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Perform a manual zip line transfer

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TricKyRicKy xDTricKyRicKy xD1,598,124
02 Aug 2016
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Not sure why all the other solutions are long winded. But after completing the game teleport to the Threshold of Kitezh base camp, located in THE LOST CITY. Right Infront of you is a zip line, go down this and right at the end press B to land on the next one. Easy as that.
Dread ReaverQuick and easy, thanks :-)
Posted by Dread Reaver on 06 Sep 16 at 06:47
ShonenJump86Got it, thanks
Posted by ShonenJump86 on 24 Oct 16 at 16:12
The BicknessThanks for not being long winded
Posted by The Bickness on 15 May 17 at 18:01
SilentRich69+1 no wall of text to follow just short and simple.
Posted by SilentRich69 on 21 Aug 19 at 19:03