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Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines.

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26 Jul 2016
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Another solution that worked for me is in Shantytown when you're trying to rescue Grim.
It's the part when he tells you it's a trap. They'll be 4 enemies who zip line across 2 cables one after another.

Use your crossbow and try to get head shots. Once you've taken your shots at the 4 enemies, regardless of whether you hit or missed them, just jump down the platform to your death. Don't kill anyone else in that scene. As soon as you die, you'll be able to play the scene all over again.

These kills are cumulative even though you're replaying the same scene over and over again.
So you can keep playing this same scene until you get the achievement.
PJTierneyCan a second person confirm that replaying a checkpoint increases the counter?
Posted by PJTierney on 07 Aug 16 at 19:28
Tuxie DuckPJTierney, I'd say reloading does NOT increase the counter. I started from the point where the guy with a bow says "Just f*cking kill her" and then the 3 guys start throwing dynamite. There's a total of 6 guys ziplining in that position, and I did the scene around 10 times, most of the time killing all 6, no cigar. Then I continued forward from there having killed 6 at that point, and went to the point after the cargo lift in the same level. After shooting down the 4 guys ziplining into the platform this popped.
Posted by Tuxie Duck on 12 Aug 16 at 18:43
Sensei NeoThis actually seemed to work for me, thanks
Posted by Sensei Neo on 12 Aug 16 at 21:58
Fr0ZenCaVeMaNFollowed this guide as the respawn didnt work. Started new game took me 2 hours to get to this point. My method was as the enemy who setd up a rope arrow to you who says *just f*cking kill her* at the grimm section. Shotgun all enemies point blank zip wiring down. After this section you move onto the conveyor belts. Once you have set foot off the conveyor belts after a small scene. More people will zipwire to your position. Try and get at least 2 headshots on the first 4 people that zipwire. Then jusrt headshot who ever comes across.
Posted by Fr0ZenCaVeMaN on 20 Sep 16 at 17:24
DaneXXXI see people talking about headshots in this solution. Are headshots needed? Can't I just shotgun them off?

Edit: Just got this. Headshots are not needed. Also the reloading checkpoint did not work. I still got this in this area but thats because I was only 4 away when getting here. Shotgun worked best for me. High spray area helps to hit your target in frantic situations.
Posted by DaneXXX on 09 Nov 16 at 17:04
Warboy925PLUS ONE FROM ME!!!!! This was way easier then getting to the point of the respawns!!!! And no, headshots are not needed!! I used the shottie for all 4 kills!!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 09 Jul 17 at 08:29
witter56Finally managed to get this. Thanks.
Posted by witter56 on 04 Dec 17 at 18:00
TREKWARS QFor those who are saying it doesn't work: Reloading a checkpoint doesn't work; you need to die and the counter keeps going. Also, some of the guys don't die from your shot; they die from the fall and that doesn't count. The guys that died on the line on my screen laid down and died in "midair." That's how I knew I got them. I had to die several times, but having that achievement pop was well worth it. Great solution.
Posted by TREKWARS Q on 02 Oct 18 at 06:19
z RagnaroK zWorked for me! I tried farming the section where they say "just fucking kill her" (didn't work) and instead used the part where Grim yells "It's a trap!". Use the shotgun and not the bow. You 100% don't need headshots. Make sure you are killing them once they are close enough. If you don't kill them, they will fall to their death which does not count. Pay attention to you XP counter and make sure that when you hit them with the shotgun they die immediately. Once you kill all zipliners, just jump off the tower to your death. The TR icon should appear in your bottom right indicating that the game has saved your progress (including zipline kills). Then repeat until the achievement pops.

Hope this helps! This one was quite the headache for me.
Posted by z RagnaroK z on 22 Apr 20 at 19:02