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Madden NFL 06
Madden NFL 06
Complete 30 Years of Franchise

Successfully complete 30 years of Franchise mode.

Complete 30 Years of Franchise0
10 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.
01 Sep 2008 10 May 2013
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When I did this, I simmed EVERY season. Be prepared for ultimate boredom and it takes at least four hours to complete.
It does not have to be done in one session and you can save your progress (credit goes to MissJaded for this info).
HexrapperCount on it taking even longer than four hours in total, I just played some music and kept simming it while playing DS/using the computer, definitely incredibly boring so have something to do while you're simming.
Posted by Hexrapper on 09 Sep 08 at 06:44
Senor SlurpeeThis achievement is good for cleaning, I cleaned my room, bathroom, did laundry, watched tv, while "achieving" it
Posted by Senor Slurpee on 04 Oct 08 at 05:55
don manolitoI'm just watching some movie's while I'm doing this...
Posted by don manolito on 23 Oct 08 at 19:05
KACG FeaRI found it very boring but I am finally sitting down to try it ay ay ay
Posted by KACG FeaR on 04 Apr 09 at 06:07
greg7040This helped me get the achievement.
Posted by greg7040 on 14 May 09 at 10:17
EmoRescuelol @ senor slurpee Think u need more games like this, cos it puts a smile on ya wifes face
Posted by EmoRescue on 01 Sep 09 at 17:23
LucrativeGaminglol i did about 300 math problems and wrote 2 papers doing it
Posted by LucrativeGaming on 22 Oct 09 at 19:18
Dr BloodwrathJust imagine if you tried actually playing through everything to get it.... *shudders*
Posted by Dr Bloodwrath on 30 Nov 09 at 20:01
JFriZz0424I love how Alex smith becomes like a 99 in 2 seasons to bad that didnt really happen in real life. :(
Posted by JFriZz0424 on 23 Dec 09 at 06:39
RAVIOLICAPONIYou dont have to do it in one sitting. I would do a few years then save, then do another few years a couple days later and save.
Posted by RAVIOLICAPONI on 21 Jan 10 at 03:34
MantraPoloSo... boring...
Posted by MantraPolo on 13 Feb 10 at 20:05
SashamorningYeah, but Ravioli, then you have to actually come BACK and do it later. :-p

It's been a long time since I did this, and I don't have the game anymore, but I seem to remember something about using a rubber band on the stick or the button or something to help speed this along. Dumb, but it's a rather dumb achievement from the days when they couldn't be creative with their achievements.
Posted by Sashamorning on 04 Mar 10 at 17:27
Leo AscendentThat's why its worth 400, just be glad it doesn't take after dead rising, 20 points, everything.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 24 Jun 10 at 15:33
LvxThis... Was the ultimate boredom, I did my homework, watches TV and cleaned my room. By the time that was done, 4 hours later, I got it... That 400 G really does put up for the boredom though. :p
Posted by Lvx on 14 Dec 10 at 20:18
xLILESxMan that sucked!
Posted by xLILESx on 29 Mar 11 at 17:53
willow veone of the worst grinds in all the games i've played. takes forever, but the 400 gamerscore is worth the boredom and unceasing button mashing.
Posted by willow ve on 13 Apr 11 at 20:32
RigggedyRektI was doing this last night and fell asleep, hope it auto-saves.
Posted by RigggedyRekt on 19 Apr 11 at 15:06
BrasshandeAn unbelievably dull grind, but probably just about worth the grief for the massive 400GS you get once you make it through. The end justifies the means, but only just
Posted by Brasshande on 22 Jun 11 at 07:49
Posted by justinman114 on 08 Aug 11 at 00:18
zoidberg1339Totally worth it.
Posted by zoidberg1339 on 03 Oct 11 at 11:49
Sir TrippsalotCleaned my room, organized my games, and wrote a paper for school. This achievement actually forces you to be productive in real life.
Posted by Sir Trippsalot on 20 Apr 12 at 17:21
GRWRJust watched the Top Gear Middle East Special while doing it XD
Posted by GRWR on 23 Apr 12 at 21:07
KevinRos99Pretty easy achievment not worth the 400 in TA,,let it play when u guys sleeping
Posted by KevinRos99 on 30 Jun 12 at 04:56
ShummellI went out to my local liquor store grabbed my favorite bottle popped the game in started simming pulled out my laptop watched MXC (the greatest show ever) and had myself a good time just checking on on my sim every now and then. I didnt find it as bad as everyone seems to be complaining about it like it was the worst thing they have ever done.
Posted by Shummell on 10 Jan 13 at 04:22
ShummellAlso I thought it was hilarious but Tom Caughlin got fired every year in my game lol poor guy
Posted by Shummell on 10 Jan 13 at 04:23
AHGregI was able to watch 2 episodes of Mythbusters, 2 episodes of South Park, and a Minecraft Lets Play until I got the achievement.
Posted by AHGreg on 16 Jan 13 at 01:18
UnsungGhostYeah it's definitely a good time to get achievements on your phone or computer.
Posted by UnsungGhost on 09 Apr 13 at 20:04
A BatwomanGot it watched all Transformers movies until then.

Also you can save your progress and come back to it if you got other things to do just thought I'd point that out.
Posted by A Batwoman on 10 May 13 at 05:07
machinesnipes72Do yourself a favor, and SAVE
I had about 5 seasons left till I reached 30. THEN IT FROZE!! GRRR!! Time to waste another 4 hours of my life angry
Posted by machinesnipes72 on 02 Jul 13 at 07:13
CovertBazingaI'm with you, Machine! Just lost 3 hours because I thought it auto saved!!!!!
Posted by CovertBazinga on 03 Aug 13 at 21:55
Masta Skor 16JRE #383 - Jim Norton ; , if you don't know what to do
Posted by Masta Skor 16 on 13 Aug 13 at 20:01
Masta Skor 16The system will "run out of years" in the year 2035, which is when you get your achievement.
Posted by Masta Skor 16 on 14 Aug 13 at 00:14
WorknAtTheCrwshSo the Browns went to the Super Bowl. 5 times in a row. And won. Every. Single. Time. What kind of world is this?! shock
Posted by WorknAtTheCrwsh on 16 Jul 14 at 14:04