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1,501 GsA UnReaLiZe GsA UnReaLiZeLG OLED55C9 382
1,502 snipore sniporeWork really gets in the way of gaming. Too bad it is what pays for all the fun games though. 382
1,503 Aruaka AruakaBATTLEFRONT II... 382
1,504 Chob Chob 382
1,505 TheOnlyMatto TheOnlyMattoWargroove update - Punishing game, forces strategic adjustments almost every round, S ranked all levels before 4-2 side mission. Loving the game still 381
1,506 Kez001 Kez001Shenmue - The Waiting Simulator 381
1,507 St Tony22 St Tony22Working on completing DOOM before it leaves Game Pass. 381
1,508 AirNath AirNath 381
1,509 TheIcemanCometh TheIcemanComethYeah, I'm a little dead inside now. laugh 381
1,510 memento007mori memento007mori 381
1,511 Fatman2008 Fatman2008Creating a boosting crew. If you want to complete as many games as possible hit me up on Xbox Live. 380
1,512 PHARREAL87 PHARREAL875 achievements left in Halo MCC 380
1,513 MARKY BO1 2k13 MARKY BO1 2k13 380
1,514 Jess Stryker Jess StrykerNote to self to play a game of Halo Reach (MCC) on the 14th. 379
1,515 salut allo salut alloI made a Battlefield 3 video for a friend! :P I tried to go with a tribute vibe, here's the link!: 379
1,516 ZM3 ZM3 379
1,517 gmurda33 gmurda33 378
1,518 Brooklyn Gin Brooklyn GinTime to wipe out my comp %. Bean dive begins! 378
1,519 Anthony Ajax Anthony AjaxMehhhh... TA community is not what it used to be... hard to come back =/ 378
1,520 TrueWickedone TrueWickedone 377
1,521 trollsbox trollsbox 377
1,522 Vanek VanekGoing to be doing a lot Achievement/Trophy Grinds, and try to hit my backlog hard soon. 377
1,523 Astariah AstariahWell looks like I'll be buying a ps5 instead 376
1,524 LRD SOTH LRD SOTH......... 376
1,525 BionicTriforce BionicTriforceHappy Wars, FF Comrades, FF 11, three discontinued MP games now 100% on my card. 376
1,526 Page Daemon Page DaemonWelcome to the Roaring '20s! 376
1,528 Chronic Killer Chronic KillerIm down to boost any achievement that i dont have that can be boosted in under an hour. 374
1,529 Loguns RAW Loguns RAW 374
1,530 TheIrishBeast TheIrishBeastHit my long term goal of 85% Completion now having a Summer of LEGO Games. 373
1,532 b00mt1ng b00mt1ngFinally got BFF’s on Gears 5.... joy! 373
1,533 shannon01 shannon01 373
1,534 SnipedByAGir1 SnipedByAGir11 Million GamerScore Milestone! Checkmate - Halo: The Master Chief Collection 372
1,535 TRU x JEDI TRU x JEDI 372
1,536 vzr326 vzr326 372
1,537 UK360 COMMANDO UK360 COMMANDOJust bagged my second ever Radley medal :) 372
1,538 Blazing Noble Blazing NobleI now have an XBOX1! My new gamer profile and tag is BlazingNobleKid. All friends add me on TA and X 372
1,539 DeeUU DeeUU 372
1,540 DeboGamez DeboGamez 372
1,541 Bootybandit1 Bootybandit13rd person on TA to 100% Vampyr and 1st in the UK 371
1,542 Benchem Benchemanyone looking for a partner to get to level 200 in Ryse? 371
1,543 TheOutlawOfOhio TheOutlawOfOhio 371
1,544 TigerDarkangel TigerDarkangelGOW 1: 7907/ 10.000; GOW 2: 7340/ 100.000; GOW 3: 10/ 65 ONYX MEDALS 371
1,545 DS I FuRY I DS I FuRY I 371
1,546 Hurricane Ham Hurricane HamI has fungal infection.. hit me up for that viral achievemnt 370
1,547 Spiderman Noire Spiderman NoireDoes anyone have Mudrunner? I want to do the MP in it as it is quite Thanks 370
1,548 misterman08 misterman081st in gamerscore in Michigan for Racing games 370
1,549 nightw0lf nightw0lf 370
1,550 Efford EffordI unlocked an achievement on 360.. it’s showing I have it unlocked an a time stamp, but the gamerscore didn’t sync.. anyone ever encounter this? 370
1,551 R3NEG4D3 R3NEG4D3 370
1,552 Hmizzz HmizzzSomeone please make a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game for Xbox. 370
1,553 EddieM1974 EddieM1974... 370
1,554 緑眼のイアン 緑眼のイアンBlack Lives Matter 370
1,555 Templar Punk Templar PunkMiss gaming & hanging with the TA fam. Happy holidays guys! 370
1,556 ZombieMaze ZombieMazeNo Man's Sky V2 looks interesting after two years of development. Any opinions that value a buy? 369
1,557 Eos Creon Eos CreonI thought TA, was suppose to send out reminders that we have upcoming sessions? I didn't get one, and missed a session. 369
1,558 darkling1542 darkling1542Call of duty classic is a genuinely bad game on veteran difficulty. Fight me 368
1,559 TiptopChrisy TiptopChrisyquick question. If I didn't like Destiny 1, will I like 2 ? And how heavily based is it on multiplay 368
1,560 el teby el tebyIf you’re a strict completionist, here’s some advice, DO NOT start gears pop. 368
1,561 DANgerous Mavu DANgerous Mavu 368
1,562 Snow Marley Snow Marley 368
1,563 Geo2911 xBBx Geo2911 xBBxLP2 1000 Ta Ratio from 1.93 to 1.97 368
1,564 III Torpedo III III Torpedo III>>> GNCGL 2.0 is back! <<< 367
1,565 NoApologies1988 NoApologies1988Cant you devs do anything right? 367
1,566 CarlosMaestre85 CarlosMaestre852020 - the backlog is even worse than in 2019 367
1,567 Zinn Gravey Zinn GraveyMerry Christmas! 367
1,568 Yinga Garten Yinga GartenYinga Garten's blog post - The Great Clean-Up List 366
1,569 RedBlinky RedBlinkyPso2 will be a pretty easy completion for an mmo all classes to level 30 may take a bit 366
1,570 Qwanimal QwanimalBean dive due to start soon? 366
1,571 MeticulousMight MeticulousMight 366
1,572 Wicked Jei Wicked Jei 366
1,573 Ellusion no Ellusion noAC4 Black Flag is a mess. 366
1,574 havocofsmeg havocofsmeg<----- They went thatta way 366
1,575 Dragonpwnsz DragonpwnszBe respectful and humble 366
1,576 Luuc Luuc 365
1,577 EverStoned77 EverStoned77WTF is going on with XBL, first all but 1 of my friends Gs went to zero, nice being no.1 but still hehe then shortly after 33 online dropped to 3...? 365
1,578 Desi Shinobi Desi Shinobi 365
1,579 TVippy TVippyPlaying on and off. Don't know if will be playing tomorrow or in 5 years. 365
1,580 DarkLord Zephyr DarkLord Zephyr 364
1,581 D3m0nF0rc3 D3m0nF0rc3Dont put DLC on sale, just keep delisting it so I get to keep my money. Thanks 364
1,582 PrimeBigTime PrimeBigTimeFallout 76 is actually getting pretty good. Just wish they would add more achievements! 364
1,583 RONSTER316 RONSTER316First, we got Shenmue 1&2 on modern consoles, now STREETS OF RAGE 4 is coming. WOO HOO. 364
1,584 Wardieshire Wardieshire 364
1,585 AG Bucky Barnes AG Bucky BarnesApocalypse Gaming - community for all gamers. Join the discussion & team up on our Discord server he 364
1,586 Arachnicide Arachnicide 364
1,587 Zukape ZukapeI can't stop laughing: 364
1,588 Darth Hawk CZ Darth Hawk CZGears 5 campaign and the open world is just... short, buggy and retarded. Big disappointment. 364
1,589 CausingJacob CausingJacob 363
1,590 Default DefaultProbably going to start Darwin Project. Most people say do it in Duos. Anyone want to join me? I'm not too bad at BR games. 363
1,591 Korrupted Kloud Korrupted KloudNeed to think about multiplayer games again 362
1,593 Se7enn Sins Se7enn SinsI’m done with MHWI for a bit. I can’t do 47 hours a day trying to get crowns to end up with nothing 362
1,594 ECOTz McChicken ECOTz McChickenNew Transformers film is so bad XD 362
1,595 Xonatron XonatronMy PS4 indie title: Score Rush Extended: TrueTrophies 362
1,596 Darth Sean85 Darth Sean85No longer on XBox, please add me over on PS4: Darth_Sean85 362
1,597 Slam Shot Sam Slam Shot Sam 361
1,598 x iKrueLTyyy x iKrueLTyyyGoing to start enjoying games again rather than going for achievements and streaks as a priority. 361
1,599 rob25X rob25X 361
1,600 Blood Inside Blood Inside"Control" is definitely my contender for game of the year. Long live the single player game! 361