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Catch a fish over 40 kg (90 lbs)

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19 Jun 2016
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This is the setup and location I used to catch Puma, hopefully this helps others trying for the achievement.
External image

External image

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Grumpa 782Been fishing that spot for hours

You sure you put him back
Posted by Grumpa 782 on 20 Jun 16 at 01:32
DaveNotRodneyBeen told you can catch him in front of the dam too, at night. I'll give both a try this week.
Posted by DaveNotRodney on 20 Jun 16 at 08:40
RaginCajun928It could all be RNG, I've also caught the 60lb boss catfish and a boss carp there.
Posted by RaginCajun928 on 20 Jun 16 at 11:31
Grumpa 782Caught him thanks for the help
Posted by Grumpa 782 on 20 Jun 16 at 14:36
RaginCajun928Glad it worked out and pleasant fishing. Hit me up if you ever want to play multiplayer, I am really enjoying this.
Posted by RaginCajun928 on 20 Jun 16 at 15:06
Skate 323Same all i kept catching was el loro and big mama.
Posted by Skate 323 on 20 Jun 16 at 22:25
Skate 323Finally caught him! Thanks perfect solution +1 thumbs up. What i did was every time i caught a boss i would quit the lake and reload it ( Thanks to Kromork for that tip). I caught big mama 2 twice and then el loro 4 times in a row before catching puma.
Posted by Skate 323 on 21 Jun 16 at 00:24
ProjectSixFinally got it as well. So many damn annoying carp.. Like Po po Tat e o, I tried this at night. Started at 10pm and caught him at 2am. But it did take 4-5 nights before I got him.

+1, thanks!
Posted by ProjectSix on 24 Jun 16 at 09:11
DaveNotRodneyI just caught him around 3am at the same peg and same rig.
Posted by DaveNotRodney on 24 Jun 16 at 17:41
Arfurf00k5ak3Yeah I can't stay up till that time! I'm up for work at 6.30
Posted by Arfurf00k5ak3 on 04 Jul 16 at 21:33
RaginCajun928Game time, not real time ^^
Posted by RaginCajun928 on 05 Jul 16 at 18:08
SHOGUN JUBEII actually caught Cheetah, not Puma here, as well as 6 other Boss Fish at this peg fishing in the same spot. El Loro, Hermano, Norax, and Scar were caught using the 18 mm Boilie. Mowgally, Leo and Cheetah using 20mm Float Tiger Nuts. Haichou 13ft EX-Hunting Rod, Bait Shack Big Pit Power Reel, Korda 25 Supernatural line. Was about 1:00 am when Cheetah was caught.
Posted by SHOGUN JUBEI on 06 Jul 16 at 02:57
I ASK NO ONEI caught 100lb Cheetah at the far east peg in Spain at around 1am using the standard 9ft rod and reel with Korda 15 line using 18mm boile bait.
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 18 Jul 16 at 00:49
HellCreeper666Just caught Puma!!! Same setup and location... but at night, thank you dance
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 21 Aug 16 at 03:47
kirchroa rjcsame setup only i caught cheetah around 04,30 thnx for the spot
Posted by kirchroa rjc on 07 Nov 16 at 08:33
JissiSame setup, same position, casting a bit to the right of this exact spot, landing on silt, at 1:30am (starting at 7am). I immediately knew its a boss fish, at 40 line tension it was in the top red zone and pulled the line to 100+ yards despite constant reeling.
Posted by Jissi on 26 Nov 16 at 23:37
FUNERAL PYREwhat map was this?
Posted by FUNERAL PYRE on 09 Jan 17 at 04:32
RaginCajun928Last lake, all the way to the right.
Posted by RaginCajun928 on 09 Jan 17 at 04:38
candy cowboycan't see picture's of setup etc.. plz help
Posted by candy cowboy on 14 Jul 17 at 21:45
AshOthers84I am unable to see the pictures either it comes up as external image. I would love to see the setup!
Posted by AshOthers84 on 14 Jul 17 at 22:10
AshOthers84Finally caught him. I fished the far East peg and fished the left side with Pop Up Tiger nuts 20 mm, Korda IQ-D rig 4, Korda supernatural 25 and a Haichou 11ft. I also caught Leo, Mowgally, Del Toro, Hermano and big mama!!
Posted by AshOthers84 on 15 Jul 17 at 06:00
candy cowboyI'll try that setup, want lake did you use.
Posted by candy cowboy on 15 Jul 17 at 09:37
RaginCajun928I apologize that the images no longer show up.
Posted by RaginCajun928 on 16 Jul 17 at 12:58
TuKraZeYou able to fix these images?
Posted by TuKraZe on 21 Jul 17 at 10:42
RaginCajun928I don't know how to fix it; if you add me on xbox live I can show you the location and tell you the setup in party chat.
Posted by RaginCajun928 on 21 Jul 17 at 13:09