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Distinguished Combat Medal

Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting. Do not change the setting.

Distinguished Combat Medal+0.2
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Mr Squishy2Mr Squishy2182,241
19 Jul 2010 04 Aug 2020
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Mass EffectDistinguished Combat MedalThe Distinguished Combat Medal achievement in Mass Effect worth 63 pointsComplete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting. Do not change the setting.

Originally i wrote this solution as I was getting the achievement, I now have the achievement and there are a few things i want to point out. I noticed some confusion on this topic in the solutions so I wanted to confirm that you have until the end of Eden Prime to change the difficulty, also something that confused me is that after you beat it on veteran or normal in the options it will say that the hardcore difficulty still must be unlocked. Select it anyway and save changes.
In order to cope with the difficulty I would suggest using the infinite money glitch (the med clinic one) to get the money needed to buy all HWP spectre gear. It is NOT required to do this I just figured i would point it out as it can help loads with the difficult enemies. Whether or not you decide to use this method is up to you, however I find that putting heat sinks into the weapons makes them even more effective. This should help a lot facing the enemies. My recommendation is to keep a biotic or at least a partial one in your party at all times. Frequently it is easier to lift an enemy or throw them into oblivion or a pit rather than unloading into them for 15+ seconds. (I'm looking at you Thorian creepers). Lift and throw combos work especially well against Krogan and Geth Destroyers that charge you constantly. In addition, polonium or chemical rounds negate the Krogan's health regen for the most part. Save often and do your best to try not to get mobbed by swarms of enemies. I also was going for the Ally achievements at the same time as this one and because they require you to complete a majority of the game with the same squad members I ended up doing most of the side quests. This will net you a lot of exp for leveling although it is not required. In addition this achievement can be gotten with any class. Most people prefer soldier but I got mine with an infiltrator so it is possible. With regards to the infinite money cheat, occasionally you will lose the ability to buy back your special ammo types (polonium, incendiary, and cryo rounds), this is not too big of an issue as you will get better ones quickly just by progressing through the story.
Good luck
matdanI seem to lose gear using that infinite money cheat. : (
Posted by matdan on 20 Jun 11 at 13:29
Mr Squishy2Yeah I think sometimes you can't buyback your special ammo types and stuff, but you get better really quick
Posted by Mr Squishy2 on 20 Jun 11 at 14:07
Julz D 01You don't need money. Just play it out. See my guide. Peace.
Posted by Julz D 01 on 01 Oct 11 at 04:24
Solario32Yea money is easy to come by as you progress through the game.
Posted by Solario32 on 31 Oct 11 at 16:43
GETxACHIEVEDxIf you play through this on a character that is High Leveled character you'll get cash easy and fast in large quantities. When I finished my Casual I ended it as a level 40 with 1,000,000 cash because I never knew where to buy things.
Posted by GETxACHIEVEDx on 24 Jul 12 at 03:48
Marc PilkingtonI imported my vanguard from my first playthrough, who was around the mid 50's level wise, and this difficulty is easy for me! Because of the gear I acquired in the normal playthrough/at the beginning of this playthrough it seems less of a challenge than the first time which is kind of weird.
Posted by Marc Pilkington on 29 Nov 12 at 14:35
Mr Squishy2hmm that is weird. good tip though it might be smart to do this on a second playthrough of the same character
Posted by Mr Squishy2 on 29 Nov 12 at 15:20
InfiniteRefrainAny one know if this was ever patched? Just picked up the Trilogy and would like to kill this off my to-do list :D
Posted by InfiniteRefrain on 11 Dec 12 at 03:53
Br1ngDownTheSky2nd playthrough was an easy way to finish this achievement.
Posted by Br1ngDownTheSky on 10 Mar at 05:19
JimmieWorldI don't know if difficulty achievements stacks in the game, but there is a workaround. Before you complete your first playthrough save before Saren boss fight! Then after credits you can load your save and change the difficulty to hardcore. Finish the game! I want to mention this way you don't get the hardcore achievement but unlock Insanity.
Posted by JimmieWorld on 12 Jul at 22:01