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Dressed for Success

Unlocked all the outfits for every hero.

Dressed for Success0
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a rabid fuzzlea rabid fuzzle247,907
17 Jul 2010 13 May 2014
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1st Costume - Unlocked
2nd Costume - Unlocked after 30 kills
3rd Costume - Unlocked after 175 kills
4th Costume - Unlocked after Sim Mission is complete or 250 kills for DLC Characters

Play through the game once on Normal and unlock as many costumes as you can (1-2 heroes at a time). I went down the roster left to right and got all the way to Elektra on 1 time through the game DO NOT PLAY ANY SIM MISSIONS. After you finish the game on normal, print this:

Wrenchworks - Captain America
Project Labs - Wolverine

Iron Man Lab - Iron Man

Temple of Negrete - Mr. Fantastic

Golden Court - Thing
Forbidden Passage - vs Crimson Dynamo

Sanctuary - Dr. Strange

Fake Doom Castle - Mysterio *** (you cannot re-extract back to this location once you leave sub-level)
Big Top - Luke Cage
Maze-O-Death - Elektra

Realm - Blade
Sepulcher - vs Scorpion
Stygian Abyss - Ghost Rider

to Bridge/Bifrost bridge - Storm
to Bridge/Midgard gate - Spider-Man
Camp/Warrior hall - Thor
Asgard City/Grand Hall - Deadpool ***you cannot re-extract back to this location
Asgard City/Great Forge - Invisible Woman

Shore of Corpses - vs Shocker
Spire's Ascent - Spider-Woman

Fighter Bay - Iceman
Hyperdrive - vs Ultron
Outer Hull - Ulik

Sky Towers - vs Piledriver
Cityscape - Ms. Marvel, Human Torch
Heights of Progress - vs Dragon Man

After you have beaten the game on Normal, start a new game on Easy and when it asks you choose "Load game statistics" and load your last save on Normal difficulty. This will make the Sim missions easier. Now get the rest of the costumes and grab all of the discs but do not play the missions until you have beaten the last fight against Doom. This stops the glitch from locking costumes and it makes the Sim missions that much easier because your characters are at least level 45-50. After you get ALL the costumes, play through the simulator missions, saving after bronze or above AFTER EVERY MISSION (Gold is very easy but you may have to restart a couple of times to get the Golden Age of Comics achievement). If you follow this you'll have unlocked Surfs Up, Golden Age of Comics and Dressed for Success.

If you think this solution needs to be edited/updated. Leave a comment and please explain how I could make it better.
SunbearLewisI can confirm as of Oct 1st, 2011 that unlocking Dressed for Success works. In fact, I had some of the outfits already unlocked from playthroughs years ago. All I did was transfer over my guys into an Easy story mode and got all the Sim discs (DID NOT FIGHT OR BEAT DOOM) and then I just started going through each Sim disc unlocking all of the outfits and got gold on them all too. I think a patch has fixed any glitches to this achievement. Also note that I DO NOT have the DLC packs but I have the patch for the DLC, meaning I have the outline of the characters in my rosters menu. Hope this helps folks that are worried if the achievement will unlock or not.
OH! you also have to unlock Surfer's suits too. This is true.
a rabid fuzzle's guide was quite helpful for me.
Posted by SunbearLewis on 13 Oct 11 at 10:43
RhyoliticComplete bullshit that you have to collect all the Sim discs again on the second playthrough.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 30 Dec 11 at 01:17
a rabid fuzzleOh I know, which is why you need to just get the first 3 costumes, then move on to the next hero. It sucks though lol
Posted by a rabid fuzzle on 02 Jan 12 at 18:46
sliceasaurusCan anyone help with this? I got a boost save. It has all sim disk except ms marvel. I beat it for all disc gold. :) iceman is wearing #4 but it says locked. Can I just start a new normal with saved stats and finish off the few left? Moon knight comes up as only 3 total outfits available when I tried. Will play thru again just trying to find fastest way. Down to 4 achieve left! 100 coop/500 ledge. :(
Posted by sliceasaurus on 09 Jan 12 at 03:17
a rabid fuzzleI would say go through the game and get all the costumes. If it doesn't pop then you have to start from scratch for all the costumes
Posted by a rabid fuzzle on 09 Jan 12 at 19:44
Dokter VHey, I just started this game (played the game for the last time 5 years ago) and wanted to start from scratch to get all the costumes. I got no savegames and couldnt load anything, so I continue with 'Begin Story' and selected 'Start with default statistics'. But when I can create my team for the first time I already have Daredevil, Black Panther and a lot of costumes?! How is that possible? How can I start from scratch? 5 years ago I already deleted the game + savegames + DLC. Thanks
Posted by Dokter V on 14 Jun 12 at 14:25
blood eruptionSo here is what I realized, whenever you get an achievement it erases anything you did from your last save to the point of achievement. So I had a couple costumes unlocked, I got the 4000 kills achievement and it erased the costumes. I would figure it works this way with the character unlocks. So save before you get the last action figure, and when you get the achievement and it locks your character, reload and then it won't do it again.

Again make sure you save anytime you unlock costume or hero, prior to getting any achievement.
Posted by blood eruption on 15 Oct 12 at 20:07
Clint TorrisBlood Eruption - thanks for the heads up. I have been growing more annoyed with this game re-locking costumes and characters. I'll follow your advice, seems this may be why things are locking.
Posted by Clint Torris on 01 Dec 12 at 21:38
a rabid fuzzleThe game actually saves costumes to your gamer tag I believe. That would account for the weird saved costumes and such. I would follow Blood Eruption's advice on saving. I never had any issues like you are describing. Best of luck guys!
Posted by a rabid fuzzle on 01 Dec 12 at 22:42
IDUKE NUKEM64Iwhat about moon knight, are the 3 costumes you get from him are they the regular -30 kills and 175 kills? i think i tried getting all of the kills with moon knight but nothing unlocked. And also i played with someone who used the cheats, and i obtained a lot of the costumes besides a bunch of them do u think this will effect me? i just need moon knights last costume to see if this achievement will pop for me or not.
Posted by IDUKE NUKEM64I on 01 Mar 13 at 18:10
The GlobalizerFYI, if your characters or costumes lock due to an achievement pop, you can re-unlock on a subsequent playthrough or by otherwise re-completing the unlock conditions. I had Dr. Strange relock and got him on my second playthrough.
Posted by The Globalizer on 08 Mar 13 at 17:19
ChucklestyleI'd just like to add to this that if you are doing an easy playthru to get all the discs and unlock the missions you should also be collecting the action figures for daredevil and black panther, even if you already have them unlocked. Their sim mission will not unlock unless you do so.
Posted by Chucklestyle on 16 Jul 13 at 01:43
Bully of SmegGlobalizer - Are you sure you can re-unlock by re-completing the unlock conditions? I unlocked a 2nd costume (30 kills) which subsequently locked but it doesn't seem to be unlocking again and I'm sure I've completed 30 kills again and It's taken me an age to unlock Cap's 3rd costume, I'm now on Mandarin's level an have almost exclusively used Captain America but still only have the 2nd costume :(
Posted by Bully of Smeg on 07 Nov 13 at 00:14
MarvzMittsIf this achievement has glitched for you is it possible to start a new game on another xbox that doesn't have a game save on it and unlock it?
Posted by MarvzMitts on 19 Jan 16 at 03:07
Darkness727420I got the dardevil and black panther achievements and from what I've read, I need to collect the figures again on another playthrough.

Also I've gotten sabertooth, magnito, Cyclops and Dr. Doom achievements and none of the previous ones have relocked. Those are dlc characters so I don't know if it works different for them.
Posted by Darkness727420 on 14 Dec 19 at 18:26
CastMango150644I'm playing this game in October and November 2021, and I unlocked the 2nd and 3rd costumes for capitain america and for iron man (it actually did pop a notification saying that it's unlocked). But the 3rd costume is not there for me to use, it's blocked, same for iron man. And it serves to all the characters... I only get to unlock the 2nd costume (this one is normally available), but the 3rd costume just keep block, even when I am certain that the notification saying that I unlocked was there. Something like that happened with Dr Strange, Daredevil and Black Panther... I just cannot use those characters... And it's way past time they should be available. I collected all the figures and I assisted Strange in the Mandarin Castle. Just don't know what to do.
Posted by CastMango150644 on 03 Nov at 05:07