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25 Aug 2016
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This takes place during Mission 11; and you must choose Allison over the bank in order to complete this. (If this is not the option you intend to make, create a manual save before the choice and revert back after gaining the achievement).

After choosing to complete M11 instead of M12, you will enter the underground Church of the MachineGod area. Head straight through the bottom area to the other side to find a small basketball court. Pick up a basketball and make a shot or dunk the ball in order to score and unlock the achievement.

GoyetteQCYou can still get it even if you did M12, just go to the church before attempting M13.
Posted by GoyetteQC on 28 Aug 16 at 01:30
AllOvaMyselfIf you're still going for Tablet collector, you have no choice but to come here after the heist because there are 3 eBooks in the building...
Posted by AllOvaMyself on 02 Sep 16 at 03:34
Exia Of WarI love this achievement's description. This was certainly alot easier than the one in HR lol
Posted by Exia Of War on 05 Sep 16 at 08:42
Marine1TenI tried to unlock this achievement after the bank heist mission. I saw an auto-save after I sunk a basket, but no achievement unlocked. Re-loaded and played the Allison mission and after I completed it: I sunk a basket and still did not see anything pop on screen but it was listed in my unlocked achievement section.
Posted by Marine1Ten on 18 Sep 16 at 20:42
Fred and IzzyThanks, Marine1Ten. I had the same problem and I was freaking out. I did the Heist mission then completed the Harvester mission and came straight here. Neither Harvester not Ballsy popped but when I looked at my achievement list thanks to the above comment, they were both there. Whshew.
Posted by Fred and Izzy on 25 Oct 17 at 20:38
Marine1TenFred & Izzy, glad it was there! I often feel silly for getting so absorbed in 'cheevos, but I am goal-oriented and doubtful I will change. Cheers!
Posted by Marine1Ten on 06 Nov 17 at 14:15