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Bustin' Out

Collect all Billboards

Bustin' Out0
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23 Jan 2009 05 May 2019
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I used this map to find the locations :
(scroll down for links to maps to the other areas)

This info is deprecated since the link appears to no longer work:

Then I used this guide for screenshots on each billboard and how to get to them.
(again, click the links for the different areas)
FoD See MeThanks for the map links, was really useful.
Posted by FoD See Me on 23 Feb 09 at 15:21
The Fury I84II also used
Very easy to find them all :)
Posted by The Fury I84I on 25 Feb 09 at 06:08
CHUCK N07715ty :)
Posted by CHUCK N07715 on 22 Mar 09 at 09:09
klobeastdang. I wish I'd seen this before I did the achievement. That teamxbox guide is amazing. Would have saved me lots of time
Posted by klobeast on 07 Jun 09 at 17:36
HorZa IXOnly thing about the IGN guide on teamxbox is that there are quite a few errors in the locations of billboards and the smashes. Use the senocular guide if you're having trouble finding them, then use the info in IGN guide.
Posted by HorZa IX on 02 Feb 10 at 10:57
EverStoned77Don't know if it's a mobile phone thing but it would seem that the map no longer works ... the link takes you to the site but the map isn't there, there's just a big white square where the map used to be ... didn't downvote since 1. You might not know yet (& it's not your fault) & 2. Don't know if it works using a PC although I doubt it ... hate when sites makes their awesome interactive maps useless, achievement hunters did that with a lot of theirs when they re-designed their site roll warning
Posted by EverStoned77 on 05 May 19 at 21:17
NighthawkJoVThe first link still works on PC, but requires Flash so that's probably why it doesn't work great on mobile. The second link is blackholed, so I'll remove it.
Posted by NighthawkJoV on 05 May 19 at 22:31
EverStoned77Oh ok, yeah that explains it & with that you got my upvote, might not be able to see the map but it works & keeping a guide updated & intact deserves a vote in my book smile
Posted by EverStoned77 on 06 May 19 at 19:51