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901 Quemandante Quemandante 672
902 Darklord1899 Darklord1899Heart of our time. 672
903 Tropan TropanComplete any games recently? Go do that. 671
904 Pedle Zelnip Pedle ZelnipCruz Brothers -- DONE! Defs not a great game, but honestly not a terrible fighting game. Super easy completion too. 671
905 TreysForDayys TreysForDayys 671
906 Einhander EinhanderShall Rise Again 668
908 CoMaestro CoMaestroYAY just bought the Xbox One. Some guy sold it with 7 games that I hate. But hey, two controllers :D 667
909 Nameless Saint Nameless SaintAnyone have the Battlefield Hardline (Xbox 360) Robbery DLC and has time to help out with Win 10 Squad Heist matches achievement? 666
911 Sniff this unit Sniff this unit 665
912 TriRock TriRockMinecraft Dungeons keeps getting worse with every new DLC. 663
913 SupraDriver SupraDriversmile clap 663
914 mossfan563 mossfan563Hot Wheels Unleashed is one of the most frustrating racing games I've played in a long time. The worst part are those stupid spiders. 662
915 Mince Pie 77 Mince Pie 77After 1188 days, it had to end... So long my friend, it was annoyingly addictive while it lasted. 662
916 Hooded Claw 006 Hooded Claw 006Seriously 5.0 Part 2 is mine 06/08/21 659
917 StoodBridge StoodBridgeTime to get active again, sorry for being inactive people =D 659
918 Clutch Rino Clutch RinoCan anyone help out with the mercenaires online achievements? 658
919 Hanshi McD Hanshi McDGot a SMITE beta code if anyones interested, PM me. 657
920 DeadGreg84 DeadGreg84Insta: greg_abandoned 657
921 SSSteinMan SSSteinMan 656
922 CHERRY CHEERIOS CHERRY CHEERIOSThird attempt at purchasing the proper disc for Dead Space 2 (DE) double stack seems to be a success! 656
923 Bytyqi Bytyqi#WarIsHell 655
924 DeviSlator DeviSlator 655
925 Gizmo2k Gizmo2k 653
926 mzivtins mzivtinsIts taken 1000g to go up 1% on my completion percentage :S fffaaakkkk 652
927 SK Diabolic SK Diabolic 652
928 Snow Brigade Snow Brigade 652
929 SabenRothschild SabenRothschildOnly 4 more non-back compatible games and I can retire the 360 for good... 651
930 mosin360 mosin360Avengers, Cyperpunk, and the new Xbox; lets just get these things and close out this awful year. 651
931 crowbo 360 crowbo 360To GTASC or not to GTASC, that is the question. 651
932 lXl Will lXl lXl Will lXlIs there anyone else out there grinding achievements in Sea of Thieves? If so hit me up. 35/40/50 now 651
933 M0NTE FUEG0 M0NTE FUEG0Many games leaving GamePass I didn't get a chance to start AI and Going Under .. THEN news that Overwatch servers shutting down .. DEATHMARCH AWAITS 650
934 Venom Weapon X6 Venom Weapon X6 650
935 Skinstakovic SkinstakovicThe Halo Infinite servers are so bad, who quality tested these things?!? 649
937 BDSLiVe BDSLiVe 648
938 Honeycut1 Honeycut1Would anyone like to work on Halo 5 co-op? 647
939 Drop Kick Zero Drop Kick Zero 647
940 MilitantCactus MilitantCactus 647
941 Wick N Morty Wick N MortyWanting to clean up 360 MP achievements, look thru my game/boost list if interested 646
942 AngryManGamer AngryManGamerAnyone want to help me do Overcooked? Having trouble on my own with the controls 646
943 HappyCampersII HappyCampersIIOMG EndWar is backward compatible! Time to open up servers! 646
944 N18p73pwn3r N18p73pwn3rWell, no more walkthroughs from me here. Therefore, I accept the decision from TA to decline any future requests for writing one... xD 645
945 porschephiliac porschephiliac 645
946 The Nerevarine The Nerevarine 644
947 DunderMifflin83 DunderMifflin83Currently repurchasing all the games I used to have. Don't know what to call this phase I'm going through. 644
948 Ms Dudette Ms Dudettefun fun fun 641
949 Onsidic OnsidicTA should do an article on how last years black friday sale items were actually cheaper around this time of year. Same probaby applies right now 640
950 AbyssalOrc33 AbyssalOrc33 640
951 SquiSquiSquidio SquiSquiSquidioCheck out my Patreon for my graphic novel 639
952 Dark Rocky X Dark Rocky XSpyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy is coming to Xbox as well! 636
953 mik29 mik29 636
954 BabyishDuck BabyishDuck 636
955 James12183 James12183 636
956 triplepow triplepowJedi Fallen order. Just started but looks and plays very nicely. Map a little hard to use and fast travel in other games has made me lazy! 636
957 GRWR GRWRNZ son 634
958 CovetousCash64 CovetousCash64 634
959 ddgv ddgvI can walk again. Someday I'll wok again. 634
960 Silvery Death Silvery Death (My Youtube Channel) 633
961 Im Sander Cohen Im Sander CohenLoving Back 4 Blood so far, reminds me of left 4 dead. Anyone want to play? 633
962 NumptyDrizzt NumptyDrizztBaldurs Gate 1 and 2 on their way........... awesome 632
963 Za Pantsupati Za Pantsupati 631
964 NastyMastaDaddy NastyMastaDaddyXbox giveaway for Radon Blast 630
965 MaxForce357 MaxForce357Twitter: @MaxForce357 630
966 Nave Sutlef Nave Sutlef 630
967 GAMERJET XBL GAMERJET XBLBack online on X360 and new power supply saved X1. Let's play some Xbox!!! 629
968 sbg0924 sbg0924 629
969 SilvrgunSuprman SilvrgunSuprman 628
970 Kerman7 Kerman7Did COD4's Mile High Club 13 years ago, am I too old to get Titanfall2's Becomes The Master now? 627
971 mfeforever mfeforever 625
972 Obsidian Rocker Obsidian RockerI swear, I could quit smoking if it wasn't for multiplayer games. That shit is far too stressful 625
973 Silicon Iceman Silicon IcemanI’m taking a break from Xbox for a bit to catch up on my PS4 backlog. Send me a friend request (Mknzy-Calhoun) if you’re on. 624
974 JasPrice JasPriceGears of War Forever 624
975 Wiznyatt WiznyattXbox 360 completions are my top priority. 622
976 HuwCW87 HuwCW87Finished comrades in time :-) 622
977 VictimOfDesire VictimOfDesire 621
978 Kyuubi Alpha Kyuubi AlphaMy Hero Academia Two Hero's will it be a worthy second film m in the series or not? 621
979 OhhJustBQ OhhJustBQEmbracer group to buy 3 Square Enix studios and over 50 IPs for just $300 million 621
980 Archer Rival Archer RivalLet's see if I can get a few games completed this week. 621
981 In Gyi Yoon In Gyi YoonSadly lost my Xbox acc, so i decided to start from the bottom on PS : 621
982 LSDintensity LSDintensity 621
983 boldyno1 boldyno1Xbox series x preorderded 619
984 Zedymieon77 Zedymieon77 619
985 kipfizh kipfizhA Plague Tale, Artful Escape and Lost Words all announced to be leaving Game Pass. Bean dived them all. Refocus time! 618
986 Thief44 Thief44 617
987 PhoenixAndy PhoenixAndyTrying to finish 360 Halos before the servers go down. 617
988 Pixel Smash 93 Pixel Smash 93GTA V for next gen okay time to buy an Xbox one. 617
989 nelis99 nelis99 617
990 DeliriousDrew DeliriousDrew 616
991 Igneus DarkSide Igneus DarkSideProud to be in the 1M TA "squad" 616
992 D Dingers D Dingers 616
993 RapidColt713492 RapidColt713492kinkydethstroke = force change after 4 yrs - Seeking players for Dark Souls, Diablo 3. 615
994 l BlackBrian7 l l BlackBrian7 lBeen playing Portal 2 again for fun over the past few days. The jokes are just top notch. Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmons are hilarious. And GLaDOS! 614
995 Pris Pris 614
996 Ryuukishi634 Ryuukishi634I was going to finish Somnium Files, but I decided to start a new Mass Effect character instead and play the trilogy for the 30th time 614
997 Cheesy Skidmark Cheesy SkidmarkWhat's the sketch? 614
998 theman72HG theman72HG#ProjectScarlett launching 2020 so ready for next gen 614
999 Vansah Vansah 614
1,000 TheBongoFury TheBongoFury600K. Up next! 613