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Kill 2000 people.(Multiplayer)

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19 Jul 2010 21 Jul 2010
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First of all this MUST be done in ranked matches!

Playing Legit ~ If there aren't very many people online I would definitely host a match. I personally prefer Team Deathmatch but Deathmatch works as well. If you are going to play TDM then play on a map called Canyon, great map for kills. If you are playing DM then play on Camp! Learn the maps too better understand where people like to camp. I personally prefer the Light Recon class sniper, it has a 10 round clip and is silenced and can kill someone in 1 shot to the head.

(Playing Legit Time to earn 2,000 kills ~ Approx. 20-25 hours)

Boosting ~ If you are going to be boosting kills you will need atleast 4 people to start a match. I would suggest boosting TDM on Canyon and take turns getting 24-25 kills a match. Just cross the bridge and begin killing your friends as they spawn!

(Boosting Time to earn 2,000 kills ~ Approx. 15 hours)

Hope this helps!