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Top Gun

Destroy more enemy vehicles than any player in your team during the battle (at least 6). MP only.

Top Gun0
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08 Jul 2016
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I got this with the soviet KV-1 tier V heavy tank with the KV-57M1 package, the tank itself is awfully slow but it has very good damage protection and deflecting capabilities in my experience. The package I use has a reload time of around 3 seconds and combined with the armour piercing ammo you can take tanks to pieces in short order.

The best strategy I can offer is do not stay still, your red zones are pretty small on this tank and your accuracy when moving is really not that bad. In the match i got the achievement in 4 of the kills were from more than 150m while moving.

Your biggest risk while going for this is getting surrounded, because of the nature of the achievement you have to push as you can not sit back like with the artillery.

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