TrueAchievements Staff List

Gamer Score Logged In Position
Beanpotter BeanpotterGod Of War completed. Wow, what a game. 820,638
On site
DaveKinetic DaveKineticTo start Clicker Heroes or not? That is the question. 532,794
On site
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Chob ChobHere's to all the girl gamers (Lifts beer) 183,770
On site
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Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 654,707
On site
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KBop a doo KBop a doo 296,371
On site
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SuperAwesomez SuperAwesomezVideo games and work woop woop. 299,550
On site
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ClownTastic ClownTasticOverslept and missed my boosting session [facepalm]. 572,685
On site
Clever Jake Clever JakeFar Cry 5 is a great game, best SP I've played in ages, but the Arcade MP stuff is awful. 429,122
dropK1CK ninJA dropK1CK ninJAGo Team! 507,100
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HitmanOllie HitmanOllie 11,503
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TrueAchievement TrueAchievementPleased to see lots of people enjoying Far Cry 5 311,380
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WebChimp UK WebChimp UKTwelve 5GS achievements sorted 487,138
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BulletLukey BulletLukey 253,403
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ChinDocta ChinDoctaAaaah, got to Loop 1 Nemesis and died like a chump 803,831
Dang3R Gaming Dang3R Gaming 952,739
punkyliar punkyliar 142,230
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Shadow Kisuragi Shadow Kisuragi - Back to 5-E in less than a day. Let's see if I can do this in a week. 497,434
AL1 AL1Looks like I'm restarting Lego Marvel 2. Mission either won't get past loading screen or game crashes. 653,323
alanp9 alanp9IDEA: a sequel to Dying Light, set on a tropical island. 910,108
Allgorhythm Allgorhythm“Waiting is a skill like anything else.” Jack Reacher 242,573
CriticalRespawn CriticalRespawnIf anyone in the UK has a CeX account, their website has been hacked and upto 2 million customer acc 107,741
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Dat Boi Treezy Dat Boi TreezyFinally completed Rayman Jungle Run (WP) and the last achievement is yet to sync -_- 546,822
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DementedSquire7 DementedSquire7219 to go! slowly but surely making progress! 458,687
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Elite1111111111 Elite1111111111A couple games in my backlog with virals. Might have to hit my completion percentage a bit and go for them. 560,550
Graymouse 1 Graymouse 1 71,702
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IRISH PATRIOT x IRISH PATRIOT xWe're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all. 461,826
JamP0und32 JamP0und32 727,994
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Koding KodingI have made *so* many iron golems in Minecraft (Windows 10) and I still can't get the cheevo to pop!!! 727,554
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Large Coffee Large Coffee 313,688
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ManicMetalhead ManicMetalheadThree achievements from Bridge Constructor just popped on my Xbox from when I played it quickly back in 2017. They’ve taken nearly a year to appear! 252,758
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omgeezus omgeezusFirst day at my new job tomorrow - on to the next adventure! 587,833
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planting42 planting42So Xbox LIVE is having issues. I can't get online and I'm seeing various reports of it being down. 1,081,932
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RadicalSniper99 RadicalSniper99The month of Witness being GWG is over. The WT already has more than double the thanks than any other I've written. So appreciative of the support! 790,450
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Reborn Insanity Reborn InsanityA delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. - Shigeru Miyamoto 231,182
Shh I am Batman Shh I am BatmanFinally threw down a 15k GS month. And that was while not playing my Xbox for 2 weeks. What is life 588,207
Wyyvern WyyvernFinally got my gamerscore back to ending in a 5/0 [smile] 366,233
Yin Yin 940,390
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BruceWayne1008 BruceWayne1008How the hell did people breeze through Far Cry 5? Ya'll are goals. 186,162
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BulgyDragonZord BulgyDragonZordBoosting Priorites: WWE 2K17 (XBox One) & Nappy Wars (XBox 360) & Possibly More 439,578
ChewieOnIce ChewieOnIceIf your game is less than stable don't ask players to complete it in one sitting... 436,529
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CognitiveCaveat CognitiveCaveatFinished Blackwood Crossing. 22/22 achievements 1000/1000 GS. Pretty decent game. Good graphics, good story. Depressing as hell. Strange. 9 out of 10. 435,634
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DamnSilly DamnSilly 704,315
El Sparton El SpartonForever trying to 100% games 124,306
Eurydace Eurydace 462,568
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gmurda33 gmurda33 425,541
HolyHalfDead HolyHalfDead is FREE until 28th May 2018 393,569
IDarK VorteXX IDarK VorteXXAttention all Youtubers, Streamers and other media coverer's. If you want a review copy for 'The Voi 606,641
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kintaris kintarisIf you're a cross-platformer like me, come and say hi on #TrueTrophies! I will be news-ing there at 243,682
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Kung Fu Riki Kung Fu Riki 192,285
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LAS7 WeemaN LAS7 WeemaN 516,270
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Lexual LexualI told myself I wasn't going to dive this year... but... maybe... 293,630
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LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyLooks like I'm getting a new Mercedes SLC 43 in July. I found out 2019 is the last model year they are ending the SLK/SLC line. 1,046,245
Luc1d Dreaming Luc1d DreamingGlad to see my Destiny 2 ghost will be as brave and enthusiastic as ever :) 346,698
Marc Pilkington Marc PilkingtonIf you were to Google "Mass Effect" right now, my recent Op-Ed would be the first thing to come up. 281,753
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MegsonGrove MegsonGroveWhen you miss an achievement on a game that has no chapter select....grrrrr..... 409,848
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MichalKV MichalKV 147,438
Mikhail Krauser Mikhail KrauserTop 10 in Canada for Survival Horror. 1,016,067
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MotivationalOrb 214,587
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MrMFizzMean MrMFizzMeanMessage me if you are interested in boosting Bad Company! 319,372
Mystic Typh00n Mystic Typh00nWith myself having MLB the Show, I see no reason to grab Super Mega Baseball 2. I mean.... achievements, but that's really it. 396,087
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Nexus Grunt Nexus GruntWhen you plan out your gaming year ... only to break your wrist two days later and can't use a contr 140,030
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Nighthawk205 Nighthawk205 233,840
Nitoriism NitoriismNote to self: stop playing free MMO’s 125,631
Nomstuff NomstuffNomstuff won 104 Achievements in 14 games, for a total of 3,712 TrueAchievement points (2,195 Gamers 512,169
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OkayEA OkayEAHellblade is easily worth the $35 asking price imo. Hope people can see past the length of the game 157,645
Piston Toyota Piston ToyotaJust counted, and I have 81 games on my tag that aren't completed. That's WAY too many, need to clean up. 665,206
Proscaline ProscalineWill pay someone for a makeshift kinect adapater: 611,007
Senior Chupon Senior ChuponXbox 1 wireless controller stopped syncing on windows 10 for me, anyone have this happen? 388,670
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SkydivingFalcon SkydivingFalconFriday will be my first gaming session in a year and a half. I have missed making and joining sessio 240,515
SoupaBuoy SoupaBuoyAnyone want to boost the Free Roam stuff on Forza Horizon in the next two weeks? 255,722
UnsungGhost UnsungGhostNow if we only had an .svg for the TA symbol.... 611,419
Vitiated1 Vitiated1The horrible driving sections in Warfighter on Hardcore are the most obnoxious I've ever played. Absolute ass. 958,333
Weazleylouise Weazleylouise[dive] 88% recovered! Just over 100 achievements needed to go! 98,774
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x D00G x x D00G x 499,886
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XBOXDragonEddie XBOXDragonEddieWorking through SP:FbW 184,679
IllegallySam IllegallySamLooks like I've got my missing gamerscore back. Hopefully it stays that way. 617,859
ITS ALivEx ITS ALivExStomach virus hit the house this past week, my mind was so scrambled I forgot all about my streak. 119,175
spankyNspronkle spankyNspronkleFinishing up my last races in MX vs. ATV: Alive tonight! 518,367
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drabik drabikMerry Christmas, from your favourite turtle. 327,968
jacky rooster jacky rooster5 achievements to go. 779,398
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TA Site Help TA Site HelpTesting ?? ?? 41
misfit119 misfit119Some games are running so fast on the X it's not even funny. Even Lies of Astaroth. 788,084
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Skeptical Mario Skeptical MarioAlmost done with Borderlands 2... it's a great game but I just want to get it over with. 321,686
Zonrith1 Zonrith1Mad Max isn't a terrible game... but it isn't great, either. 561,675
New Paralyzer New ParalyzerA lot of games keep missing their Xbox One Release Window. Meanwhile the PS4 versions are never affected... Has nobody else noticed this? 830,853
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ParticleDuality ParticleDualityNever thought I’d say this, but please stop putting out rogue-lites for like a month. 361,308
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RennsReviews RennsReviewsGot my fatebringer, mythoclast, and confluence. Still no praetorian foil or corrective measure... 894,670
SporkSan SporkSanBlargh! 472,072
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THEpaynexkiller THEpaynexkillerSTILL HOMELESS! Using my sisters Xbox when she heads to bed. Everything’s still in storage. :( 516,641
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