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Llama Whisperer

Recover 100,000 llamas (cumulative).

Llama Whisperer+1.7
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16 Aug 2016 11 Sep 2017
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Actually, in the interests of superior Llama farming here is an autohotkey script that should keep running the slopes for you. Hit F11 to toggle it on and off, and Ctrl+Alt+L to toggle Llama mode (see below).

This should have better ad detection (the ad with the monkey king had a full screen background so it wasn't detecting the end of the ad properly. You can remove the Tooltip lines if you want, it just shows what section its in while running. This one should automatically end any ads when they are done playing. It also has a llama farming mode. I noticed that in my original script, the llama whisperer progress was lagging far behind the silver surfer. So you can now hit Ctrl+Alt+L to switch to "llama mode" where it will just replay the first 4 or 5 seconds over and over (where there are 4 llamas right off the bat). The "standard" mode will do the usual jumping every 450ms until it dies.

(these instructions are from Chris 8875s Silver Surfer walkthrough)
Auto Hotkey can be found here if you don't have it:

Download, then go to your desktop, right click and select "NEW". When the different file options appear, choose "New Auto Hotkey file".

You should be able to edit in some new script via Notepad.

EDIT: fixed to work better once coin count hits 5 digits
EDIT 8/24: changed it to use client coordinates which should work better with different screen setting people may have. Also: a note about llama mode. It wont count your progress until you end a run normally (instead of restarting).
EDIT 9/3: I must have changed script to F11 at some point but description still said to use F12. Sorry!
EDIT 9/11/17: slight change to script per suggestion by wanderux that will skip some adds that need to be clicked in a different location.

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Markyshizzleit doesnt autosize the window, so im guessing this should be ran in full screen?
Posted by Markyshizzle on 17 Aug 16 at 02:49
Palesiusit sure does on mine, as soon as I hit F12.
The only thing I can think is if there was a different window name like for an international version or something?
"WinMove,Alto's Adventure,,,,1040,776"
should find the window titled "Alto's Adventure" and resize it.
Probably fullsize would work if your resolution was set to 1024x768
I'm curious if you run the Window Spy thing from Autohotkey does it say the title is"Alto's Adventure"?
Posted by Palesius on 18 Aug 16 at 04:51
erod550For me it just says "OH NOES" basically the whole time. It does figure out when it crashes into a rock and it restarts then, but I put it in llama mode which should just restart every few seconds and it's still just jumping away until it hits a rock and then restarts, which isn't any better than the macro I've been using. The only time it ever goes to "In Run" is when an ad is playing. It resized my window and seems to be able to read the coords in the window just fine and is able to click Play Again and the red X in the middle. It's just not reading what's underneath those coords I guess to figure out what's actually going on at the time.
Posted by erod550 on 23 Aug 16 at 05:31
Palesiusis it resizing it initially? Llama mode will only restart after it is "in run" for 4 seconds. Any changes you've made to windows display scaling (see below) or font size or anything?
I updated w/a new version that may work better w/different screen/font settings/themes/etc

This is a repost from silver surfer thread:
Just wanted to add, there was one guy having trouble with my script, not sure what the exact issue was but one problem could be if you have font scaling turned on it might change the size/position of things. It can be found under the settings APP (not control panel), then under system, then under display, it's called "change the size of text, apps, and other items". I would make sure that is 100% at least when running the script. If that is different it would change the size of the title bar of the window (at least that, it might change more). I'll try to update my script so it can be independent of title bar size at least.
Posted by Palesius on 24 Aug 16 at 12:43
erod550Yes, it resizes it initially. And I did have display scaling on, but even setting it back to 100% doesn't change anything. It still just errors out (OH NOES) the whole time. I think it might have something to do with the Active Window Position width and height not matching up with the 1040,776 window size the scrip sets the window to. When you're running the script and you use Window Spy, what does it say for Client w: and h: under the "Control Under Mouse Position" and "Active Window Position" sections? I've found that hardcoded coordinates in AHK really only work if they match up with the Client positions that show up in Window Spy.

I'll keep experimenting with resizing the window. I can get it to sometimes do In Run but then it still thinks the run ended when it hasn't yet and still thinks it's playing an ad when it's not. It all come down to getting the window size to be exactly what it needs to be and I think every computer is probably going to render that just a little differently because of differences in screen area, resolution, etc.
Posted by erod550 on 25 Aug 16 at 03:59
erod550Ok, so I went line by line on the coordinates and updated them for my system and now everything is working. It just took me a little bit to figure out what it's trying to see on each screen.

For anyone else that it's not working for them or not consistent across all the different screen modes, here's what it's actually looking at, so you can use Window Spy to find the coordinates in your window and adjust accordingly.

InRun - It's looking at the m in the distance traveled (always black) and then right next to the m where it's not black
RunEndTimer - It's looking at the white in the continue button in the center and the red in the X to end the run.
Score - It's looking at the yellow in the little coin graphic in the middle, and the white in the Home and Restart graphics, and the middle of the restart arrow where it's not white
Pause - It's looking at the yellow in the coin graphic and the brown in the llama graphic
Ad - It's looking at the white of the mute button and just a few pixels to the left and right where it's not white

I think that's all of them. So if you just go through and adjust your coordinates using Window Spy and Client coordinates under Mouse Position, then everything works great, even that stupid monkey ad that my old macro would always get stuck on.
Posted by erod550 on 25 Aug 16 at 16:18
erod550I'm sure we've all had that situation come up where the game stops responding to clicks and you can't do anything until you close and restart the game. Unfortunately, if that happens you lose all your progress on llamas since you were not able to finish a run normally (crash) before this happened. So I decided to try out adding some code that will force a crash every 20 runs (this can be modified to however many you want to do at a time), therefore banking the llamas you have gathered over that time so you don't lose all your progress in case of one of these unresponsive situations.

All I did was initialize another variable at the top:

And then changed the ;In Run block to this. Change the aaTotalRuns<20 to whatever number you want for number of runs between intentional crashes. If you're not in llama mode then it will just keep going as normal since eventually you'll crash anyway so you don't have to worry about forcing a crash to save your progress.
;In Run
if (aaTotalRuns<20) {
if (aaState=0) {
if (aaLlama) {
Sleep, 3500
send, {esc}
Sleep, 625
else if (aaRunstart) {
Sleep, 4000
} else {
Sleep, 450
else {
Sleep, 450
Sleep, 1000
Click down
Sleep, 4000
Click up
Posted by erod550 on 25 Aug 16 at 17:32
Palesiusthanks, not a bad idea. I did update it to use all client mode coords a few days ago which might help a little
Posted by Palesius on 29 Aug 16 at 20:44
MADeyePadEYEThis was working great for me till yesterday now the script doesn't seem to click or resize the window. I have no clue when it comes to using script but from my knowledge I haven't changed a thing but now its not doing anything cry
I've try'd resetting everything, re doing the script etc
Posted by MADeyePadEYE on 30 Aug 16 at 00:19
Palesiusyou could try running the script as admin (right click on it and that should be an option) and see if that makes a difference.
Posted by Palesius on 30 Aug 16 at 01:48
MADeyePadEYETry'd that but didn't do a thing, i can change between modes llama/no and the scipt seems to be doing something as it seems to force go back to the alto game window when I'm clicking out of the game, say to a web page but it's not auto re scaling the game window and placing my cursor in the right corner for the restart or clicking (jumping) mmmm like i said was working fine for about a week on and off
Posted by MADeyePadEYE on 31 Aug 16 at 22:02
TangerineGamerI'm also having issues getting this to work, the one from Silver Surfer solution is working OK but this one does nothing, as if it's not running at all

Randomly started working for me, had to hit F11 instead of F12 though ... once I hit F11 I switched windows (to chrome to post here) and the script took over, brough up Alto and clicked away ... weird?
Posted by TangerineGamer on 03 Sep 16 at 15:34
PalesiusThanks for catching that, I changed it at some point and totally forgot description still said to use F12
Posted by Palesius on 03 Sep 16 at 18:47
Mateus FuzzatoThe script works fine until the game opens the ad vídeos (Asphalt 8, Candy Crush, etc.), after that it keeps showing the "oh noes" message, but doesn't close the ad. Any idea of automatizing this too?

PS: Sorry about my english, i'm brazilian... laugh
Posted by Mateus Fuzzato on 07 Sep 16 at 22:46
TangerineGamerWorks for me, waits for the ads to finish then closes them and continues
Posted by TangerineGamer on 07 Sep 16 at 23:12
PalesiusMuch better than my Portuguese, I'm sure :)

For me at least it will end most ads, but it did get stuck on maybe 5-10% still. But it sounds like it's getting stuck 100% of the time, right?
Posted by Palesius on 08 Sep 16 at 00:39
Mateus FuzzatoYes, right. Every ads that appears on the screen keeps getting this message, only the normal version (not the "Llama version") works fine. Any idea?
Posted by Mateus Fuzzato on 12 Oct 16 at 18:46
shelbygt5252The script doesn't close the candy crush advertisements, any suggestions?
Posted by shelbygt5252 on 16 Oct 16 at 00:04
This always gives me "OH NOES" in the top left of my computer screen.
Posted on 23 Nov 16 at 00:49
Palesiusthat pretty much means its not able to determine the screen its on. Could be different display scaling or something, not 100% sure, sorry. My display settings were all on the defaults for what its worth.
Posted by Palesius on 25 Nov 16 at 00:15
Thanks for the response. I'll see if I can edit the code to fit my screen size.
Posted on 25 Nov 16 at 21:07
Palesiussomewhere back in this thread, someone talked about what i was looking at to detect each screen. erod550 on 8/25
Posted by Palesius on 27 Nov 16 at 11:17
Zaro KarosI'm not 100% sure what I'm looking at, so what would I need to change? All i'm getting is OH NOES (Standard)
Posted by Zaro Karos on 22 Dec 16 at 06:14
LordItaloThis script doesn't work properly now because some ads have the close button located at upper right on the screen, and this script just click on close button located at upper left on the screen.
Posted by LordItalo on 24 Jan 17 at 07:45
Markyshizzlethis ^^^
Posted by Markyshizzle on 26 Jan 17 at 18:10
SashamorningOh, how I love macros. toast

Just thinking, the script could be set to click in both places since the ads go back and forth. I don't have time to fiddle with it now, though.
Posted by Sashamorning on 30 Jan 17 at 04:12
SashamorningI still need to fiddle with the coordinates. I'm fairly sure I need to config it to my screen.

As far as the ads go, that should just be a case of adding a second click at the top right.

I also had to make another change because I wasn't getting to the 4th llama at the beginning. In case anyone else is having this problem, here's where it is.

;RunEndTimer 1
if (pc=0xffffff) {
sleep, 800
if (pc=0x4C56B0) {
Tooltip,Run End Timer %aaLlamaStr%,0,0
Posted by Sashamorning on 31 Jan 17 at 21:46
OnzaCan AHK make a system call to time? I would like to use it for this achievement,
Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8)VIPThe VIP achievement in Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) worth 47 pointsReach a lifetime total of 1,000,000 coins
, but looking at the AHK manual did not see a way to do it. Thanks
Posted by Onza on 05 May 17 at 14:54
Jony Mumblesanyone have the updated script?

im still having problems with the ads popping up and auto clicker not closing them
Posted by Jony Mumbles on 27 Oct 17 at 20:11
Palesiusthe version at the top should click the top left and right i think. I haven't tested the new version myself. You could always try adding another click wherever the Xs are on the problem ads.
Posted by Palesius on 28 Oct 17 at 08:51
KiRRAYNEDude! Thank you so much for this. I set the script up last night and it works perfectly. I meant to shut it off before I went to work this morning but I forgot. It's still going strong! The grind would be literally impossible without this.
Posted by KiRRAYNE on 06 Mar 18 at 14:00
GroudonGoWhat exactly does llama mode do that is different from the original script?
Posted by GroudonGo on 24 Mar 20 at 18:05
GroudonGoAlso, ads are not being handled by the script
Posted by GroudonGo on 24 Mar 20 at 18:43
PalesiusIt plays the first few seconds over and over, it's described in the solution.
As for the ads, it's possible the close buttons have been moved around in the last few years.
Posted by Palesius on 25 Mar 20 at 01:30
PalesiusIs it detecting the ad? The tooltip should say something like "playing ad"?
To detect it's looking for
1012,745 to be white
and 1007,745 and 1017,745 to NOT be white
I believe it's looking for the speaker mute icon in the lower right.

If it's detecting it ok, but not closing it succesfully, then it might be clicking in the wrong place:
it clicks at 17,55 and 1000,55 which is basically top left and top right corners.
Posted by Palesius on 25 Mar 20 at 01:36
GroudonGoI believe the issue would then be that the speaker mute icon is located in the top right corner. Also I’ve found that all ads currently playing are able to be closed in the top right corner as well
Posted by GroudonGo on 25 Mar 20 at 02:25
ALoneWolf42This is great, thank you! I caught so many Llamas today while I was studying!
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 22 Apr 20 at 23:28
ALoneWolf42Just an update: It's about a month later and I'm at 43% of 100,000 llamas. (Which is 43,000 or so.)

Just some advice for ppl trying this: Don't leave the game running indefinitely without monitoring it. Sometimes the auto-clicker gets stuck & won't move past a specific ad. That's why I don't leave it running at night, I'm afraid it will get stuck & my CPU won't be happy. Also, it seems you need to keep the monitor on, or the game pauses.

I've needed to use my PC for studying recently, so that's why it's taking so long to complete. facepalm I'm only running it for about an hour or 2 every day, which is slow progress.
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 19 May 20 at 18:27