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Get Gold on all trick races.

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23 Jul 2010 06 Aug 2010
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If you really want to do these races then my advice to you from personal experience is to first do all the mary jane thrill rides there are three of them. After doing all three you will unlock webswing 7 a passive ability which will let you webswing faster and is crucial for the races.

You must learn and master all of the controls and learn how the camera works and readjusts itself. The main moves you will need to master are webzip boosting and and webswinging. To webzip press right trigger now to webzip boost press left trigger right after right trigger this is the fastest way to get from point a to point b but it is not going to be used in every situation.

Some times you will need to brake when webziping and webzip
boosting this takes time to master but will come with time the races teach you how to control your distances. Webswinging and webswing boosting is very important to master press and hold right trigger to begin your swing and then press left trigger and various points in your swing to get different results.

Example to quickly desend immediatly webswing boost when you begin your swing and let go this will drop you like a rock. Boost at the top of your swing to gain height,if you need even more height start holding a as soon as you go into your swing and webswing boost at the top and let go of a and you will soar into the sky,lastly to shoot forward quickly webswing boost in the middle of your swing no a button.

Wall running and wall run jumping is the hardest thing to learn and will take time to get used to. The biggest thing is to stop your momentem by pressing a and then hold left trigger and b and hold towards wall to start wall running. The camera will go insane if you mess with spiderman to much during wall running so this takes time to get used to.

Wall run jumping is the hardest checkpoints besides loops and orbits to trigger (more on that later) you must start your wall run and then start spamming the a button while within the checkpoint so fustrating to get this sometimes again practice practice practice.

Loops are a nightmare they require you to attach your web within the checkpoint and loop vertically as straight as possible then launching yourself from the loop into the next general direction of the next checkpoint.Absolutly critical for race 39 and 47. Gold wont happen unless you master the loops or get luckly with a insane run.

Orbits are hard as well but not as picky as the loops you have to get used to the camera catching up with you as you go around this things again no advice except practice you will see these on race 39 for the first time.

The reason people find these races scary is because there are no real videos on the net yet and the paths the developers want you to take isnt always clear therefore people just quit because they dont know how to do them. There is a set path to take and moves to do that make the races possible. You must memorize the path first then you will start knocking your times down then it comes down to executing as perfectly as possible.

More tips which are critcal to success. When wall running you will lose speed eventually when this happens start pressing the a button while wall running this will make you go at top speed critical for some races. Charge wall jumping you will need this to gold race 15 i think its 15. You will hold a from a webcrawl and not press anything else you will shoot in the opposite direction quickly. It takes time to learn how the camera auto adjusts and is really important to learn how to deal with.

You must always make mini adjustments to spiderman as you are moving through the air example you do a webzip boost and you will notice that you will pull in one direction or the other you must contantly readjust while moving in the air again practice.Always jump after webziping or boosting if you need to get somewhere fast again this all depends and the situation.

People debate which suit to use i think the red suit is the best for the races as its more stable that the black i have heard. For races like 33 which you must be extremely accurate this is important.

If you need help with a particular race let me know and i will try to help although everything i learned i learned from the best spiderman 3 player in the world which im not sure if he wants his name mentioned or not so i wont so but might edit later if he doesnt mind. Videos might be made in the future. Dont give up and persist and you will do these races try to go in order and dont stop its nice to unlock all three acheivements in one go like i did dont move to the next race till you gold the previous one.

Good luck again this achievement isnt impossible just very hard.
UziRyder38People voting negative on a guide that can only help you... how nice of them.
Thanks for the tips. I didn't realize loops had to be done vertically. I was circling the loop in race 34 horizontally for 5 mins. thought it was glitched or something (I'm a genius, I know). Now I see I actually have to do the horizontal ones too eventually...
Again, thank you.
Posted by UziRyder38 on 26 Oct 10 at 23:09
BUGAJ75 RETURNSThe horizontal ones are called orbits you will see those in race 39 for the first time which in my opinion is the toughest race. Feel free to ask me for help in any race you struggle with its nice to see some people trying for this insane achievement. Thanks for good feedback.
Posted by BUGAJ75 RETURNS on 27 Oct 10 at 01:26
UziRyder38I just did race 39 in 53 motherf#@king seconds !!! OMG!OMG!OMG!... phew.
Nine more races to go!

PS. If ur interested in other insane single player achievements, I recommend Mirror's Edge.
SM3 reminds me so much of that game. The time trials there are rediculous as well. Mark my words: ur gonna curse me for recommending that game!
Posted by UziRyder38 on 27 Oct 10 at 15:20
BUGAJ75 RETURNSWhich ones do you have left? Have you done 32,33,and 47 yet? Those are the other tough ones.
Posted by BUGAJ75 RETURNS on 27 Oct 10 at 19:11
UziRyder38I only need 48 now!
Posted by UziRyder38 on 27 Oct 10 at 21:15
UziRyder38Got it! woohoo! There's always a right path.
Posted by UziRyder38 on 27 Oct 10 at 21:38
Holy Murderer5number 22 and 29 are confusing me - im alway about 10 secs over no matter how i try them - can anyone help?
Posted by Holy Murderer5 on 21 Aug 11 at 19:26
BUGAJ75 RETURNS22 you have to be perfect you can't waste time on the block platforms you have to webzip no boost from each one on the first wall run you have to webzip boost charge jump off the wall. Its really hard and will take a bit of luck because you need to blind webzip off the wall. The second wall is worse as you have to land in the hole between the buildings then webzip brake toward the final checkpoint.

For 29 you have to take the shortest route possible. After you do the wall run around the wall and do the wall jump off ot it you need to quickly get height on your webswing to make it the swing checkpoint up high. From there you can zip over the buildings to your left and land in the street then quickly zip to the alleyway openings. You really need to know this level well to gold it.
Posted by BUGAJ75 RETURNS on 23 Aug 11 at 11:20
oEVIL RYUoThis thread is pretty cool it's nice to see people are as insane as me for going for the full 1000 :D, i've managed to gold all races upto 32 and this one is stopping me dead in my tracks!!. I start of by holding left trigger before timer and running jump off the building diving towards the first checkpoint (this seems the fastest way to the ground), before hitting the ground i swing through the first checkpoint and webzip + LT towards the wall run & wall jump checkpoints, Q - (Do i need to webzip into the wall run or would you say it is better to land first and then go into the wall run??) now once at the top reverse webzip across to the next checkpoint and then it all goes pair shaped from there as all the other checkpoints just seem ridicoulous to link together!! especially the last one on the sign at the side of the building (wallrun and then get to the top of the building?? how the heck :D lol??) anway if any of you guys can help me with race 32 i would be very greatful as i think i can get them all with a little help, thanks. Andy T
Posted by oEVIL RYUo on 10 Oct 11 at 19:51
oEVIL RYUoHa! finally got race 32 in 101.329 secs!! that was a bitch, also done race 33 now, a little tip for race 33 is when you take on the cables this was my strategy - from starting point hold a to jumjp straight up high into the air then webzip towards first checkpoint pulling back slightly on the analouge stick to hold spidey in the air (this will make it easier to land on the first checkpoint). now when spidey lands let go of the analouge stick completey until you want to straighten up for the next checkpoint (this makes spidey stop dead instead of sliding off the cables). now jump and webzip to the second checkpoint also using jump or double jump whilst holding back on the analouge stick can make it much easier to land spidey on the cables so bear that it mind when web zipping a longer distance. now for the third checkpoint it's a simple double jump but hold the jump button down on the second jump as this will carry you further and make the checkpoint easier, once here jump straight up and webzip over to the 4th checkpoint, this one is a bit trickier and you must pull back slightly on the analouge stick and double jump onto the cable for better stability. Now from here either web zip or you can sometimes get a web zip boost to the centre platform which shaves a lots of seconds off the target time of 1:04, as you get to the platform checkpoint swing through the checkpoint and through the legs of the bridge in front continue on and hopefully luck will be with you and you will land on the steel ledge which is the next checkpont. (note: if you can get from checkpoint 4 right throught the platform swing checkpoint and land on the steel ledge checkpoint all in one go and quickly, your in for the gold - this section is key in getting a good time.) now once here hold A and do a vertical high jump and webzip towards the 1st of 4 cable checkpoints you may have to jump again whilst in the air to reach the first one, now the trick which i found worked best here was to alter the camera an aim it towards each checkpoint then jump once and webzip but let spidey do the work don't move him in the air, he will seem to almost home in on the checkpoint himself all you really need to do is nudge the analouge stick back a little as he lands to stop him from falling off but he usually stops dead on the checkpoint if you get it right, you will master this after a lot of attempts, i mean don't get me wrong this race is hard it took me over 90 trys to get it, but i'm just sharing my strategy :) so do the above until you get to the last cable checkpoint and as you hit this one try and continue after you land right off the side and over the bridge to get underneath where the 1st water checkpoint lies, webzip or swing to get to this one and just before you hit the water try and webswing through it and towards the next checkpoint between the bridges lower legs, a simple web zip should get you here and as you go through do a web zip boost to shoot you towards the next checkpoint which is quite a distance on dry land (this is why you must webzip boost from the previous checkpoint, as you approach the checkpoint on dry land it is possible to web swing before touching the ground which will set you up for the second to last checkpoint which is directly beneath the bridge in fron of you, as you fly into the air web zip towards the checkpoint and you should travel straight through it (no need to stick to the underside of the bridge as this is a 'get through anyhow' checkpoint') once past this it's just a case of performing a web swing to get you from out of beneath the bridge and up and over on to the top side where the final checkpoint is , actually directly opposite from your starting checkpoint :D so you should know really where your aiming for. Thats it really all the advice i can give you if your stuck on this one, give me a shout and i'll help you with any races except after 33 as this is where i am upto at the minute :) hopefully have them all completed before Christmas lol !!
Posted by oEVIL RYUo on 23 Oct 11 at 16:37
oEVIL RYUoJust completed race 39 last night, this was a really tough race, you must learn how to orbit and loop properly to get this one, just a little tip i found that at the final web swing checkpoint once you are through it immediatley web swing again to take you high enough to web zip directly across to the billboard as the building in front of you can be quite difficult to get over in one swing (i couldn't get the height from the first web swing but doing 2 consecutive web swings helped me come in under 2 seconds below gold time).
Posted by oEVIL RYUo on 28 Oct 11 at 15:33
meitante kibaim having troubel on 24 right now. the guide above this one says if u web zip you wont get caught on the trees but thats bull. i been doing it of almost 2 days now and no matter what a tree is always in my way. aside from that the 2nd to last check poit pisses me off because its way off to the left befor getting to the finish line. if it wasnt for that checkpoint i MAYBE would have already gold this race.
Posted by meitante kiba on 18 Apr 12 at 19:13
Dollar JuniorOK the trick to race 24 is to stay as high above the trees as possible and webzip boost CHARGE JUMP! To charge jump immediately after the webzip boost hold a.
Posted by Dollar Junior on 23 Feb 13 at 20:52
Dollar JuniorI will be posting videos soon for all the races.
Posted by Dollar Junior on 25 May 13 at 14:11
EarthboundXWait, Webswing 7?

How come I only have 5, even though I've done all the missions?
Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Apr 14 at 06:25
EarthboundXOh wait, looks like I have 6 now, how do I get 7?
Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Apr 14 at 06:27
EarthboundXOK, seems I have to just keep doing the races, and that will level up my speed.

Guess I'll have to come back to some races.
Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Apr 14 at 06:27