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Clear 25 survival quests in one game

A new challenger has appeared0
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19 Jun 2016
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Just an addition to this guide.

You need the MMO DLC however to make this more easier

First you will need the:
Goat SimulatorWheel GoatThe Wheel Goat achievement in Goat Simulator worth 70 pointsUnlock the wheel of time mutator

Then activate the wheel mutator, you will get a time stop mutator. so you can go around doing your quest without hurrying up with the 2 minutes.

(you will need to deactivate them to move certain objects, and to get the new quest, however)
DtheGamerDadI was going to write this too, just won the ach this way yesterday. Well done!
Posted by DtheGamerDad on 20 Jun 16 at 08:20
reforc3yes, this together with No Hungry, No Damage, and Double Jump are the crown jewels for this DLC.
(also Paraglide but that one mess up with the wheel of time)
Posted by reforc3 on 24 Jun 16 at 02:46
SuperDarkConkerdoing repeat over for 25 survival quest in one game?
Posted by SuperDarkConker on 25 Jun 16 at 22:29

basically works this way:

You get the challange:

Kill 5 Zombies.
2 Minutes

the time start to countdown, so you active your wheel of time mutator cn_Y, the time and the world freezes.

Go search for 5 zombies and start hitting them until they die (the counter will increase, it takes around 5-6 hits per zombie, and because they are frozen they will remain on place).

Once you complete the challange, you deactivate the mutator cn_Y and the game will provide you the next one.

rinse and repeat until you reach 25, if there's someone that's too hard or weird to complete, you can wait until a new one (of course if you are not starving, you can't wait because you will die)
Posted by reforc3 on 25 Jun 16 at 22:36
SuperDarkConkerOh, ok. :)
Posted by SuperDarkConker on 25 Jun 16 at 22:38
reforc3Yeah, well, I don't have the game for steam...
So I can't post it right now.
Posted by reforc3 on 03 Jan 17 at 21:36
PinskiI reposted this over at TSA. Whenever you post your own solution, I will delete mine:

Thanks for your help.
Posted by Pinski on 04 Jan 17 at 10:26
FishOnXBLBeen trying to do this one for a while now. I unlocked the Wheel of Time mutator but when I press cn_Y to activate it, time doesn't stop completely, it just goes into what I can only describe as extreme slow motion. Any ideas?
Posted by FishOnXBL on 23 Apr 17 at 18:30
reforc3Are you mixing with other mutators beside double jump, no hunger and no damage?
Posted by reforc3 on 23 Apr 17 at 18:32
Tekku AssassinVery nice mate! This helped a lot!
Posted by Tekku Assassin on 03 Mar 18 at 08:25