DUBBLEUP's Trophy Case

Game Item TA GS Ratio
Boom Boom Rocket Boom Boom Rocket Sore Thumb Award Sore Thumb AwardSuccessfully complete 5 laps in an endurance game on Hard. 195 (30) 6.51
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare The Third Horseman The Third HorsemanComplete 'Heat' and 'The Sins of the Father' on Veteran difficulty 70 (40) 1.75
Fracture Fracture Complete Act 3 on Hardcore Complete Act 3 on HardcoreYou have completed Act 3 on Hardcore. 131 (30) 4.37
Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar Hero: World Tour Hall of Famer Hall of FamerYou completed Career on expert 300 (100) 3.00
Blue Dragon Blue Dragon 43 of 43 Achievements won 2,683 (1,000) 2.68
Enchanted Arms Enchanted Arms 25 of 25 Achievements won 1,408 (1,000) 1.41
DJ Hero DJ Hero Legendary Status Legendary StatusEarn 5 stars in every mix on hard difficulty or above. 523 (80) 6.54
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Sacred 2: Fallen Angel 48 of 48 Achievements won 2,248 (1,000) 2.25
Afro Samurai Afro Samurai Completionist CompletionistComplete the game on both difficulties. 687 (200) 3.43
Mutant Storm Reloaded Mutant Storm Reloaded Black Belt Black BeltGet the difficulty to Black Belt 112 (30) 3.74
WET WET Blood, Sweat and Tears Blood, Sweat and TearsFinish Story Mode on Femme Fatale (Ultra Hard) difficulty. 268 (60) 4.46
Viking: Battle For Asgard Viking: Battle For Asgard Viking Conqueror Hard Viking Conqueror HardCompleted Viking on the hard difficulty setting 125 (60) 2.08
Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception TCAF Pilot's Commendation TCAF Pilot's CommendationAwarded to the greatest pilots in the TCAF. 389 (100) 3.89
Steredenn Steredenn They're everywhere They're everywhereDestroy a Carrier boss. (Secret) 209 (50) 4.18
Kinect Sports Kinect Sports Golden Gloves Golden GlovesScored 100 or more in the Super Saver Football mini-game 81 (25) 3.26
Raiden V Raiden V 80,000,000 Points 80,000,000 PointsGot a score of 80,000,000 points or more! 113 (30) 3.77
Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax Napalm Death Napalm DeathBeat the campaign using only flamethrower as the primary weapon 335 (80) 4.18
Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XV 50 of 50 Achievements won 1,691 (1,000) 1.69
Penarium Penarium Dramatic conclusion.. Dramatic conclusion..You have completed the third arena in campaign mode. (Secret) 146 (80) 1.82
Neverwinter Neverwinter Legendary Hero Legendary HeroYou have reached level 70 and have become a Legendary Hero! Great deeds await. 36 (10) 3.59
Lies of Astaroth Lies of Astaroth Richer than a King Richer than a KingCongratulations, you have unlocked the achievement "Richer than a King". 100 (25) 3.99
Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII Instrument of Change Instrument of ChangeWitnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend. (Secret) 174 (95) 1.83
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Destiny Dominated Destiny DominatedYou have won the game on Hard difficulty. (Secret) 294 (100) 2.94
Steep Steep No more secrets No more secretsFind 110 Drop zones, 115 challenges and 149 Point of Interest in Alps 739 (100) 7.39