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Play to the end of Fragments of Him at least once

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05 Jul 2016 05 Jul 2016
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The Game is quite simple to complete in about 2-2.5 hours , as your mainly just pressing the cn_A Button , but there is 2 achievements you can miss .

Unlocked during Scene 3 , you cna unlock one these 2 achievements ( Can Replay scene to get the one you didn't get the 1st time around)
Fragments of HimPatternsThe Patterns achievement in Fragments of Him worth 104 pointsOne change at a time.

Fragments of HimRock and RollThe Rock and Roll achievement in Fragments of Him worth 102 pointsIs this the first domino to fall?

Missable and unlocked during scene 19:
Fragments of HimAttractiveWordsThe AttractiveWords achievement in Fragments of Him worth 104 points<:P

Below is a 100% Achievement / Walkthrough the complete game showing how to get each achievement :
CyberPunch83Just a quick heads-up to those who may end up playing this across two consoles as I did. Your save file will transfer over, however game progress mostly transfers. The credits rolled on my game and this achievement didn't unlock. However I played the last chapter a second time and the achievement unlocked as scheduled. Hope this helps.
Posted by CyberPunch83 on 15 Feb 17 at 07:46