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A Tableau

Skipping stones at the beach

A Tableau+3.2
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29 Jun 2016 29 Jun 2016 29 Jun 2016
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For this Achievement, you want to load up chapter 31. Once you have loaded up the chapter, you want to start heading to the right. Make sure you keep your flashlight on the creature following you each time it moves to stop it from killing you. Once you get far enough right that you go through an opening, you want to hold cn_A & aim with cn_LSc towards the plank of wood holding the door open. This will drop the door and lock the creature out. Now head upwards and smash through the planks at the top on the ceiling using the "Hold cn_A technique" Once you are out, you want to head all the way to the left until you reach a wall with a ladder above. In order to climb up, you need to break down the above structure by jumping at it using the "Hold cn_A" technique. Once you have smashed it down, you will be able to climb up and you will see the collectible to your left. Walk up to it and hold cn_X & cn_LSr in order to pull at it and pop your Achievement!