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HITMAN achievements


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There are 69 HITMAN achievements (17 without DLC) worth 3,285 (1,360)

107,903 tracked gamers have this game, 4,230 have completed it (3.92%)

Secret Achievement in HITMAN

Secret Achievement46 (15)

Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)

  • Unlocked by 5,203 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 22,397  
Assassin EIRE
140,165 (83,740)
Assassin EIRE
Achievement won on 16 Aug 16
TA Score for this game: 3,285
Posted on 16 August 16 at 23:19, Edited on 18 August 16 at 18:29
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EDIT *From iVilux in the comments - "You need to die or complete the mission in order to unlock the achievement. If you have the challenge but no achievement, just quickly get into a game and die."

So I spent all day trying to work this one out and I believe I have the solution.

The first thing that you want to do is gain access to Morgan's Suite on the top floor. There are a few ways to do this but the method I chose was to do the "On The House" Opportunity. By following this opportunity through to completion, it will not only take you directly to the room you need to be in, but will also clear the bottom floor of all staff allowing you to freely move around (It will also give you the perfect opportunity to push Morgan off the balcony and complete the "I Believe I Can Fly" challenge which is part of the Drop the Bass achievement).

**Posted by Calex dEUS in the comments - "Probably obvious but you can get the 'hold my hair' challenge here too when he inspects the toilet."

Now once you are in the suite, you want to look around the room for small, golden elephant statues. I counted 15 on the bottom floor and 3 on the top floor for a total of 18, but I could have miscounted. Feel free to correct me if you count differently. I don't know exactly where all of the locations are but all of them were on bookshelves for me, both up high and on lower shelves. The three upstairs are all in the same room, the one with the heart made of flowers on the bed. This is where all of the staff seem to go when they leave the downstairs area and for me, one of them could see through my disguise so I ended up shooting them all.

There are also a few silver elephants. I don't think these are required but I shot any of them I saw anyway. You should hear an elephant sound after each one you shoot. The problem is that you won't hear a distinctive sound after you have shot them all so you will have to keep count and check each room thoroughly.

When you think you have shot them all, head downstairs to the main lobby. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you should unlock the "I Will Cry If I Want To" challenge and the achievement should unlock. If you don't unlock the "I Will Cry If I Want To" challenge, then you haven't shot all of the elephants. For me, the achievement didn't unlock until I quit to the main menu so try that if it doesn't pop straight away.

This is an Easter egg by the way so if you want to see what exactly it does. Go outside the main entrance to where the two large elephant statues are and look at their faces. You will also hear unique dialogue from the NPCs but I won't ruin it for you.

If you prefer a video guide then check out the video below which was provided by Maka91.

All credit for the video goes to Maka91.

This is my first guide so please leave some feedback and tell me if anything needs to be added. I will of course credit you in the solution.
Jzarp43 Awesome guide man!
Posted by Jzarp43 on 16 Aug 16 at 23:56
BLAZE VII Dayum 15? Thanks for that, thought it had something to do with the two big golden elephants in front of the main entrance. +1
Posted by BLAZE VII on 17 Aug 16 at 00:22
Assassin EIRE Thanks guys. The two large elephants are what threw me off. I tried everything with them until I got annoyed and decided to try something else. That's when i stumbled unto the small golden statues and the rest is history smile
Posted by Assassin EIRE on 17 Aug 16 at 00:28
BLAZE VII @Assassin: Yea you and me both. laugh Annoying thingy though, my achievement unlocked earliest during the cutscene at the airport. Same with another achievement. Hate that they don't pop right away, can be really confusing. Guess XBL trolling again. Well just a heads-up for others!
Posted by BLAZE VII on 17 Aug 16 at 07:55
iVilux You need to die or complete the mission in order to unlock the achievement. If you have the challenge but no achievement, just quickly get into a game and die.
Posted by iVilux on 17 Aug 16 at 13:42
Assassin EIRE @iVilux Thanks man. I'll add that to the solution.
Posted by Assassin EIRE on 17 Aug 16 at 13:48
Ungro Thanks for the guide! I didn't hear any NPCs say anything though, could you please let me know what they said?
Posted by Ungro on 17 Aug 16 at 16:24
Mr Evil 37 I started the new level to get the challenge, but once I got it, the achievement never popped. Killed myself, nothing. Quit to main menu, nothing. Started the level again, killed the targets, did the challenge and completed the mission - got the challenge, but still no achievement.

Any ideas?
Posted by Mr Evil 37 on 17 Aug 16 at 21:50
Assassin EIRE @Mr Evil 37 - Sounds like you are experiencing the very common, "Done... Unlocking" Glitch. I can't offer much help i'm afraid but try reading this link:
'Done! Unlocking...' what does it mean?

It may be able to help you.
Posted by Assassin EIRE on 17 Aug 16 at 22:19
Calex dEUS Probably obvious but you can get the 'hold my hair' challenge here too when he inspects the toilet. Thanks for the guide.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 18 Aug 16 at 09:44
earlofillusion I'm actually running into the same problem that Mr Evil 37's having. The challenge is complete, I've died, finished the mission, quit, etc, and nothing is happening. The progress bar is still at 0%, not "Done! Unlocking..." like the two summer episode kill ones were for me for a while.
Posted by earlofillusion on 18 Aug 16 at 18:21
Assassin EIRE @earlofillusion - It won't always say "Done! Unlocking...". I've had achievements stuck at 0% for a few weeks before they unlocked.

I'm sorry to say that I really don't know why the achievement hasn't unlocked for you. If you have the challenge, you should get the achievement. Maybe the only option is to wait a while and see if it unlocks? Other than that, I don't know what else to suggest. Sorry.
Posted by Assassin EIRE on 18 Aug 16 at 18:25
DAnDaRk11 Mine did not unlock before I had started a new game and died for a second time.
Posted by DAnDaRk11 on 20 Aug 16 at 10:30
AKfoy0face Just killing the cleaning crew is much easier and fun.
Posted by AKfoy0face on 28 Aug 16 at 18:25
Aliosghof Notice after you complete the challenge , two big elephants are crying blood ! laugh
Posted by Aliosghof on 08 Oct 16 at 03:00
stordoff I thought I counted 17 elephants on the lower floor, so one of us (probably me :p) mis-counted.
Posted by stordoff on 22 Oct 16 at 05:46
SteampunkZomb1e I have shot all the Gold Elephants. Finished the mission. No Cheevo. PLayed again, finished it no cheevo. Is this still not unlocking for anyone else?
Posted by SteampunkZomb1e on 02 Nov 16 at 14:28
tntiseverywere I'm joining the "No Unlock" train... I have the challenge but not the achievement...

I tried:
1. Dying
2. Restarting
3. Completed the mission (killed both and exited)
4. Completed an escalation in the level
5. Visited the achievements page on Xbox Web Page to force it to pop?
6. Shot the poor elephants all over again...

I guess i have to wait for it to randomly pop?
Posted by tntiseverywere on 06 Jan 17 at 09:17
SteampunkZomb1e You have done exactly what i have done...and No cheevo. Has yours popped yet? Its really annoyed me.
Posted by SteampunkZomb1e on 10 Jan 17 at 15:35
rawdeal42 Thanks for the Exit To Menu advice. That got it to pop for me after shooting them all.
Posted by rawdeal42 on 12 Jul 17 at 21:24
DifficuIt Dave About 4 months now and still no achievement.
Posted by DifficuIt Dave on 11 Dec 17 at 10:39
tntiseverywere Yeah nothing yet. I'm trying it on every update..
Posted by tntiseverywere on 11 Dec 17 at 17:57
Dallasthedude Just glitched on me too.
Posted by Dallasthedude on 13 Mar 18 at 07:16
THEpaynexkiller Got mine first try. Just shot all the elephants and exited the mission. 12/04/18.
Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 12 Apr 18 at 13:21
Dallasthedude Has there been an update recently?
Posted by Dallasthedude on 12 Apr 18 at 13:24
OhMyGoth1 Dying after the challenge completing didn't pop the achievement, so I completed the first step of The Somsak Equation escalation and it popped (the challenge finally was added to my mastery score upon completing the stage of the escalation).
Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 20 Apr 18 at 14:47
oakdale7 Good guid. But no pop achievement. So I have to let enemy kill me, reload recently checkpoint and got pop achievement (or probably slowly delay pop either). Thumb up
Posted by oakdale7 on 25 May 18 at 02:27
tntiseverywere Still not popping after the latest patch.
Posted by tntiseverywere on 25 May 18 at 06:05
Edgify after reading all the guides/comments, i was worried about it not unlocking for me. shot all the statues and got the challenge completed, but no achievement, tried everything suggested, completing, dying, reloading, etc. it just popped for me when i was browsing the opportunities in the pause menu.

one thing i didn't see mentioned - if anyones really stuck with achievements, try power cycling your xbox, hold the power button until the xbox is completely off then switch it back on then boot the game back up. this method worked for a few achievements i didn't get first time, including level 5 escalation and level 20 mastery.
Posted by Edgify on 15 Jun 18 at 17:42
Dallasthedude It's been months and it hasn't unlocked for me.
Posted by Dallasthedude on 15 Jun 18 at 21:54
NoHeroes94 I haven't started this game yet, but would want to get the 100%....what is the best way to avoid the glitch/bug?
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 06 Jul 18 at 09:49
tntiseverywere @NoHeroes94 make sure you get it to pop before closing the game in the first place. Try the suggestions like going back to the elephants and dying after that if it did not pop. Even with all that I don't believe there is 100% way to do it.
Posted by tntiseverywere on 06 Jul 18 at 10:09
Dallasthedude There's not. I did everything that was suggested and it never unlocked for me.
Posted by Dallasthedude on 06 Jul 18 at 19:48
qManballin I just started the game and it unlocked for me without issue. I had received the challenge after hitting all 18 elephants. The achievement didn't pop until I exited the same session. Can't recall if I died due to stupidity and getting into a firefight with guards or what, but once I got to the main menu of Hitman, it went bleep bloop.

Another thing I remember doing was getting to Morgan first. I had saved before killing him 3 different ways while reloading in between kills. Then I took out his bodyguard and started shooting the elephants. Of note, I also was able to lure the maid cleaning near the last 3 elephants into the shrine room, subdued her undetected, and shot the elephants undetected. The only suggestion I can really think of is try doing it sneakily while remaining undetected?
Posted by qManballin on 10 Aug 18 at 02:48
LaughinGuo Once I got challenge and no achievement I exit to main menu still no pop. Then I load my save before shot all elephants do it again and after shot it all just let guards kill me. Achievement pop
Posted by LaughinGuo on 16 Aug 18 at 11:14
Raptures Lost Yup, didn't unlock initially. Reloaded save, shot last 3 elephants and then died in a fist fight - achievement unlocked.
Posted by Raptures Lost on 19 Aug 18 at 16:58
BegFourMercy It worked for me after I finished the mission.
Posted by BegFourMercy on 21 Aug 18 at 03:44
Dallasthedude No offense to everyone who's gotten it, but please know that some of you will get lucky and get the achievement. Other people like myself don't get it, no matter how many times I've re-tried. It's really only going to be beneficial to hear from people who've not been able to unlock it after months and then somehow they try something new that works.
Posted by Dallasthedude on 21 Aug 18 at 05:21
NoHeroes94 Is there a way to delete all your save (local and cloud) to completely wipe your challenge progress? Could be an option if you only have 2 achievements left...
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 21 Sep 18 at 16:52
Dallasthedude Not that I know of. I tried deleting mine but the games servers themselves seem to save your info.
Posted by Dallasthedude on 21 Sep 18 at 22:50
Ogikiller1987 I did it first try - just destroy 18 elephants, unlock challenge, reload save and get killed by guards - achievement poped. Don't know why it have discontinued/unobtainable flag?
Posted by Ogikiller1987 on 06 Nov 18 at 14:40
Dallasthedude Because for people like me it never unlocks. I've redone it over 30 times.
Posted by Dallasthedude on 06 Nov 18 at 15:24
ExactBananas This achievement works perfectly if you're using the legacy pack in Hitman 2
I used the above guide (as there's no guide within the Hitman 2 game page) and the achievement unlocked when I got into the atrium (specifically when I stepped off the last step).
Posted by ExactBananas on 12 Dec 18 at 09:36
Dallasthedude Had it glitched on you prior to you being able to unlock it?
Posted by Dallasthedude on 12 Dec 18 at 10:06
Sir Danistar It worked for me. First I completed the challenge. Then I reloaded a save, tried getting killed, but it didn't work. I went to re-planning the mission and it triggered. So I think that re-planning has the same trigger effect as finishing a mission.
Posted by Sir Danistar on 23 Dec 18 at 10:49
Stanky Lefthand It worked for me first time. Achievement unlocked during the cutscene after completing the mission. However, I did complete a bunch of other challenges I hadn't completed yet so I don't know if that factored in. Anyway, excellent guide! Thank you!
Posted by Stanky Lefthand on 29 Jan at 09:58
Fred F Burger This achievement was glitched for me and no matter how many times I tried it would not unlock. I found a website Once you screen comes up you just pick what system you have the hitman game on, and they will delete the data that is on the servers. Takes a few weeks, but once they were finished. Played the level over again and the achievement unlocked
Posted by Fred F Burger on 12 Mar at 23:38
This achievement was glitched for me and no matter how many times I tried it would not unlock. I found a website Once you screen comes up you just pick what system you have the hitman game on, and they will delete the data that is on the servers. Takes a few weeks, but once they were finished. Played the level over again and the achievement unlocked
This works!!!!!! Finally done!
Posted by Dallasthedude on 20 Mar at 01:44
tntiseverywere That link wipes all your progress right?
Posted by tntiseverywere on 20 Mar at 04:53
Dallasthedude Yes, but once you get emailed that it's done make sure to wipe it on the console and don't let the cloud save sync.
Posted by Dallasthedude on 20 Mar at 05:52
Young Turkish89
This achievement was glitched for me and no matter how many times I tried it would not unlock. I found a website Once you screen comes up you just pick what system you have the hitman game on, and they will delete the data that is on the servers. Takes a few weeks, but once they were finished. Played the level over again and the achievement unlocked
Thanks for finding and sharing this method! I can confirm this works, I finally got my achievement.
Posted by Young Turkish89 on 24 Mar at 03:49
tntiseverywere Can anyone post the exact steps to avoid the loss of the game progress for one achievement? How do you backup your save to restore after the reset?
Posted by tntiseverywere on 24 Mar at 07:09
sjpsjpsjp I followed the walkthrough posted here on TA and got the achievement the first time. I shot all the elephants, walked into the atrium where the "I Can Cry If I Want To" challenge completion notification, then completed the mission (both kills) and found an exit. The achievement popped at the score screen. So my tip is to 1) Shoot all the elephants in one go; 2) Ensure you get the challenge completed notification; 3) Complete the mission as you would normally - don't reload or restart.

I also completed this DLC on an Xbox One rather than Xbox One X (which I did all the other DLCs on), as I talked to a few people who completed this achievement as well as "Drop The Bass" who all said they did it on the non-X version of the console. This likely makes no difference but I was being paranoid.
Posted by sjpsjpsjp on 06 May at 16:21
Solar Nephilim RESET YOUR ACCOUNT! If you don't get the achievement, go click that link above and do the requirements once more after it's been reset. I just got it after such a long time, after my account was reset.
Posted by Solar Nephilim on 21 May at 04:15
BCRichoux5495 I know I’m late to this, but when resetting your progress using that link, does it affect progress in Hitman 2? Or is it individual per game. If that’s making sense. I don’t wanna screw myself if it’s my entire progress via IO.
Posted by BCRichoux5495 on 29 Jun at 17:47
ReptarOnIce3000 I just reset my progress. It states that it does delete your Hitman 2 data
Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 30 Jun at 05:48
BCRichoux5495 Wow that’s super inconvenient. And what’s even more so is that these devs don’t care about this game anymore. Not sure we’ll ever get a confirmed fix for this. This one, drop the bass, and perfectionist are all glitched for me. All challenges relating to those achievements are completed too.
Posted by BCRichoux5495 on 30 Jun at 06:27
ReptarOnIce3000 I'd say finish Hitman 2 and just reset.
Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 30 Jun at 15:46