GenericCow GenericCowWorking on Final Fantasy XV, Rock Band, and Rare Replay. 96
4,793 HeldMagicman HeldMagicmanjust got a 12 month xbox live for $35.99 from xbox one dashboard.then trun off auto renew, so i don't get charged 59.99 next year. gg 96
4,794 LONGSTON LONGSTONI WAS the king of The Escapists!!! My reign is over!!!! 96
4,795 slacka99 slacka99 96
4,796 ToxiicXDucky831 ToxiicXDucky831I am Number One! 96
4,797 RickRocker RickRockerNo double XP, not gonna happen. 96
4,798 The5thCylon The5thCylonCome on MS, Nintendo put an actual game on disk in my WiiU. Why you gotta give me a code for my Xbone? 96
4,799 Brandon oh no Brandon oh noMagic Origins where are youuuuuu. I cant wait for the new game! 96
4,800 oinkbat oinkbatSteam has Final Fantasy VI, the game that started it for me, and made achievements for it. =D 96