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The History of New Romulus

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The History of New Romulus0
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17 Sep 2016 20 Jun 2017
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Much like the Path to 2049 achievement this one requires getting datachips. It should be noted that while you only need to be level 50 to land on New Romulus, you can't do the quests there until you've unlocked the New Romulus episode and progressed to the correct mission. You can still do the alerts that can appear though. Also you need to reach certain tiers to do the indoor instances, and the first one you can do is the Warehouse which I hate since you have to wait until the ambush to use the terminals. It will get easier once you have access to the Mountain Pass.

While doing the accolades for exploring New Romulus you have to stand on the edge of a house in the Staging Area. Under you is the Romulan Historian. If you're trying to find her normally just look for the big ship in front of the warehouse and look for the small building to the south of it. She appears on you map when you get nearby, just not with the usual "i" icon. When you select the only option given you'll be taken to a personal Duty Officer mission that last 20 hours and requires 4 research. While there is a small chance of failure, depending on the officer used, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

The easiest missions to get these items for me is Overgrown Caves and Mountain Pass. Both give you three, although Mountain Pass is faster and easier (and the boss doesn't one shot you like in the Caves, sigh). See Lonesquiff's tip at the next paragraph for some times on getting your 4 quickly. You could also abort a mission before completing all of the objectives, but this can bug some objects you interact with, like the device to lower the force field in the Caves, so I don't recommend it, although dropping and reacquiring it will fix this.

EDIT: From Lonesquiff - "I've found that aborting the mission and then dropping it and reacquiring it from the mission journal fixes the issue with items not being interact-able. I definitely recommend Mountain Pass for this, the entire mission takes less than five minutes to complete and you can access the first chip/download station within the first minute. Usually I'll go in and get the first one, reset everything, and then complete the mission to get three more so that I earn the daily bonus romulan reputation marks."

You can also get Research from the Alerts that happen on New Romulus, but the amount is dependent on if you get 100% and how much you contributed. More than likely all you'll get is 1, although a successful Alert can net you somewhere between 4 - 10.

There are 31 of these datachips that you need to earn, each volume and chapter have their own accolades to help you keep track. You can also buy/sell/trade these chips with other players using the auction house, or mail them between other characters on your own account by sending it to your own gamertag, example @saracin, just like in Neverwinter. Buying datachips is always expensive, so you should try to exhaust other methods, like looking for trade partners via sessions and the forums, before spending your credits.

The achievement should unlock along with the accolade for completing all volumes so make sure you collect them all on one character.

The volumes and chapters breakdown as:

Volume 1 - 3 Chapters
Volume 2 - 3 Chapters
Volume 3 - 3 Chapters
Volume 4 - 7 Chapters
Volume 5 - 8 Chapters
Volume 6 - 7 Chapters

If I'm missing any info or need to be clear on anything please let me know in the comments or send me a message.

EDIT: If for any reason you down vote, could you please leave a comment or shoot me a message letting me know why and give me a chance to improve my guide based on your thoughts? Thanks for understanding.
TropanIs there any where else to get the Research from? I somehow had like 7-8 in my inventory and have gotten a few datachips.

I tried to do those missions you specified, but they are locked behind a reputation thing, so can't do them for a good long while it seems. Just figured out reputation was even a thing and finished delta quadrant already lol.
Posted by Tropan on 26 Sep 16 at 08:49
SaracinWhile the wiki claims you can't do certain missions without the proper rep I had no issue doing them and redoing them through the episode list while still at Tier 0. Just make sure to follow the "storyline" since you need to clear each chapter to get access to the next indoor instance.

Also I found out yesterday you can get research from doing the Alerts on New Romulus, but regardless of how good you do, you seem to only get 1 each time and these alerts don't pop up often so it's not very productive. I'll do some more things on New Romulus tonight to see if I missed other methods.
Posted by Saracin on 27 Sep 16 at 03:48
LonesquiffWhat's the breakdown of chapter/volumes? Does each volume require the same amount of chapters to complete?
Posted by Lonesquiff on 22 Oct 16 at 00:14
SaracinAdded the volume breakdown to the guide. Its 3 chapters for each of the first 3 volumes (total 9), 7 chapters for volumes 4 and 6 (total 14), and 8 chapters for volume 5.
Posted by Saracin on 22 Oct 16 at 00:40
EDogg051Need Volume 5 Chapter 7. Anyone willing to sell or trade?
Posted by EDogg051 on 15 Nov 16 at 06:20
Saracin@Lonesquiff I assumed dropping and reacquiring the mission would fix it, but considering how buggy this game is I tried to keep things simple so people don't end up confused or making an error.
I'll add your comment though, since I've gotten annoyed with the Caves (that boss, I hate him) and I'm sure others would just like to only have to do one lol.
One day I'll get back to working on this achievement, just that the two broken achievements sucks out my drive to work on it.
Posted by Saracin on 17 Feb 17 at 16:35
Digital GungnirOne method that I found helpful in obtaining some of the missing datachips was checking out the auction house. Unfortunately most of the Volume 5, and Volume 6 datachips run around 3-6 million energy credits each.
Posted by Digital Gungnir on 24 Feb 17 at 19:59
SaracinI'll amend the part where I mention selling and trading to include buying as well. It's always been an expensive step, but if you can sell a few of your dupes and do this when you only need a couple to finish and can't find someone to trade with.
Posted by Saracin on 04 Mar 17 at 11:55
LonesquiffI definitely recommend Mountain Pass for this, the entire mission takes less than five minutes to complete and you can access the first chip/download station within the first minute. Usually I'll go in and get the first one, abort mission, then re-enter and complete the mission to get three more so that I earn the daily bonus romulan reputation marks as well. There are 3 chips in this mission 9/10 times. On the off chance that there isn't, it is always the 1st one that is missing so if you clear the first camp and don't see it just abort and re-enter.
Posted by Lonesquiff on 08 Mar 17 at 19:17
evilknight23This has been patched to where you have to be the right reputation level, I tried last night.
Posted by evilknight23 on 20 Jun 17 at 19:22
Saracin@evilknight23 At least its a minor inconvenience, but I'll update my guide to reflect this. Also now that I see all the achievements are working I guess its time to get back into this lol
Posted by Saracin on 20 Jun 17 at 20:20
evilknight23I got it worked out, so when you first reach lvl 2 rep it automatically gives you the quest, the problem is that you cant drop it or even do the quest. So I thought I wasnt lvl 2 yet or it was broken. To fix this you have to replay mountain base, I appoligize if I caused any confusion.
Posted by evilknight23 on 22 Jun 17 at 01:13
chmccarthyI'm trying to finish this out, I'm missing Vol 5 ch 2. Hit me up, I will compensate more than fairly for this final one.
Posted by chmccarthy on 30 Jul 17 at 17:44
Moldy Tacos5000I don't think reputation matters anymore. My level 35 Klingon can do Mountain Pass and has level 0 reputation, but you need to be 50 in order to get the duty officer mission.
Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 on 08 Apr 19 at 15:39
SuperRobZillaThis achievement may be bugged. I have all items unlocked in my accolade log except the “History of New Romulus” which is missing volume 5, but all the volume 5 are completed and I have the ingame accolades for every single chapter and volume. I did log out and back in and the game registered that I got the set done but the achievement didn’t pop. I hard reset and power cycled and it popped.
Posted by SuperRobZilla on 16 Sep 20 at 20:30
RollamiteCan you do a private trade on STO? If anyone has them all and wouldn't mind sending me them I'm more than happy to send resources or pay for the time and then send them back?
Posted by Rollamite on 03 Dec 20 at 01:22
ronnie42Just a heads up this glitched for me saying Volume 5 was incomplete even though it was also showing all of Volume 5 as complete. I fixed this by logging out then shutting down the game and restarting the game.
Posted by ronnie42 on 24 Oct 21 at 13:04