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Sacred Crown

Defeat the dark lord and bring back sacred crown

Sacred Crown0
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28 Aug 2016 01 Sep 2016
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This can be a hard fight at first, even if you are prepared. Later on, once you get used to beating the last boss, you will be able to do it whenever you face him again in Endless Mode.

The best way for this would be if you are in your third Evolution, but if you want to cumulate this with the "Yolo" achievement, it will be harder. I will write this solution for those who are NOT cumulating and therefore can have a monster at their 3rd Evo.

I used the Gunslinger, but the Berserker class could do the trick as well since they do a lot of damage. The preference for the first is due the fact that it is ranged and have some skills that can help counter the boss' attacks.

First you have to get used to the dance, I mean, the attack pattern that the final boss uses. It can vary, but it's more or less like this: he usually starts throwing fireballs straight at you or above your head. If the first, you just have to jump. If the latter, just don't jump. Then he switches to create some sort of what I'll call "glass shield" and then throws it at you. Here the first advantage of the Gunslinger class becomes evident: before the glass shield comes even near you, you can shoot it and destroy it. Note that you also cause him damage by destroying those. Next, the boss will throw a glowing ball at you, which will grow and explode if you don't detroy it quickly. Again, the Gunslinger can do that without much trouble. Once you destroy the ball and return the damage to the sender, he will come near your. Just keep on shooting. E ventually he gets tired of being punished and decided to get a distance from the player and starts all the mentioned sequence again.

Things change though when the boss turns red and his health points are halfway gone. He will become much more aggressive and try to hit you in multiple ways. The Gunslinger isn't the class with a lot of HP, so you gotta be careful to avoid getting damaged. The boss will now, in addition to the aforementioned sequence, back out of the screen to the right side, becoming out of your shots reach and from there he will dispatch 2 laser shots. Sometimes 1 shot will be above your head and the other will be towards you. At other times, both shots will be towards you or above your head. It's possible to know where the laser shots will come from if you stop shooting for a while and notice the laser trail that anticipates the shot itself.

Another thing that changes in this second part of the fight is that whenever he is on screen and starts throwing those fireballs at you, the balls can change course: if thrown from above your head, it might go down or vice versa. This is where the Gunslinger's Slow Motion skill is mostly needed. It gives you time to think if you need to jump or stand still, besides naturally allowing you to fire more shots against the boss. The firework skill, by its turn, will not only cause damage against the foe, but also should be used during Slow Motion's cooldown since it also slows time and so it's possible that by its end the other skill is already ready to be used again. That is the main strategy regarding the use of skills.

So, in short, in terms of skills and equipment, here's what I recommend:

Have a Gunslinger (fox faced ranged monster) fully evolved and with the following skills:
- Slow Motion (maxed out), Cooldown Mastery (maxed out) and Firework. This last one doesn't have to be maxed. The purpose of Firework isn't to solely cause damage, but also to buy time while the other skills reset. If you are smart when using your skills, specificaly Slow Motion and Firework, you can keep switching between them and that is key during moments of heavy adversity (hard boss fights or damaging large groups of enemies).

Brief and needed explanation about how the skill Fireworks works: it took me a while to figure this out since there was no ingame explanation for it. I tapped on the skill, there was an animation and then the character would launch a missile... which would go away without hitting no one, even if the enemy was right in front of me. No explosion, no fireworks. The thing is - and I accidentaly learned it later - you have to shoot the missile to make it blow, but the best way to do that is to start shooting BEFORE he releases the projectile, after you tap to activate the skill. In fact, it's best to keep on jumping and shooting after activating the skill, that way the missile will go down when released and will blow against the enemies.

Other skills like Double Jump, Triple Jump, Atk Speed Mastery, Charge Attack and Resistance are all welcome too in order to improve your char.

The skills that I thing that the player should avoid spending points on are: Slam (for the Gunslinger, since he is a ranged char), Combo Mastery, Combo Extention (specially if you already unlocked the 999 combo challenge/achievement), Combo Frenzy and Bomb.

As a pet, I had a lvl. 50 Magical Penguin with me when working on this achievement since his eventual healings are of great help.

Equipment wise, you can purchase the following for max attack damage:
- the Gold Pistol (100,000 coins);
- the Megabot Helm (55,000 coins);
- the Boosterpack (55,000 coins);
- the Speed Boots (55,000 coins).

Wearing all that together, beside making your char look like a Transformer, shall boost your attack in +187. Alternatively, you could purchase other equipment that boosts Health and Defense, instead of Attack.

I'm sorry that this solution ended up so extensive, but I wanted to share the best advice that I've got. If this is helpful for you in any way, please leave a thumbs up to let me know. Thanks!