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With 30 seconds left, win a game of Hoops in which you were tied or trailing

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21 Jun 2016 21 Jun 2016
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The easiest way is to have two controls in hand, in my case, as I only have one, made streaming Xbox One with the PC, hence I used a Xbox 360 control.

Put 5 minutes and let the game begin, remembering that it is in basketball, when you reach the final 30 seconds, make a basket and when you finish the game you get the achievement. Recalling that can be online as well.

Play alone, in the case without bot, will not make the achievement unlocks.
Groudon199I've done 3 split-screen games (final scores 1-0, 1-0 ending after 1 goal, and 2-1), and the achievement didn't unlock after any of them. Is there some other requirement?
Posted by Groudon199 on 21 Jun 16 at 11:48
sharknado523This is a really cool achievement! We got our crew together of three people and basically just played a game in which we intentionally tied. Then, after the 0:30 mark, we get the winning goal for the agreed team. It is important to know that you MUST get the final goal (or "dunk") within that thirty-second range. If the game finishes tied and you go into overtime, the achievement does NOT unlock (we learned this the hard way).

I tried to post a guide but I made a mistake and posted the wrong achievement guide to this one, deleted it and tried to post another one and it says I can't post a guide because I already posted a guide (which I deleted). Oh, well. For next time I know to edit instead of deleting.
Posted by sharknado523 on 21 Jun 16 at 13:38
JoaoToxicGroudon199, leaves the game tied when missing 30 seconds to finish, make a basket and the achievement will unlock after the game ends.
Posted by JoaoToxic on 21 Jun 16 at 20:46
Groudon199It unlocked when I tried today, and I did nothing different from my first 2-1.
Posted by Groudon199 on 21 Jun 16 at 20:51