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Naughty Bear

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There are 66 Naughty Bear achievements (50 without DLC) worth 4,759 (1,250)

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silver DewSky
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Posted on 22 July 10 at 22:40
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Unleash the Naughtiness Within

Enough is Enough, Naughty Bear! They laughed at you, played pranks on you, and even insulted your good gestures when you attempted to do a good deed. Naughty Bear, the residents of Perfection Island must pay for the things they did to you. Tear the Island apart! angry

Naughty Bear is an third person action game that feels very similar to Manhunt and even Hitman, as you will stalk and kill your enemies while completing short objectives to advance to the next level. A score based system doles out points for just about everything you do, and rewards for creativity, combos, and speed. If you’re connected to Xbox Live while you play, your friends score is displayed in the top left corner, and adds a little competition the single-player portion of the game.

The Campaign consists of episodes, seven in total that feature Naughty Bear’s key enemies as the main Bear you must take out at the end of each mission. Each episode has a few objectives along the way like collecting props and reaching a minimum score to complete it, and all the episodes feature a new type of bear to meet like the Zombie bear, Military Bear, Alien Bear, and Ninja Bears. Each story episode goes by quickly, and each has challenge episodes that you must beat in order to unlock the next story mission. The Stories themselves can be beaten pretty quickly, so the re-playability in this game comes from racking up a nice score, unlocking new costumes, and the online multiplayer.

Multiplayer is pretty basic in this game. There are a few modes to play with up to four players, but connections problems occurred many times when I was trying to play in a match.

As for the achievements, there not too hard to gain, they will just take a while. Once you learn the best way to rack up points, most of them will be pretty easy. There is multiplayer achievements, but thankfully only two, so you and an friend could play a match together and obtain them.

The game is actually pretty fun, but there are a few things that can be major downers. The game would constantly freeze at the very end of episodes and the Bears would get stuck a few times around the level resulting in me not being able to gain certain achievements. The level design as well was a negative factor since there are only three unique levels that get recycled during the seven episodes.

Overall this is a pretty fun game , but there are a few technical errors that get in the way of that fun too often. 3/5
varrvatos vexx After playing to the 5th stage out of six I like it but the camera angles change so much, the game me a headache but took some advil and I was good. Past the camera issues with the game, its ok but in my opinion it should be on the xbl arcade not a full $50+ game.
Posted by varrvatos vexx on 24 Jul 10 at 18:24
silver DewSky Thanks for the comment. I agree with you that it should have been an Arcade game. $10-15 would be a better price than $50. I borrowed it from a friend and beat it in about a day!
Posted by silver DewSky on 24 Jul 10 at 20:18
olde fortran 77 This game is so full of bugs that I can't even get the last few achievements. It either freezes when I try to enter Naughty's cabin for the last time, or enter the cabin for the last time only the game never ends (I just stand there in an underpopulated cabin area with no way out), or the controls stop responding when I try to deal with a "jammed" bear. This game isn't worth $5.
Also, the controls are poorly thought out. I'm quite tired of trying to sabotage something but instead exit through a window or swap an item that is nearby.
Posted by olde fortran 77 on 08 Sep 12 at 15:21