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Kick a 60+ yard Field Goal (no OTP)

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WicktheAssassinWicktheAssassinThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
27 Jul 2010
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Your best bet would be to use Either Mason Crosby (GB) (power 99) or Sebastian Janokowski (Oak) (power 98) to obtain this achievement. I got it on my first try with Mason, just aim as low as the pointer will go, and make sure your accuracy is bang on. Mason cleared this with about 5-7 yards to spare on 100% power/accuracy, so you probably have some wiggle room with the power...
Ninja ScrollYou should probably add that you need to kick the ball from the 50 yard line (middle of the field) since the end zone counts as 10 yards and easier to do so in a dome stadium.
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 08 Aug 10 at 19:53
WicktheAssassinspecifically, you need to kick the ball from the opposition's 43 yard line, since its 7 yards of placement, and 10 yards of endzone, but since the game gives you the yardage when you about to choose field goal, I didn't think it was necessary.
Posted by WicktheAssassin on 08 Aug 10 at 22:24
Tandar1Also, in the settings you can crank up the kicking power to 100 to make it a piece of cake... yummy cake!
Posted by Tandar1 on 12 Aug 10 at 16:24
KARMAgoesHARDThe key in this is to make sure the pointer is all the way down. I tried with my stats maxed out for like three games before I put the pointer down where it worked first try >.<
Posted by KARMAgoesHARD on 23 Aug 10 at 12:00
Tgood841st try with your suggested kicker. thnx
Posted by Tgood84 on 09 Sep 10 at 22:27
theoneandonly99What difficulty do you do this on such as rookie or pro? I tried with the pointer all the way down on rookie with 100 and mason crosby and I came no where close.
Posted by theoneandonly99 on 14 Sep 10 at 18:44
AlkoKillaI did this with Crosby (good choice!) with a 14 MPH wind in my favor. Made it by a mile. It was on All-Madden. One thing to note, though, is that if you SuperSim the game before you get the achievement, you won't get it.
Posted by AlkoKilla on 15 Sep 10 at 22:18
rolley4245just got it turning on the wind helped
Posted by rolley4245 on 27 Jan 11 at 04:06
CrankyBauer24I used Crosby against Arizona in their stadium kicked a 62 yard FG only had 98 % power and was a little off on my accuracy but still cleared it. Finally got this achievement thx Assassin
Posted by CrankyBauer24 on 01 Feb 11 at 19:06
erod550Rookie seems to kill your kick distance for some reason. I kicked it on Rookie and came up short even with 100% power and sliders adjusted, then changed it to Pro after the rewind and it sailed through easily with less than 100% power and the accuracy was off a little even.
Posted by erod550 on 12 Aug 13 at 17:54