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Win a multiplayer match on each of the 5 Flashback Map Pack maps (any mode except Wingman)

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The 5 Flashback maps you need to play on are:

Tyro Station

It is possible to gain this achievement solo in local multiplayer. Simply set up a local multiplayer match (do not select Wingman) against 1 bot. Warzone is probably the fastest when setting it to be a 1 kill win.

After selecting the correct map pick your character and weapon and start the match.

Hunt down your oponent and kill him to win the match.

Once you win the game just set up another match but on the next map :)

After winning the match on the final Flashback map you will gain the achievement.
IntoTheDark7Maybe worth pointing out that if you're going for all achievements you'll get this one on your way to "Annex: now with execution rules" so no need to boost in local. But if you're just after this achievement as quickly as possible your way is right.
Posted by IntoTheDark7 on 08 Dec 10 at 09:41
Solario32Thank you for the map list. Like the comment above, I got this while going for Annex.
Posted by Solario32 on 18 Sep 11 at 05:01
Arj295Thanks for the list of the maps.
Posted by Arj295 on 15 Apr 12 at 00:21