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Algorithmic Composition

Optional 4

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30 Aug 2016 10 Sep 2016
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Optional Puzzle 4 - Sector D36 - [3:43]
To solve this puzzle, pull the orb, and slowly throw the box down the stairs. As it rolls, go through the door on your right, and follow the hallway. Use the energy to open the door, and with the box on the push pad, the final door will already be open.
FshguyFYI, your text description says left door when it should say right door.
Posted by Fshguy on 10 Sep 16 at 00:28
olanmillsI actually threw the box from that platform up high, but this way seems way easier and better lol. The whole path on the left with the ramp seems useless, which makes me wonder if there's another way to solve the room involving that path, but I couldn't think of anything.
Posted by olanmills on 20 Dec 16 at 07:04
GlitchNDaSystemI did the same thing as olanmills. Never even occurred to me to just roll it down the stairs haha
Posted by GlitchNDaSystem on 20 Jun 17 at 03:39
Djshep^ Yep I did the same haha sprinted and lobbed the box off the edge onto the switch!
Posted by Djshep on 17 Oct 17 at 15:40
Lockie^ Same but I couldn't make the distance when throwing so I kicked the box by walking into it! It flew so far it landed on the stairs then rolled onto the button. laugh
Posted by Lockie on 26 May 18 at 04:05
DF I Phoenix^ Exactly the same as Lockie ! It worked on my 6th try laugh
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 14 Nov 18 at 03:21
RJ RougeDid this glitch for anyone else? I got into the room and picked up the radio, but the achievement isn't popping.
Posted by RJ Rouge on 19 Aug 19 at 20:57
DiesskayI had the same issue. I just restarted the area, got into the room, pick up the radio and it popped.
Posted by Diesskay on 27 Sep 19 at 03:26