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Skeletons in your Closet

Complete waves 1 through 10 on all Flashback Map Pack maps in Horde (any difficulty)

Skeletons in your Closet0
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24 Jan 2009 02 Sep 2009
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Pretty straight forward. Complete Waves 1 through 10 on each of the 5 Flashback maps, which are the following:

Tyro Station

I tried soloing it, but it was difficult. I completed all the waves with just 1 other person so very doable with 2 people. Just make sure you take advantage of the Boomshields as you get closer to Wave 10.
SkillfulMmdAlso dont forget that you can tag grenades on walls and other objects to act as mines.
Posted by SkillfulMmd on 24 Jan 09 at 15:52
Tyro Station
Posted by Skelix on 24 Jan 09 at 18:14
Radient StarWith a group of five players, it took us about 30 minutes to complete each stage 1-10 on the easiest difficulty. Plan accordingly!
Posted by Radient Star on 10 Mar 11 at 03:39
Almighty Allahidk what I did but for some reason all my waves were tickers. It was extremely easy.
Posted by Almighty Allah on 14 Sep 11 at 21:58
Joel78That is because EPIC have made horde mode all Tickers until GOW 3 comes out next week
Posted by Joel78 on 15 Sep 11 at 09:47
Solario32Easy to solo, but 2 people should easily be able to get this achievement. Thank you for the map list.
Posted by Solario32 on 18 Sep 11 at 05:01
Brettaliusthanks for the list! thats what i needed! thumbs up
Posted by Brettalius on 14 Nov 11 at 08:21
sK1tZO420Dude, freaking hard!!!!
Posted by sK1tZO420 on 22 Nov 13 at 10:43
Hero AutismoI want to boost this if anyone is interested.
Posted by Hero Autismo on 18 Sep 15 at 13:51