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Beat the whiplash course without getting wet

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15 Jun 2016 16 Jun 2016
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For this achievement you need to complete the whiplash course on the Goat Z map with out falling. To make it easier for you I would recommend spawning before the outbreak. Now this course is basically a total wipeout course, it is located at the port and the start of the course is a the top of the stairs. The actual course is really easy except for the first and last spinning wheel. As a tip for the first spinning wheel I made sure to jump when one of the pads was at the top of the screen and that seemed to make me die the least times, and for the last one try to stay at the edge of the pads as much as you can as some of the area can't be reached by the spinning pillar.

*edit credit timmie271 and Dwaggienite This achievement can be done in slow motion and is strongly recommended to be done with this as it makes it much easier

Please note that this achievement is a lot about luck and timing, it may take you a few attempts before completing it but you will get there in the end but if you would like to see a video guide for this I have included my guide below.

timmie271Finished this one with Angel Goat and slow motion on. I jumped over everything so had no problems with everything :).

You also don't need to bump every thing. I missed a lot of them and still finished it :)
Posted by timmie271 on 15 Jun 16 at 18:58
DwaggieniteI highly recommend Double Jump and anti-gravity goat modifiers on to. Anti gravity makes it a cakewalk.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 16 Jun 16 at 10:45
Teriyaki TejUse the wheel goat modifier and freeze time, it makes it just a case of platforming, but make sure just before going through the gate to finish the course you re engage time otherwise it will not register you have done the course.
Posted by Teriyaki Tej on 16 Jun 16 at 21:43
I8ITackyticsI8II had double jump and angel goat on but in all honesty if anything I only needed double jump. This is actually quite easy - completed on second and third attempts (did it twice). The trick is to keep moving but just look towards where you have to jump to next. I landed on all platforms except one on the last obstacle the first time I passed it and landed on every platform the second time.
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 27 Jun 16 at 11:37
MH The RockstarDid this with double jump and slow-mo. You don't need to hit every bumper/platform either.
Posted by MH The Rockstar on 13 Jan 17 at 16:53
MTTLXNDRDoes anyone know if there's a way to turn off Manual??? :/ it's so f*cking frustrating trying to get this with this on!!
Posted by MTTLXNDR on 27 Jan 17 at 21:18
luke turbo2010I did it till the wabbly platform and jamp 2 the blue pillar it flung me backwards a i landed on the path were the finish is jamp 2 the finish a achievement unlocked. As long as you start it a get flung off you dont need to do the whole course.
Posted by luke turbo2010 on 10 Apr 17 at 18:50
JappeI got to the light blue platform also and it flew me away from the course on top of a house. I jumped down and jumped straight to the Finish to try if it would work and boom achievement unlocked. No need to complete the whole course.
Posted by Jappe on 22 Apr 17 at 11:17
JTSageWhat luke turbo said - attempted wheel goat / double jump, glitched into the platform with the red brick things on top. Unfroze time, flung me out to sea. Came back up, figured why not just see, even though I was in the ocean - popped right away. Aug 2020 for those in the future.
Posted by JTSage on 26 Aug 20 at 02:27