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I am Goat

Play GoatSimSim for 5 minutes

I am Goat+0.2
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15 Jun 2016
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For this achievement you need to sit in the goats pen for 5 minuets without leaving. To make it easier for you I would recommend spawning before the outbreak. When you spawn head down the hill towards the crashed UFO, go passed the UFO and also the open farm and you should see a pen with lots of other goats in it on the right side. If you go into the pen it should have a pop up in the middle of your screen that says goat simulator. To get the achievement just stay in the pen for 5 minuets and after that time your achievement will pop.

If you would like to see a video guide for this I have included my guide below.

xDaddy Cakewhile waiting for this achievement to pop, i push 4 goats close together and hit them with the voodoo bomb to get the “look at it go” achievement
Posted by xDaddy Cake on 08 Oct 17 at 21:32
HyruleBalverineThis achievement isn't unlocking for me for some reason.
Posted by HyruleBalverine on 06 Oct 20 at 23:55