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Prolific Photographer

Take at least one photo in every research group.

Prolific Photographer0
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14 Sep 2016 16 Sep 2016
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You will need to take at least one photo of:

Security Bot
Security Camera
(No additional achievements attached for those listed above)

Little Sister
Spider Slicer
Houdini Splicer
Thuggish Splicer
Leatherhead Splicer
Nitro Splicer
(These ones have the achievements to fully research their tracks individually)

If you max out research tracks for all of these you will be rewarded with the research PHD achievement)
troyoyDoes anyone remember about what part of the game you get the camera? I started a game years ago and am now continuing. I have a bad memory too as I have played all bioshocks except Russian and still dont remember.
Posted by troyoy on 14 Dec 20 at 16:14