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901 Chrisli128 Chrisli128 570
902 James Ratm James Ratm 570
903 Balnazzard BalnazzardFinally got "Go Get Some Sun" ach/10th prestige in WaW! Taking long break from MP achievement boosting. 570
904 KiN6TiM KiN6TiM 569
905 IKV91 IKV91I might actually buy Modern Warfare at launch. I haven't done that since Black Ops 1 in 2010 :0 568
906 Q u 4 lK e Q u 4 lK ePokemon GO is still so much fun. Don't @ me. 568
907 TheOtherBarber TheOtherBarberIf you're in a Session with me, leave me Feedback or you will get none. Thanks! 568
908 D Dingers D DingersNo longer my passion but still a bit of fun... 568
909 DisguisedMike DisguisedMikeIgnorance isn't Bliss 568
910 Honz Brix Honz BrixMaster Chief Collection: 541/600 568
911 DivineWind72 DivineWind72 567
912 BudgetBallin360 BudgetBallin360What's your best/most proudest gaming accomplishment of 2019, and what's your New Years' Gaming Resolution for 2020? 567
913 Skinstakovic SkinstakovicCan anyone help with either roblox or Defense Grid 2 mp achievements? 567
914 Julz D 01 Julz D 01 567
915 Groznia GrozniaMy depression is back just in time for the new year. I apologize for troubling everyone but I need time to myself and probably won't come back to TA 565
916 mossfan563 mossfan563Time to continue to chew through this backlog... 564
917 ADaughen ADaughen 563
918 S4LUT3t0LUN4CY S4LUT3t0LUN4CYEmpty milk, egg, and bread shelves due to a little snow, never seen such a thing lol 561
919 Hairy Cabbage Hairy CabbageAnyone have a fully unlocked rocket riot char list on 360 that can help me get a specific kill? 560
920 Paul Zap Paul ZapGot Black Ops 3 midnight release. Going to be playing it a lot over the weekend, especially going fo 559
921 Srfsmurf SrfsmurfHavn't unlocked an achievement for allmost two months.... 558
922 DuBear61 DuBear61 558
923 Jayngo JayngoAnd the Calendar Man Achievement is Complete!!! All Original Achievements for Arkham City Complete!! 558
924 Skoobasaurus Skoobasaurus 557
925 DunderMifflin83 DunderMifflin83Hi 557
926 Bistric Bistric 556
927 brent1221 brent1221Going to be posting 5 Inconceivable Horde runs over the course of the next 5 weeks. 553
928 FayMoon FayMoonSoon we'll have nothing left to defend and that means we have only one option: attack! 553
929 Achilles8249 Achilles8249 552
930 Silicon Iceman Silicon IcemanYay me! I'm 4th in the Xbox 360 Stealth Achievements Won Leaderboard for Florida. So... don't ever turn your back to me. 552
931 CM Trance CM TranceShould go back to achievement hunting... 552
932 PhoenixAndy PhoenixAndyNovember Boost Binge coming up! 552
933 JAGERMEISTER TX JAGERMEISTER TXI am officially retired from achievement hunting. I may still join a random session for shits and giggles but I am no longer focusing on achievements. 551
934 XBox Assassin83 XBox Assassin83Ugghhh 551
935 Hartland Hartland 550
936 x athiktos x x athiktos xPUBG completed. 550
937 NapalmNiko NapalmNikoSpartans never die 549
938 Terrin Terrin 547
939 Gerbasgamer Gerbasgamer 546
940 Or1g1nal S1nn3r Or1g1nal S1nn3r 546
941 M0NKEY R4NGER M0NKEY R4NGERHaven't had Live for months now :-( probably be even longer. 546
942 xLsWx xLsWxReally interesting rumours about the Series X atm. STEAM and Epic games playable via windows mode 545
943 Sneaky G Wizard Sneaky G WizardKill me now! 545
944 young tugboatz young tugboatzAnyone in the Midlands (UK) with WRC Powerslide that will let me come round and play? 545
945 Rockox Rockox 545
946 DxTrixterz DxTrixterz 544
947 redjarman redjarmanbutts 543
948 SilvrgunSuprman SilvrgunSuprmanKiller Instinct 2013 is still one of my all time favorite fighting games. Sad that KI2 might not happen. 543
949 Big sama Big samaI guess since our team didn't make I should play all the games I was saving. 543
950 igor5618 igor5618FTL in Gamepass. Fuck yeah. 542
951 Gamer USA X Gamer USA XNext goal - 100% Battlefield 1 542
952 Pris Pris 540
953 IM TOM JW IM TOM JWI just did the survey for my top 5 games of a decade... 540
954 Eddiestylz EddiestylzClean up, clean up! 540
955 ColdEagle86 ColdEagle86 540
956 oakdale7 oakdale7Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: last "Trooper" achievement didn't unlocked for all secondary weapons. Any 539
957 Que Lo Que xD Que Lo Que xDI'm back :D 539
958 Jerick85 Jerick85Too many good games to play! *first world problems* 539
959 The Wet Chef The Wet ChefBack in to Forza Horizon 4 i go lol 538
960 Lumberjay85 Lumberjay85Thanks, Minecraft, for forcing me to use my Xbox for the first time in over a year! Now that that's over, guess I'll se y'all next year. 538
961 Alchemist xPTKx Alchemist xPTKxPapa ilMaTic BUTCH3R just got me my MP achievements in Saints; Finally!! 537
962 Codsternation CodsternationIt's a strange world. Let's keep it that way. 537
963 Mo the Surfer Mo the SurferGNOMES RULE!!!!! 537
964 Humpyrton Humpyrton2018: 1,987 Achievements in 141 games, for a total of 111,331 TrueAchievement points (70,649 Gamerscore) 536
965 Mad Hectic Mad HecticGOW is life again! All hail 536
966 Hillenmeyer1 Hillenmeyer1i hope the creator of flappy goat spills ketchup and mustard all over their shirt today and it can't 536
967 atryeu1 atryeu1 Okay I guess considering I've only had high speed internet since June 2017? 536
968 SwordofWhedon SwordofWhedon 535
969 Fury87 Fury87 535
970 Kamera Kameravanderlyle crybaby geeks 535
971 ReAl ImPuLsE ReAl ImPuLsE 533
972 AlmightySparrow AlmightySparrow 533
973 Alessandro VIII Alessandro VIII 533
974 TriG3rHaWkz x1x TriG3rHaWkz x1x 533
975 wolfzero01 wolfzero01 533
976 Tomjeh Tomjeh 532
977 The Biodreamer The BiodreamerXbox Week: Time to wrap up the leftovers in Gears of War and hopefully find someone that are willing to help with the last part on Insanity. 532
978 LordMakanaki LordMakanakiKeep on, keepin' on! 530
979 Fear The People Fear The People 530
980 sanityends sanityendsHellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is one messed up game wow 530
981 Kedrix KedrixVisit for all of your BC needs. 530
982 Tandar1 Tandar1Time to just play some fun stuff for a bit! 529
983 ChaosAlert ChaosAlertI seldom give commendations, but if you have XBGP, I highly implore you to give Hollow Knight a chance. It's a diamond in the rough of platformers. 529
984 Jedi Pirate Oni Jedi Pirate OniCan anyone help me with MS Mahjong July 12th daily? I can't do the golden tiles, it's the only one o 528
985 DaKenster DaKenster 527
986 Lost Legends Lost LegendsI really wish TA would stop resetting my desktop mode settings 526
987 techie76 techie76Wow !!! The new achievement for gems of war seems fun...not... let the grind begin... 526
988 JoeInsidious JoeInsidiousIt's been a while. How is everyone? 526
989 tuhin94 tuhin94 525
990 B8TINGU B8TINGUNo longer chasing games played and finally decided the physical collection has to go. 523
991 James12183 James12183 523
992 Negan Beta Negan Beta 523
993 Shred Asics 13 Shred Asics 13Might be time to head back down to Rapture. 523
994 Freamwhole FreamwholeI love seeing my contest ideas come to fruition. The TA Dev Staff is awesome at converting these into fun community events. 522
995 stebeer85 stebeer85Xbox & Strongbow , Enough Said!!! 522
996 SDREW44 SDREW44Rest in Peace Celtic Force! cry 521
997 ARMaximus ARMaximusWell done Portugal, Euro 2016 winners!!! 521
998 drownedLTspeirs drownedLTspeirsI really need to game more 521
999 In Gyi Yoon In Gyi Yoonmind gone 521
1,000 aintezbeinweezy aintezbeinweezy 521