The Ultimate Head to Head Contest 2

The Ultimate Head to Head Contest 2

Welcome to the TrueAchievements Ultimate Head to Head Contest 2!

Each week, competitors are drawn against a random opponent and a shared target list of 20 achievements is generated based on the games they have both played.

The winner is the person that earns the most from the list before the end of the period. During the three week group stage, each achievement won is worth one point and the winner of the round earns a 10 point bonus.

The top 512 gamers based on points won in the group stage then go through to the knockout stage, where the loser of each round is eliminated.

This continues every week until we crown a single person the Ultimate Head to Head winner!

To find out more about the event, please read the The Ultimate Head to Head Contest 2 Event FAQ.

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Period 1
935 match ups
Period 2
935 match ups
Period 3
935 match ups
Period 4
256 match ups
Period 5
128 match ups
Period 6
64 match ups
Period 7
32 match ups
Period 8
16 match ups
Period 9
8 match ups
Period 10
4 match ups
Period 11
2 match ups
Period 12
1 match ups
Ultimate Head to Head 2

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