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Finisher 3

Eliminate 100 enemy mechs while they are repairing.

Finisher 3+2.1
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03 Jul 2016 14 May 2017
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2 Player Solution
Best game mode for two players is Siege. Select either Asia or Oceania servers. Any map will do, when in game don't go to each others spawn as there are turrets that'll shoot you. Meet up near the spawn.

10 player Solution
Deathmatch is the best game mode. You need 10 people to completely fill a lobby. Then select either Asia or Oceania servers. (They barely have any people)

Then scroll all the way down on the server browser until you get to DEATHMATCH. Also from completing this today we think that BUNKER and FACILITY are the best maps, since they are the smallest. Then call out the name of the server so everyone can join.

The rest is pretty self explanitary: Get 100 kills while the enemy is repairing.

Tips to speed this up: Let one person get all the kills we were averaging 70+ kills for one person in 7 minutes. Also shoot yourself twice with the tow rocket so that the person killing can kill you faster.

The mech called the Berserker has the least amount of health. Shooting two rockets won't kill you. (You also can buy this mech to unlock the Reaper and Marauder faster which you need for two seperate achievements)
OneNastyGrubBest mode to get this and the zoomed in ones legit?
Posted by OneNastyGrub on 11 Jul 16 at 18:20
BabyishDuckSiege is a good mode if you planning doing it legit. It has no time limit. Also the zoom one depends if the enemy is the reaper and weather or not they're zooming in or not. Would advise boosting the zoom achievement, you'd save yourself so much hassle.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 12 Jul 16 at 12:21
BabyishDuckDeathmatch is the best mode to boost it on since it requires the least amount of players to completely fill a lobby.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 12 Jul 16 at 12:22
el tuaya argI had a session yesterday and we followed this guide.
I want to share that the time it took us to get the 100 kills for 8 people was exactly 2 hours.
Posted by el tuaya arg on 19 Sep 16 at 14:07
BabyishDuckNice. It took a bit longer when I did it with people because there were some no shows and a person left.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 25 Sep 16 at 16:14
A 2rue Booferhow many people does it take to start a match? 10? or can you start with less people?
Posted by A 2rue Boofer on 21 Dec 16 at 23:49
BabyishDuckYou can start with 2 people but run the risk of random players joining. You need 10 people to completely fill a Deathmatch lobby.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 30 Dec 16 at 15:51
BlackRain228if anyone wants to try and boost add me
Posted by BlackRain228 on 13 Jan 17 at 21:39
Anyone wants to boost please add me- dave618
Posted on 14 Feb 17 at 15:34
BabyishDuckMake sessions if you want to boost this. I'm sure you'll get enough people to do it.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 13 May 17 at 12:32
Dizzy ShayDown vote. You can't get 70 kills in 7 minutes. More like 2-4 kills per minute
Posted by Dizzy Shay on 24 Feb 18 at 15:23
SpeedMasterBenI did that with 1 other player and it took 1 hour 35 min until we both get the achievement. We were playing the Silo map and meet at each other base and wait for the spawn kill. You can go for as long as you want, just don't capture any point.
Posted by SpeedMasterBen on 16 Mar 18 at 18:28
DominusTenebraeFor anyone still going for this, missile assault is definitely the map type to play. You can spawn almost infinitely and not have to worry about a game ending in 7 minutes like death match. We were getting too many fandoms in dm. We switched to assault and got close to 30 kills without seeing anyone and finished it.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 09 Jul 19 at 23:14