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Asari Ally

Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member

Asari Ally0
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter891,700
31 Aug 2008
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This is the hardest ally achievement to get due to how late in the game you get her.

Do NOT do any sidequests until the quest comes up for you to go get her from the Tao Cluster.

From then on keep her in your party at ALL times and do all sidequests and missions with her. The DLC missions also help for this achievement, although the collection ones are not necessary.

I finished all possible assignments and missions with her and still didn't have it, mine popped after I finished the final DLC assignment. So keep that in mind.

Note: Ilos is the cutoff point of being able to complete any more sidequests, so if you do all sidequests and DLC and still don't have it, you more than likely will get it during the final phase of the game.

Visit this website:

For a complete list of all side-quests and missions.
NichabodI actually ended up getting her before I did virmire, got her as soon as possible, ran and did noveria, feros and x57, went back to the citadel and did ALL the citadel quests in a row. nailed it pretty quickly.
Posted by Nichabod on 07 Oct 08 at 12:35
Ashen SeraphI just want to make it perfectly clear that the DLC makes this substantially easier. You really don't have to be too uptight about it if you have the DLC, but you certainly will still want to rescue her before heading off to the other 2 main quests.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 11 Jan 09 at 09:55
CowsMakeNoiseThe achievement's straightforward. Complete Eden Prime. Once you've arrived at the Citadel, complete the Expose Saren storyline. When you've been given control of the Normandy, rescue Liara. You can then play the game as normal.

I'd completed Feros, Noveria, and Virmire and was making my way through the sidequests when it popped up. Didn't bother with Bring Down The Sky or any of the collect X plots either.
Posted by CowsMakeNoise on 09 Jun 09 at 14:00
Atsuma KarinYeah, as long as you make sure you only do compulsory quests before starting any new ones (there's only 1 unavoidable assignment you get in the lift back to the Normandy), you should be fine. As has been mentioned, the DLC probably makes it slightly easier. I got this achievement earlier and haven't even beaten Noveria yet. I did do the Bring Down the Sky assignments, though. I also completed all the collectible missions and all other available side-quests prior to Noveria (besides one other Renegade-only quest) plus Feros and ALL its side missions. It popped when I found the cure in the Quarantine Lab (I think, I had notifications off at the time but had checked a few minutes earlier.) You need to pretty much do everything.

So yeah, go to Therum ASAP and then have her glued to your side until you get it.
Posted by Atsuma Karin on 26 Jun 09 at 22:44
Enders89Just to let you know the amount of assignments needed is 50 for her, so if you want to keep track, you will know when you are supposed to get it.
Posted by Enders89 on 10 Apr 10 at 01:53
UlteriorDesertJust to add, you should probley get completioiest along with this as you be trying to do everything. Both of these popped with me during the cutscene after the final boss.
Posted by UlteriorDesert on 23 Jul 10 at 09:12
LepraSauni did 51 assignments and all the story missions and didnt get it! WTF!?!
Posted by LepraSaun on 18 Jan 11 at 05:26
reforc3the assignament of collections and prospections doesnt counts.
Posted by reforc3 on 06 Feb 11 at 19:06
Jorge BastosDidn't work for me. Maybe achievable with DLC's only. Made more than 60 and nothing.
Posted by Jorge Bastos on 07 May 11 at 22:38
Smokey1424sI'm pretty sure the reason its not working for some people is the renegade path. Choosing renegade options and ending a mission before it starts might make it not count. I did everything with Liara and nothing. I'm pissed. She's worthless and horrible at combat and she was dead most of the game on Hardcore. Ugh.
Posted by Smokey1424s on 24 Jul 11 at 03:14
Solario32I got her asap and did all the sidequests with her. Also, followed the paragon path and got the achievement.
Posted by Solario32 on 31 Oct 11 at 16:25
AC Cloud StrifeI am planning to get this game and read that this achievement is pretty hard.. do you get her by simply playing the mainstory line? I wanted to knock that achievement off in the first playthrough but actually all what i am reading is kinda confusing me XD.. maybe because i dont have it yet LOL!
Posted by AC Cloud Strife on 03 Dec 11 at 03:14
ScizXI did all citadel assignments, noveria ones, feros ones, and all DLC missions and then it popped even before I went to virmire. Easy with DLC.
Posted by ScizX on 24 Jan 12 at 14:50
BasanakinI did 53 assignments and all the story missions and didnt get it! Why isnt this achievement reported as BUGGED!?!?
Posted by Basanakin on 06 May 13 at 15:56
Chaz Of SpartaI did just under 70 missions/assignments until this finally popped - I got it after you meet Vigil the first time on Ilos (in the security area). What I did was to do everything I can after I got Liara, and only went to Ilos as a last resort and hoped it would unlock during then. Also, the collectible missions do help towards this, but you don't really have to go out of your way to complete them; I just scanned and marked every location I happened to find while doing all of the side missions.
Posted by Chaz Of Sparta on 22 Jun 13 at 19:41
Mestre ShrewdThis achievement is really very strange. I got it in Ilos too, a little earlier, after that message that only Shepard could understand. With the exception of DLCs also made all possible assignments (and there are many). Completionist got a little too late too.

I think this achievement has more to uncover, you may not need to do all assigments but only some relevant. The guy up there for example said that only did the quests of the main planets and dlcs. Not counting the UNCs assigments.
Posted by Mestre Shrewd on 03 Mar 14 at 01:16
MikeWurzWhoJust in case anyone else STILL hasn't played this game... I was dreading this one due to how late you get her, but it was VERY short and somehow popped only one assignment after I popped the achievement for Kaiden (who you have for 4-5 extra missions before you even get Liara...?). No idea how that happened, but here's what I completed:
15 Missions (includes the 5 you have to complete just to get her): 4 Citadel/Eden Prime, 1 Feros, 9 Noveria, 1 Rescue Liara
33 Assignments (she was active for all 33): 3 Bring Down the Sky, 3 Pinnacle Station (maybe each of the 13 simulations counts?) , 2 Noveria, 5 Feros, 17 Citadel (includes Asari Diplomacy), 3 UNC (Rogue VI, Privateers, Missing Marines)
So only 43 missions+assignments where she was active? Not sure how much the DLC helps, but this is the smallest # I've seen anywhere and required very little of the tedious flying/rovering around all of the UNC worlds. Could even take the number down lower if you're completing the game because I haven't even done Virmire, Ilos, or Race Against Time yet, but I didn't want to get to the end and not have the achievement.
Posted by MikeWurzWho on 24 Feb 15 at 05:21