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Born Adventurer

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Born Adventurer+0.7
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18 Sep 2016 18 Sep 2016
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This achievement requires you to play all mini-games in the Toy Box Hub.

1) From the main menu, go to Build -> Toy Box Hub.
2) If you are starting from scratch, the Hub will be grey. Speak with every character around the circle to unlock the various parts of the Hub. They will ask you to perform easy tasks that you need to do to learn the basics of the game.
3) After that, bigeasy97's guide is right = to unlock this achievement (and 5 feats along the way), all you have to do is enter each game through each door and quit out by coming back to the Hub (use the door that is always somewhere near the beginning of the mini-games). I believe there are 5 different doors with around 80 games altogether (you can check your progression in the feats).

Now, I've written a new guide because I had a game breaking bug that prevented me from gaining this achievement. I played this game on and off over a couple days, and I suddenly realized that my blue door had disappeared! I've read on forums that other people had the same problem...some even had the yellow door disappear!

I tried uninstalling the game and re-installing, but the bug was still there (the progress had been saved). I tried changing account, but it didn't work either. The door was still missing.

Here's what I had to do. First, I disconnected my account from Disney. You can find this option in the main menu under Options and Online Settings. Then I uninstalled the game. After that, I made sure no save game was present on my computer (C://Users/Youraccount/AppData/Roaming). I then re-installed the game, and I booted it. When asked for an account, I created a new one from scratch with a new e-mail that was not linked to Disney. When I loaded the Hub, everything was grey and I was able to restart.

The nice thing about it is that I only had to do the blue door challenges. The game remembered that I had all other doors done already. I hope it helps someone!
YOOPER 906Thank you so much. Thanks to you I was able to complete the game. All I did was unlink my Disney account and made a new one. Never uninstalled or deleted my save. +1 for me dance
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 22 Sep 16 at 06:46
D1SCORed one glitched for me and I needed to follow your guide to get it back. Thanks.
Posted by D1SCO on 24 Jan 17 at 23:22