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Clear 25 survival quests in one game

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Sweet RvngSweet Rvng300,593
14 Jun 2016 18 Mar 2017
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Please comment if something isn't right, I would love to fix whatever is wrong.

This is the guide I used to complete this on the 360.

Some notes:
The mutators to not starve CAN be on to get all achievements in this game.
Unlike the 360, a gamer has said that dying CAN reset your progress, so use mutators to help just to be safe!
The Inventory mutator wasn't available for my playthrough, but a user has said creating a new save will bring it back.

Throughout your playthrough, challenges pop up in the corner with a countdown. Completing 25 of these in a game will unlock you the achievement! Challenges will most likely repeat, and repeated challenges will count towards the total.

A list of the challenges has been made by Steam user Vic=HKC= and can be found here:

If you have access to a laptop/tablet/etc., go to the page above and then CTRL + F to quickly navigate the quests by name. This will really help out for ones that need you to go to a certain area (taking a shower, making the water course deadly, etc.) with little time for looking around.
TangerineGamerHad an annoying glitch that didn't allow me to eat anything, so those quests were out of the window. Basically got this from being a goat, visiting silent hill and riding a rocket multiple times
Did all the crafting in the same session as this and finally finished in day 48 lol
Posted by TangerineGamer on 17 Jun 16 at 10:57
Sweet RvngYeah, mine glitched out too. I exploded out of the goat sim sim area using magician fireballs, and it registered me as still being in there for a good 20-30 minutes being unable to walk/move. This seems to be a very sloppy transfer to next gen...
Posted by Sweet Rvng on 17 Jun 16 at 11:24
PLANET13I got to 24 and the game crashed. Good times.
Posted by PLANET13 on 17 Jun 16 at 11:35
TangerineGamerI had the thing where I would craft something and re-spawn at the coffin a couple of times, then whenever I pressed cn_Y I would get the crafting blueprint up - not the best when trying to use anti-gravity and can't see anything
One time I crafted and there was a make-shift BSOD which worried me as I was almost done with all items but it sorted itself thank god
Posted by TangerineGamer on 17 Jun 16 at 12:14
Mr GrenedaNot work by me with dying. I think they patched this on X1.
Posted by Mr Greneda on 19 Jun 16 at 14:24
Sweet RvngReally? That could be why so many have down-voted. If anyone else can confirm that dying resets the count, I will change it in the solution
Posted by Sweet Rvng on 19 Jun 16 at 14:28
Mr GrenedaYes with dying i complet 27 Quests but no archievement. I dont give you a downvote. Let they people do i think they need this shock. They give you downvotes but make not a guide self. I hate so things. I have write 4 or 5 guides to this game and become also downvotes for so stupid things shock
So thx for the time what you sacrificed to help peoples.
Sry for my Englishfacepalm
Posted by Mr Greneda on 19 Jun 16 at 22:27
reforc3I think the downvotes comes because you send them to another site to see the "guide" of the missions.

If they wanted from the beginning, they could Googled it instead of going to this page for the "guide link" of the Achievement in other page.

And BTW.

Mutator for No Hungry and No Damage do not prevent to get the achievement.
But nothing saves you from a game crash, however. (happened to me twice, jumping from the roof of the mall into the parking lot i got stuck on the ground, and then the game crashed before i could respawn).
Posted by reforc3 on 24 Jun 16 at 02:43
ClockWrkPhantomInventory mutator is available if dosent show up make a new save.
Posted by ClockWrkPhantom on 25 Jun 16 at 02:03
motter@reforc3: I had three game crashes already ...
Posted by motter on 31 Jul 16 at 20:58
PrimeBigTimeYou should state the name of the mutators
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 18 Dec 16 at 08:56
HanxHow do you make a new save? You don't lose your mutators do you?
Posted by Hanx on 03 Jan 17 at 15:49
PinskiI reposted this over at TSA. Whenever you post your own solution, I will be happy to delete mine:

Thanks for your help.
Posted by Pinski on 04 Jan 17 at 10:27
Sweet Rvng@Pinski No problem, keep them up. The guides on Steam were actually what I used to find out how to do a lot of Goat Sim since I played it first on PC.

@Hanx IIRC, you just have to choose restart instead of respawn. You should also never lose any mutators you unlock.
Posted by Sweet Rvng on 04 Jan 17 at 18:35
PunzleyHey guys, I'm having some serious issues with this one. Spitting zombies just won't spawn into the game at all, I've paused time and checked the entire map. Also when I do any quest that requires money, the game doesn't seem to register that I'm carrying it. I know these games can be buggy but this seems awful even by Goat Sim's standards. Doing 25 quests without any of those popping up, or any items glitching out seems impossible at this point. Any advice/similar stories?

I think I may uninstall and re-install just to see if that does anything...
Posted by Punzley on 05 Jan 17 at 18:55
Sweet RvngPetey: My advice with that would to be clear some of the normal zombies out for new spawns to come in. I've only ever had problems with the elephant zombies spawning when I needed them.
Posted by Sweet Rvng on 05 Jan 17 at 22:09
PinskiPetey: I never once saw spitting zombies on either of my playthroughs on the One or 360. I honestly don't think they are in the console version but I did see them on PC. I also could never seem to get the money to work either. You don't have to do 25 quests in a row, just 25 quests in one game. If either of those come up, just wait for time to tick down and do the next quest.

I also seemed to notice that the quests weren't completely random. Every time I started a new game it seemed like I would get the same sets of quests repeatedly or ones I never saw before. If you are getting a lot of spitter and money quests and you haven't completed too many quests yet, maybe start a new game.
Posted by Pinski on 06 Jan 17 at 02:09
PunzleyGuys, thanks for the great advice. I misinterpreted the description and honestly thought each quest had to be done in a row without failing any, what an idiot! laugh

This achievement's in the bag now, I'm just gonna let time run out if I get any spitter/time related quests. Thanks again!
Posted by Punzley on 06 Jan 17 at 15:32
The SharkopathMay want to add the note that only the quests that pop up in the corner count and that repeating quest count as well.
Posted by The Sharkopath on 18 Mar 17 at 04:42
Eric From CaliI'm having some weird stuff too. No spitting zombies at all. Also Black Zombie elephants with a red/yellow bumper car on it's back. When I try to attack one of these guys, the game doesn't register it as an elephant. When I headbutt it, it gives me points and says it's a zombie goat. So when I get the quest to kill a zombie elephant, I can't complete it ever. What a weird game lol.
Posted by Eric From Cali on 09 May 17 at 05:58
Zaki HUNSame things. I have no spitting or elephant zombies. Can't buy window, can't do leap of faith, my game crashed 2 times during this sh!t achievement, after quest 20 i couldn't eat things, etc... What a horrible game, and ever worse DLCs... Worst game ever.
Posted by Zaki HUN on 02 Sep 17 at 07:15
BahaumautSpitting zombies and money appeared to work in the stand-alone MMORE GOATZ edition for the 360. Here, they're just broken. And I've already crashed about 3 times, and I think it's somehow related to the fire elephants. For now, I'd steer clear of the circus.
Posted by Bahaumaut on 15 Sep 17 at 03:31
Mishqqaim starting the game post outbreak and already have failed quests that is normal ? or what should i start ?
Posted by Mishqqa on 29 Dec 17 at 20:09
Sweet Rvng@Mishqqa: It's been so long since I've played, I can't remember if I went through the same. Are you still able to do quests even as that's happening? Because you shouldn't miss out on the achievement progressing even though some quests fail.
Posted by Sweet Rvng on 30 Dec 17 at 00:02
Project TortureThis stupid achievement is glitched for me. Nothing in the game is interactable so it's really hard for me to do it. The only things I can do is kill zombies/eat food. :\ Gonna take forever waiting for challenges I can't do to go on by lol
Posted by Project Torture on 07 Feb 18 at 07:59
LordFightALotHow do you equip mutators? I don't see the options on the main menu or in-game at all!

EDIT: it's now down on the D-pad in-game.
Posted by LordFightALot on 24 Feb 18 at 11:27
Z1PPYZ3NOThis is impossible! I have now encountered sooo many bugs and glitches, it is so fustrating. Have to restart.
Posted by Z1PPYZ3NO on 21 Mar 19 at 21:28
KinectKid333Just a warning that you will die of old age if you reach day 20. I started going for the quests around day 12 not knowing there was a time limit and I ended up having to restart 20 quests in.
Posted by KinectKid333 on 18 Aug 19 at 01:18
ProfessorPlutoI did not die of old age at 20, but I had the casual goat modifier on which probably prevented it. I got mine about day 28
Posted by ProfessorPluto on 09 Feb 20 at 00:00
DinocycleHands down the least fun achievement grind I've done. I think it was the quests that didn't register or running out of goats to kill, I dunno, just glad it popped and didn't glitch out.
Posted by Dinocycle on 02 Mar 20 at 21:41
Brave TanukiIf you get knocked out of the goat pen and can't move or jump, equip the jetpack mutator and press Y to launch yourself up and away, occasionally ragdolling with B. After moving far enough away or perhaps ragdolling enough times, the game recognizes you are no longer in the pen and will allow you to move normally again.

I got glitched by an infected goat knocking me out of the pen at 23/25 missions and figured I might as well throw a Hail Mary and it actually worked. laugh
Posted by Brave Tanuki on 16 Feb at 12:28