Dash of Destruction Review by KisaMagic

24 Jan 2009
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Ummm this will be short.

It free first off.
It easy for anyone to play.
You get to eat cars as dino.
And you can eat your friends too, in Multiplayer.

Other than tat.
Nothing new nothing overly special. Reminds me a lot of neopets game.

The controls are pretty much very simple and easy to master. You can get all the achievements in about under an hour worth of play and it fun time killer when got nothing else to do.
The only other thing you need to know about this game is that it made for kids, and those of us who want cyber dinos to destroy towns with.
So go out and eat some of the those poor delivery guys.
ERIKDOTCOMActually, it can be completed in more like around a half-hour.
Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 11 Nov 09 at 02:26
iEatCheetosIt should also be noted that you cannot download this game at all anymore.
Posted by iEatCheetos on 21 May 10 at 21:41