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Hero of Thyme

Complete Overcooked and save the Onion Kingdom!

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The Batman IRLThe Batman IRL401,162
14 Aug 2016
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Not a full guide, just some tips for the final level, The Peckering as we had a lot of trouble.

We did it in 2 player co-op.

The trick was to stock up on tomatoes at the end of round/stage/platform 1 for use in the following 3 stages.

Have tomatoes ready for the 3rd stage where the player on the right has to make Pizza's and its difficult to reach the tomatoes from the right building.

Before stage 3 starts, make sure the player on the left has a plate ready, this will make getting the first fish and chips ready a lot quicker/easier.

Before the final stage, the player on the left can try and prepare some fish and chips and tomato soup and have them ready to go on as soon as the stage starts. You can also get a pizza base ready if you have the time.

This few tips will hopefully save you time, and it will take a few goes, but practice makes perfect.

Below is a video I streamed to Twitch while completing it. No sound was recorded for some reason and my video editing skills are non existent, but this might be some help to any of you struggling with that final level.

TrombonafideUnlike other levels, the order of food is fixed for this. We used this fact to prep ahead for the last round. Here's all the orders if you'd like to add it to the solution.

WAVE 1 - Soups


WAVE 2 - Burger

Burger Plain
Burger L/T
Burger L
Burger Plain
Burger L/T

WAVE 3 - Pizza/Fish and Chips

Pizza Cheese
Fish + Chips
Pizza Sausage
Fish + Chips
Pizza Cheese


Tomato Soup
Pizza Mushroom
Burger L/T
Fish Chips
Salad (L/T)
Posted by Trombonafide on 29 Apr 18 at 17:35
Team BretherThanks Trombonafide, really helped smile
Posted by Team Brether on 13 Jun 18 at 17:41
oOo Gandalf oOoAmazing!!
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