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This achievement is earned for finding the eigth secret and can be found on Checkpoint 34
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It can also be found in this video, with a text description of its location below

[7:01] - Secret 8 of 13
This takes place during the "20 man puzzle". You'll need to gather a few followers from the bottom and middle left) and then go to the bottom right. Use the followers to help you gain access to the very left by using the large minecraft and rope to find new caged followers. Upon releasing them, head back to the elevator, and on your way back you will notice a patched up wall, which can be destroyed using the new followers. Go inside, down the ladder, take the torch, and use it to defend yourself against the wolves and make your way to the left of the cave.
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Unmet Player The description is confusing and i had redo the section.
Posted by Unmet Player on 03 Jul 16 at 02:46
gingerninja nz Agree it's confusing. I had to redo it after those instructions too (You don't need to grab a lot of followers and go back to the bottom right. )

At checkpoint 34:
A) From the elevator - Go to the bottom right first to get the helmet.
B) Next go to the bottom left. (Left of elevator)
C) Once you've dragged the minecart under the roof hole and boosted to the rope etc, then continued left... your on your way to a lit retaining wall. That's where the secret is.
D) Before you can get it - climb it, then head left and over the water to get the three followers from the suspended crate puzzle.
E) now head back right to the lit retaining wall and using your three new followers, pull off the plank.

Secret's in there after some flaming dances with Wolves.
Posted by gingerninja nz on 10 Jul 16 at 13:34
Simm Needs to be reworded. I had to do it again.
Posted by Simm on 20 Nov 16 at 20:56
Lt Davo Also, the screenshot shows Checkpoint 33.
Posted by Lt Davo on 20 Aug 17 at 02:20
Ihuntcheevos I have went and fended off the wolves twice now and found the secret and interacted with it both times and still no achievement. The next achievement popped no problem. Is the cheevo bugged or something? Even tried a hard reset to get it to pop and still nothing.
Posted by Ihuntcheevos on 09 Jul 19 at 01:14