TrueAchievements Staff List

Gamer Score Logged In Position
Dang3R Gaming Dang3R Gaming 1,125,714
On site
ChewieOnIce ChewieOnIceSo because of having to quit the game in the credits I have to replay the entire last episode of Telltale Batman 2 just to get the last achievement 617,339
On site
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Clever Jake Clever JakeThe incredibly illusive Cats vs Dino's mode on PvZ 2 is available later today for a week, get the 2 related achievements whilst you can. 460,482
HitmanOllie HitmanOllie 27,168
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TrueAchievement TrueAchievementusing TA Difference is definitely making GTASC more interesting this year 334,630
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WebChimp UK WebChimp UKTwelve 5GS achievements sorted 523,631
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Beanpotter Beanpotter[dive] Do it! Do it now! [dive] 949,948
ChinDocta ChinDoctaEpisode 53 of the RGS podcast is out now. We announce our new host the only way we know how, we force them to sing a song. 1,184,512
DaveKinetic DaveKinetic 574,247
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dropK1CK ninJA dropK1CK ninJAThe space for rent. 545,515
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kintaris kintarisReally not getting to play much at the moment, I am soooo busy. 279,997
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Shadow Kisuragi Shadow KisuragiFinally finished with all of the UWP titles for Windows Phone. 17 total titles left. 533,056
alanp9 alanp9*Buys fancy new powerful laptop* “Ok now, what should I play?” *starts Mahjong* 1,074,874
BulletLukey BulletLukey 328,015
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Dat Boi Treezy Dat Boi TreezyRight guys, it's been a very long time coming as this year's been really slow on the GS front, but the time has come for the last 1000GS to 300K!!! 590,389
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Elite1111111111 Elite1111111111Should be good for the GTASC bonus. 699,265
Graymouse 1 Graymouse 1Have a safe and happy New Year! 72,452
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JamP0und32 JamP0und32 785,561
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Koding KodingAll showcases in Forza Motorsport 6 to finish up the Volumes now. Not more than 1,000 races or so I think [smile] Actually, it's about 160. 855,234
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Large Coffee Large Coffee 340,304
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ManicMetalhead ManicMetalheadGTASC and Bean Dive all in one week?! [dive] 431,203
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N0T PENNYS B0AT N0T PENNYS B0ATI've made a website. Come say hi: 441,303
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NicoleRenee00 NicoleRenee00 179,537
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omgeezus omgeezuswhy does that Gears POP! game look so tempting! [laugh] 709,479
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planting42 planting42#GTASC Team Bonus: Twice the TA - End the scoring period with at least double the TA score earned during the previous period 1,282,367
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RadicalSniper99 RadicalSniper99I see more and more people finishing their dives as I still contemplate how much further to go. Lots still in reserves 1,077,671
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Reborn Insanity Reborn InsanityThe decay hits a lot harder in this year's GTASC that's for sure. 301,671
Shh I am Batman Shh I am BatmanHalf million down, half million to go. 737,221
Wyyvern Wyyvern - Have this at the ready for E3 486,956
BulbAssured BulbAssured 153
Canezza Canezza 11,607
HolyHalfDead HolyHalfDead 458,552
Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 865,438
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Judge JudgeI own the TrueAchievement clan on Gears POP...join and message me! 399,783
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KasugaSama KasugaSamaHaven't got a 100% in 4years. Should probably change that :^) 116,578
Kung Fu Riki Kung Fu Riki 201,224
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LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyGot 75% through a Mein Leben run after a few practice runs. Died in a totally dumb/easy spot bc I was careless in New Orleans' 3rd mission. 1,081,614
MichalKV MichalKVBig Game Cleanup of 2019 234,227
Mikhail Krauser Mikhail Please Follow! Check out my Blogs on TA! 1,390,132
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Mystic Typh00n Mystic Typh00nI sincerely apologize to those that will be stuck with me during GTASC... 403,379
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Nighthawk205 Nighthawk205You guys know ? Meanest streamer on Mixer 305,924
Nomstuff Nomstuff[dive] 627,391
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Noodles Jr Noodles JrShooting for 78k TA score in the GTASC team competition for the bonus this week. It's rough. 749,442
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Piston Toyota Piston Toyota 772,294
Proscaline ProscalineGTASC anyone? We will probably drop out early 685,044
Senior Chupon Senior ChuponI can't play anything right now except disc games wtf 441,859
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SoupaBuoy SoupaBuoyCatching up with myself on my TA goal this week. 351,084
SuperAwesomez SuperAwesomez 397,763
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UnsungGhost UnsungGhostFinished making a game for an game jam. We could use some votes and comments! 617,633
Vitiated1 Vitiated1Can't progress in Rise of the Tomb Raider anymore. Between this and the day I had on Ghostbusters I don't think Xbox is for me much longer 1,220,840
x D00G x x D00G x 706,626
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XxFrAsZeRxX XxFrAsZeRxX 829,405
Yinga Garten Yinga Garten 1,430,485
Anxsighety 1,182,001
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Facial La Fleur Facial La FleurUninstalled every game I hadn't already started. That ought to make it easier to decide what to play and keep me on track toward 85%. 999,146
Freamwhole FreamwholeI love seeing my contest ideas come to fruition. The TA Dev Staff is awesome at converting these into fun community events. 479,873
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Slayer Reigning Slayer Reigning2019 Completion #122| 1,150,241
tuhin94 tuhin94Continuing to miss the old days and ways when games were products and not services. Wish Game Pass had come around last decade. 428,744
ClownTastic ClownTasticDarkest Dungeon, still such a good game! 685,610
drabik drabikMerry Christmas, from your favourite turtle. 332,810
jacky rooster jacky roosterBeen a big break for me on xbox, since I started in 2007! Will be back soon :) 857,531
TA Site Help TA Site HelpTesting ?? ?? 41
Atsuma Karin Atsuma KarinInternet seems mostly fixed so will hopefully play some Xbox again soon! [toast] Hope you've had a great year so far! 265,336